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My birthday


First of all, thank you to all the nice people who sent me birthday wishes. I've been mostly offline for a couple of days, and I'm travelling, so my birthday keeps slipping my mind.

I am writing this from Nice, France. I'm on vacation with family, and just woke up from sleeping the sleep of the dead. We arrived late last evening after being awake for more than 24 hours, and baasically getting the grand tour of the airports of Europe, which is what happens when you use air miles to book a flight. I went to bed at a normal time (normal for me) but woke up feeling jet-lagged. So far I've done nothing but stroll around the neighborhood, eat (OMG, the olives! The cheese!), drink coffee and nap. But now it's time to be taken out for my birthday dinner! All I have to do is organize transport, which will have to be city bus instead of Velo Bleu, since you need a phone to rent a Velo Bleu bike, and my French cell phone apparently has a dead sim card.

Anyway, yes, I planned this so that I would be on vacation for my birthday. This is the first birthday I've spent out of Canada since I emigrated from the UK many years ago! If I manage to do this again, I should arrange it so that I'm not jet-lagged on my brithday. But I'm not complaining-- I;m in France and the weather is beautiful.
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Pros and cons of using the big communal table at my local Starbucks:

Con: The two guys who are having a heated discussion about sports which apparently requires them to thump the table for additional emphasis as they relive their still-raw resentment of questionable calls made by blind referees and umpires. They started with hockey and now they're on tennis.

Pro: Not one but TWO separate compliments about my outfit today, which is especially gratifying considering my skirt is new. No, it wasn't those sports guys.

Con: The music speaker is directly above my right ear and they're playing annoying music today. But at least it's not the Twelve Days of Christmas by the Muppets which got played almost hourly at Starbucks during December, and caused me to grind at least one layer of enamel off my teeth and fantasize about drowning Miss Piggy in a barrel of pickles.

Pro: I got the seat right next to the outlet, which is great because I used most of my battery life yesterday.

Con: I feel shy about writing smut at the communal table. Wouldn't you?

Pro: I really enjoyed both of my coffees and now feel incredibly alert and mentally sharp! Caffeine is my happydrug and I love it more than chocolate. Blasphemy I know, but it's true.

Long time, no post!

I am trying to have a sugar-free Friday. I almost bought a cupcake-- but didn't. Then I almost ate some lemon fudge-- but didn't. Then I tried to satisfy the craving by having mashed banana on top of a cracker spread with cream cheese, which I have to say was surprisingly good. But I still want something sweet, most particularly cake with buttercream frosting. Fortunately there is nothing like that anywhere near my immediate environment.

I joined this thing called where you can join different groups to achieve goals or stop bad habits. If you want personal attention from a lifestyle or personal coach, it's apparently quite reasonable. I'm not at that stage yet. Anyway, I joined one called 'No sugar' and set my target for 4 days a week with no sugar. I am not achieving. It's so hard to stay on track with sugar cravings smacking me upside the head every few minutes. I'm such an addict! I think it's time to take all the chocolate in the house downstairs to my husband's car again. I have to do that every January.

So how are you guys doing? Let me know! I'm back on LJ.
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Dragon Lady, Chapter 06

Dragon Lady
Chapter Six
By Brit Columbia
Fandom: FAKE
Timeline: Set after Justice in July of the FAKE First Year Together series. Also set after Volume 7 of FAKE
Summary: Drake has recently started seeing a new woman, of whom JJ disapproves.
Rating:  This whole story is worksafe. There's a bit of swearing in this chapter, though.
Disclaimer: FAKE, featuring Dee, Ryo, Bikky, Carol, Ted, Drake, and JJ, was created by Sanami Matoh. I make no claim on FAKE or Ms. Matoh or any of her characters. I write fanfiction with no expectation of monetary reward.
Author's Notes:  Detectives James Chang and Eliza Austen are my characters. So are Lily and her brother, and Bridget, James’s girlfriend.

Bridget first appeared in FAKE First Year Together: A New Day, in Chapter 6. She was interested in Ryo, but later when she showed up at the station looking for Ryo, Dee managed to deflect her onto James instead.

Lily has appeared twice before in my FAKE stories. She was first introduced in Chapter 15 of A New Day when Ryo had lunch with Drake at a Chinese restaurant. Later she appeared about halfway through Slave to a Gladiator.

Dragon Lady, Chapter Six

Everybody moved at once, shouting and pushing their chairs back as they made haste to get away from the immediate vicinity of the table. Before Bikky could be prevailed upon to describe exactly what he had seen, the kitchen door hit the wall with a bang and this was followed by the sound of Lily’s familiar stomping footsteps.

“Hot-hot-hot-hot-HO-O-O-O-O-O-OT-T-T!” she screeched, a steaming plate in each hand. This time, even Eliza hesitated to help, no doubt frightened by the wildness of Lily’s eyes.

