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Birthday Fic for mtemplar_fic "Blueberry Stud-Muffin"

Hello Fake fans!

Here we are with another birthday fic. This one is for mtemplar_fic, who writes awesome Dr. Who fics about Ten and Rose, and has patiently beta-read many a chapter for me.

Today I had quite a nice peaceful day. I did a lot of chores and was able to get caught up on two episodes of Once Upon A Time while drinking peach tea and eating Maltesers. Anyone else out there watching Once upon A Time? If so, don't spoil me! I'm still two episodes behind.

Blueberry Stud-Muffin

by Brit Columbia

Fandom: FAKE
Pairing: Dee and Ryo
Timeline: Set on February 19th of Dee and Ryo's first year together
Summary: It's a lime, not a lemon, so don't get your hopes up! Birthday fluff between the boys. I wrote it in between doing many other things today, and no one has beta-read it, so if you spot any mistakes, please let me know.
Rating: This chapter is suggestive. Maybe don't read it at work. Hell, never open my LJ at work.
Disclaimer: FAKE, featuring Dee, Ryo, and Diana, was created by Sanami Matoh. I make no claim on FAKE or Ms. Matoh or any of her characters. No one paid me anything to write this little fic.
Author's Notes:
This is a happy birthday lime for my dear friend  mtemplar_fic.  Thanks for always being so kind and thoughtful. And thanks for my valentine!

Blueberry Stud-Muffin

by Brit Columbia

Dee entered the welcoming warmth of  the kitchen and unbuttoned his coat. "Smells good, babe! Are you baking?"

Ryo was standing at the counter working on something that Dee couldn't see. "Oh, hi Dee," he said with a quick glance over his shoulder. Did you get Diana's present?"

Dee hung up his coat on the rack of hooks beside the door and removed a small wrapped box from the pocket. "Yeah, but knowing the Sea Hag, she'll probably hate it."

"What did you get her?" Ryo clanked a spoon against the bowl he was holding.

Dee shrugged. "A watch."


"Yeah, why not? She's always wrecking her watches when she smacks her men around. A girl like that can't have too many watches."

Ryo looked over his shoulder again, his eyes sharp with warning. "Do NOT make any cracks about her biological clock this time, okay?"

Dee raised both hands. "Don't worry! I think I learned my lesson last year. It took that shiner more than a week to go down." He unwound his scarf from his neck and took a moment to admire Ryo's ass. "Whatcha doin' over there, sexy?"

"Just preparing some food for the party..." Ryo's voice trailed away, and Dee knew that he had just put his partner on his guard. He strolled over to investigate what kind of food Ryo was making.

He found his lover spreading blue stuff over a large, funny-looking cake-type thing. There was a bowl of blueberries on the counter next to him.

Dee tried to steal a handful of blueberries, but Ryo was ready for him and whacked him with a wooden spoon.

"Ow!" Dee sucked his knuckles overtly. It didn't really hurt, but he felt he ought to protest, just in case Ryo could be mined for sympathy.

No such luck. Ryo gave him a level look and said, "I didn't hit you hard, so save the theatrics."

Dee's breath exhaled in a forlorn sigh, but that didn't work either. Oh well, whatever, he thought, and eyed the lumpy looking baked creation. "Hey, didn't Diana specifically say she did NOT want a birthday cake?"

"Yeah, but this isn't a cake. It's a blueberry muffin. Diana likes muffins."

"Dude, if that's a muffin, someone shot it up with steroids."

"Okay, I'll admit it's a little on the large side, but it's definitely a muffin. I used a muffin recipe."

"Did the muffin recipe call for kiddy-blue frosting?"

"It's not 'kiddy-blue', Dee! It's blueberry flavored! To match the blueberries inside the muffin."

Dee grinned and quickly dipped his finger into the bowl of blue frosting before Ryo could stop him.

"Dee, get out of there." Ryo glared at him. "I haven't finished icing the ca-- I mean, muffin."

Dee shrugged. "Just wanted a taste." He sensuously licked a big dollop of blue frosting off his finger without breaking eye contact with Ryo.

