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How not to pack for a short trip
log cabin
Why is it that when I  go out of town for a couple of days, I

- go to the storage closet and choose an appropriately-sized suitcase/travel bag,
- pack my own suitcase without bothering any other living person for help or input,
- do extra laundry for my packing and for my husband during my absence,
- make my own travel arrangements,
and even
- cook extra food to tide over man and cat during my absence,

but when my husband goes out of town for a couple of days, he

- keeps changing his mind about the suitcase he wants and moves his stuff from bag to bag, getting more and more frustrated and thus behaving more and more testily to his long-suffering wife,
- cannot seem to make decisions about the clothing and sundries he needs to take and actually packs summer pants despite overwhelming evidence that the current month is, in fact, January, and moreover, his destination is a ski resort,
- sends his aforementioned long-suffering wife (LSW) running up and down the stairs multiple times to launder piles of clothes that he hasn't worn for years, but nonetheless thinks he would like to pack...only to ultimately change his mind about including them,
- gets irritable when gently reminded that he is going away for two days and two nights, and not two weeks, and should perhaps consider revising his packing accordingly,
- refuses to place any trust in the fact that all hotels in North America supply their guests with such basics as towels, shampoo, conditioner and soap, and demands that his LSW locate travel-sized shampoos and conditioners for him, which he then rejects as being of inferior quality,
- does not even know the name of the hotel that his buddies have booked so that his LSW can look it up on the Internet to find out whether he will regret it if he doesn't bring gym clothes,
- happily borrows his LSW's roll-on deodorant and tube of body lotion, but spurns her travel-sized tube of Sensodyne toothpaste on grounds too nonsensical to mention here?

The drama is far from over, as he is not leaving until tomorrow, and I'm sure he will come up with half a dozen new ways to torment his LSW until then.

My theory is that he doesn't really want to go. He's quite a homebody at heart. But he's going to have a great time and will ultimately be glad he went. I already really miss him!

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I am not as bad as your hubby, but I am close. At least I am the only one running around. I don't give clothes the slighest bit of thought until they have to go into a travel bag. Suddenly, I can't decide and want to scram everything in there. I once brought a sweat shirt to visit someone in St. Louis in August, where the temp is often in the 100s. *hangs head in shame*

Believe it or not, I understand because I used to be the same about packing until I got a job that required me to travel for business. Like everything else in the world, you get better at something if you do it often.

I'll admit I'm way better at packing for short trips than long trips. What I really hate is going to a place where the weather is changeable, so I have to bring both warm and cool clothes. It adds up to more clothes than I would normally want to have to stuff into a suitcase.

I find the thing that worked best for me clothing-wise is to stick with one neutral and one color. For example, red and black, purple and navy, brown and cream/beige. The shoes need to be neutral. The neutrals like brown, black or navy stay on the lower body and I wear color on my upper body.

In the old days I didn't have a system and I always ended up packing random items which I then couldn't wear because I hadn't packed anything that would go with them.

And don't feel bad about taking a sweatshirt to St. Louis! I think that no matter how hot it is, you always need at least one warm item in case you find yourself sleeping in a severely air-conditioned room where you have no power to adjust the temperature, and your teeth start chattering.

I have to admit that I'm one of *those* people: I overpack, I change my mind a zillion times, I lose things and turn the house upside down looking for them half an hour before I have to leave...only I do this with books, not clothes/toiletries. I'm a jeans-and-tshirt-at-all-times kind of girl, so I can pretty much grab fistfuls of clothes the night before departure and be good to go. But when it comes to books, I never bring less than three, and I agonize over which ones to bring, how close I am to finishing them, what kind of mood I'll be in, etc.
So, on behalf of my long-suffering family, bravo for putting up with your husband's vagaries! I'm sure he'll thank you when he gets there and sees that he does not, in fact, need shorts to go skiing. XD

I have exactly the same problem about packing books! On my last weekend away, I packed four! This is why I've got to get a decent e-reader. I have a crappy one that I regret buying.

My husband and his bulging suitcase are now gone, or to be more exact, are on a bus heading down the highway. As he kissed me goodbye, he said, "I don't wanna go!"

Well, hey, I guessed that. But I think he's really going to have a great time.

Bwah ha ha! I shall now have to call you 'LSW' instead of 'Brit'. *grins insanely*

Cut that out, you troublemaker! I was a LSW right up until the moment that he got on the bus! Then I became a TLW-- Temporarily Liberated Wife. And by that, I don't mean that I am temporarily liberated to cruise local nightclubs in his absence. I mean I am temporarily liberated from the necessities of cooking and laundry. Lord knows I did enough freaking laundry before my darling left.

Wow... I seem to be the opposite of everyone! I always under pack. I really just don't care all that much about clothes! It's getting better now that I'm older, but I always manage to pack the bare minimum.

Well, you probably have a system that works for you. My dad is the same. He tried to travel to the UK with just a carry-on bag, but my sister and I stopped him and loaded him down with presents for the relatives.

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