JJ froze, waiting for Lily to drop (or preferably throw) the too-hot plates, but it was not to be. Luckily for the sake of the carpet, James stepped up, murmuring something in Cantonese. He took both plates from Lily’s shaking hands and set them on a nearby table.

Instead of saying thank you like a normal person, Lily barked an accusatory question at him, pointing to the group’s suddenly vacant table. James replied in English for the benefit of the others.

“There’s some kind of animal under the table. Bikky, didn’t you say it was a dog?”

Bikky shook his head rapidly. He had taken up a protective position in front of Carol, who was staring intently at the space between the floor and the hem of the tablecloth, just in case something moved down there.

“What did you see, Bikky? Is it something scary?” Carol asked. She was practically vibrating with curiosity.

JJ thought that it must indeed have been something scary because Bikky’s brown face was paler than usual and his eyes looked huge in his young face.

The thing under the table huffed again and bumped into one of the table legs, which made the whole table shake.

Lily became very still at the sound, and gave the recently vacated table a sharp look. “Uh-oh. Flank? Is that you?”
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Posting schedule

Hello my friends,

This is just a quick note to let you know that I am going to be posting the next chapter  (Ch 06) of Dragon Lady a bit later tonight. so if anyone has been wondering what exactly is under the gang's table at the Lucky Peking Restaurant, you're about to find out!

In other news, my business is going gangbusters and more and more people are contacting me wanting appointments and assistance. I'm so glad this is happening because I suck at marketing and I really didn't want to have to get into figuring that out. I've been run off my feet with referrals for several months running. This is a big relief after those first couple of years of nothing happening and sliding into debt.

Working 14 hours a day most days has its drawbacks, though. It's difficult to spend time with my husband and father, and I can hardly ever get to the gym nowadays. I bought myself a step counter which I can wear on a lanyard around my neck as opposed to the kind you wear on your hip. No one can see it because it hangs under my clothes. I take phone calls on my feet pacing around my office, and the constant presence of this step counter on my body reminds me to get up and move at regular intervals. I'm at just over 6700 steps for the day today. My goal is 10,000 per day. I don't always make it, but sometimes I manage to exceed it.

A few nights ago, I got home late as usual, but managed to watch most of a movie with my husband by dint of staying up until almost 1:00 a.m. It was the second Scorpion King movie. We enjoyed slagging its low-budget special effects and the dubious acting skills of everyone involved. The main thing I have to say about it was that it was a great kids movie, and the main actor, Michael Copon, has a set of the nicest, um, teeth I've ever seen.

Anyhow, that's what's new with me, apart from the fact that my French has improved considerably since my vacation, although I still can't get the hang of past and future tense.
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You guys, never, never, never eat a 'durian' flavored candy. It's been twenty minutes and I still can't gt the awful taste out of my mouth.

My birthday again, but I'm at work

Hello to any remaining readers who haven't given up on me yet!

I'm going through a really heavy time at work at the moment, so this will have to be short. I can't leave the office until I have accomplished two large tasks that have been hanging over me, which means I'll be lucky if I can get home by midnight. I will be working 12 to 14 hours tomorrow, Friday and Saturday, but then I will take Sunday off to pack for my vacation.

Yes, I actually said the word 'vacation!' Me! The anti-traveller! I'm going to the south of France for about ten days. Well actually 12 days, but since I got my flights for free by using air miles, that means I have really long travel times with multiple stops at different European airports, so I basically lose a vacation day to the necessity of sitting around in airports at the beginning and end of the trip. But I'll get ten days of relaxing and drinking wine and eating bread and cheese in a beautiful place in between my airport-bookends. I sure hope they don't lose my luggage at one of those airports.

As you may remember, I'm self-employed. My business is extremely busy now, and I'm still in the growth and building stage. I said yes to a lot of new business and now I have to see it through and not let down my clients. Hence the long hours. For several months, I haven't really had time for anything that is not work related. I barely have a social life anymore. I'm hoping this will change. I will try to finish and post the next chapter of Dragon Lady while I'm away. I'm basically going to France to relax, not sight-see. I've been there three times in my life so far before and this will not be the last time I ever find myself in France.

So happy birthday to me, working away in my office! Thanks to the readers who sent me PMs. Yes, I'm alive, and absolutely determined to stay that way.

National Pizza Day

Hello people,

Apparently it's National Pizza Day in the USA. Not Canada, but who cares! I think we Canadians should join our neighbors in celebrating that most wonderful Italian invention, the pizza! I just happen to live down the street from the best pizza place in the city. I'm thinking bacon and mushroom. But first, I'll go to the gym.

In other news, I have finally shaken off my annual January apathy and started writing again. Today I worked on Chapter 6 of Dragon Lady. It's more than half finished. I don't know when I'll finish it, as Ilve got a pretty busy week coming up. I'll be out of town on business for a couple of days, but I think I'll be able to work on the chapter while I'm traveling.
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