Dee enjoyed the way that Ryo's eyes immediately fixed themselves on his long pink tongue as it glided unhurriedly over his finger. A slow tide of color rose up from Ryo's throat to his cheeks. Dee put on a little show for him, rolling his finger around in his mouth as he worked it with his tongue. When he withdrew his finger, he made sure he left a dab of frosting on his lower lip.

Ryo appeared to suddenly realize that he was staring. He successfully tore his eyes away from the spectacle and returned to applying swathes of blue to the surface of the giant muffin. "Dee," he said briskly without looking at him, "could you please open the wine and make sure that the wine glasses don't have spots on them?"

"In a minute," said Dee, drawing closer.

"Dee, come on now, the guests will be here--"

"In forty-five minutes, babe. C'mere."

"But what if someone arrives earl-- Dee! Let go, already." Ryo brandished the frosting spatula at him threateningly, but Dee just laughed.

He had his arms around Ryo's waist by now and he could feel the tension in his partner's beautiful body. Ryo's hard muscles moved under his hands as he tested Dee's resolve. Dee hung on doggedly and managed to turn him so that he had his partner pressed up against the counter.

"Dee, I know what you're trying to do, and it won't work, so you might as well give up." Ryo was clearly doing his best to sound stern.

"Babe, I haven't seen you all damn day, and all I want is a little hug and a kiss. Is that so much to ask?"

"You forget that I know you, Dee. There's no such thing as "a little hug and a kiss' with you. And by the way, you have frosting on your lip."

"I know," said Dee, letting his voice drop and tugging Ryo's hips closer to his crotch. "Don't you wanna kiss it off for me? I mean, seriously. Don't you?"

There was a brief silence while Ryo's eyes flickered back and forth from Dee's lips to his eyes. Then the spatula clattered back into the frosting bowl and before Dee even got a chance to wonder, both of Ryo's hands were cupping Dee's face and his tongue was sweeping passionately over Dee's lower lip.

"Yes," said Ryo, his lips only half an inch from Dee's. "But you knew that from the start, you bastard."

Dee's smart-ass retort was cut off as Ryo's hungry mouth took his in a demanding, searing kiss that he felt all the way down to his belly, and a little further south than that, too. Dee tasted the sweetness of the frosting, but even sweeter than that was the taste of Ryo's desire.

After a minute or so, Ryo drew back and further stunned Dee by starting to unbutton his own shirt.

"Sweetheart, what... what are you doing?" Dee found himself swaying on his feet, having been kissed into utter submission. He wasn't sure he could allow himself to hope. Perhaps Ryo was only teasing him? Ryo had occasionally been known to do that before. Maybe he was just going to get changed for the party.

"Like you said, you've been gone all damn day," said Ryo huskily. "I woke up in an empty bed with only a note to keep me company."

Dee grinned happily at him because he understood exactly what Ryo was proposing. But then he tried to look apologetic. "Babe, I didn't want to go. Could I help it if Penguin needed me to pick up a bunch of stuff for the kids?"

Ryo's shirt was now hanging open, revealing the planes of his chest and the taut muscles of his abdomen. Dee couldn't stop himself from staring. He wanted to cup those pecs in both hands, tease those pretty nipples and then lick his way down Ryo's abs. The vision of bare male beauty thwarted him by suddenly turning around and walking in the direction of the bedroom.

"Come on, hurry up," said Ryo over his shoulder. "We don't have much time."

Dee couldn't believe this was Ryo talking. He knew how much his darling hated rushing whenever Dee had made them late for something. Ryo must really be horny today.

"We got forty-five minutes, baby. A lot can happen in forty-five minutes." Trying to sound reassuring, Dee hurried after Ryo.

"No, we have twenty-five minutes, because we'll both need showers after," Ryo corrected him at the bedroom door.

"Sure, great, whatever." Dee caught Ryo in his arms again and nuzzled against the side of his neck. Yep, Ryo had a hard length of steel in his pants that needed to be taken out and polished some. "Like I was saying, a lot can happen in twenty-five minutes."

"Dee?" murmured Ryo and pushed on him gently.


"Go back and get the frosting."

Dee gave a shout of laughter and hastened to do as he was bid. So his sweet stud-muffin wanted to play with the frosting, did he? He wondered if Ryo had been thinking about him all afternoon. He had obviously come home in the nick of time.

Life was sweet indeed.

~end of Blueberry Stud-Muffin~

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