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Posting schedule and a brief complaint about the difficulties of sleeping with cats

Hello to readers of Justice!

This post is to let you know that I'm going to post the next chapter of Justice (chapter 20) in two or three days. I think I can definitely get it up before the weekend.

I type this with difficulty, considering that several of my back muscles are all achey and knotted. And why? Well, I think you can guess from the title of this post. Cats! Gotta love 'em, can't kick 'em out of bed. Not for long, at least. They come snuggling right back. Well, maybe you have yours slightly better trained. My big darling kitty has been training me.

About a year ago, my husband and I bought a new bed. He had been pushing for a king. I said no on the grounds that it wouldn't fit in our bedroom. He said it would fit fine if we got rid of one of our dressers and gave up on using one of our closets. I asked him if he was insane. He confirmed that he wasn't and then pointed out that we needed a king because of the cat. I said we needed a queen because of the size of our bedroom. He continued to hem and haw. I produced a measuring tape and settled the issue with numbers. He subsequently bought a queen, probably because he was intimidated by the fact that his wife owns not one, but several measuring tapes (in addition to a tool box and a hammer and, believe it or not, an electric drill), whereas he came into this marriage bereft of any such manly articles.

I have had a sore back and neck ever since the bed arrived because, dammit, he was dead right about the cat.

Fluffy takes up somewhat more than a full third of the bed. My husband's broad shoulders require at least 40 percent of it. I find myself scrunched like an accordion between man and cat, with never enough room for both of my shoulders to lay themselves  flat at any one time. Fluffy sleeps in the crook of my right arm with his front paws poking into my sensitive and ticklish right armpit, and unhappily there is absolutely nowhere for my armpit to retreat to. No wonder I wake up every morning with aches and pains! No wonder I sleep badly, for that matter. No wonder I'm developing an odd nervous tic in the region of my armpits.

I met a girlfriend for tea this evening and discovered that she and her fiance and their cat all have exactly the same sleeping arrangement. Her cat, like mine, doesn't like sleeping between her and her man. As far as he is concerned, he is her cat and he wants to sleep between her and the edge of the bed. Just like Fluff.

I started to wonder how many other people have this problem. What about you guys? I know there are a lot of cat people in my readership. Do dogs do this too, or are they more reasonable?
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