brit_columbia (brit_columbia) wrote,

Posting Schedule and writing update

Hi people,

I want to let you know that there won't be an update on Justice this coming weekend, mainly because I've only written about 1100 words of the chapter so far. *hides*

What I'm planning to do is write the chapter in the next couple of days and then beg my betas to beta-read it in a week so that I can post it on the weekend of March 03. Now that the chapters are only 5000 words or so, I'm confident I can get it written soon.
The main thing that had slowed me down on this update was that I needed to organize my scenes. I've done that now, and when that's done, the words flow.

At the beginning of each chapter draft, I write the heading: STUFF THAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN IN THIS CHAPTER. Then I make a numbered list. I always consult the same section of the previous chapter's draft because often my list of scenes is too ambitious for one chapter, and there will be items left over that I use to start off the next chapter. I also check three other files: My story outline for events, my story timeline for specific days, and finally the file entitled "Balls in the Air". This ensures that I don't forget anything significant that was supposed to happen before another major event.

I have reason to believe that a pretty significant portion of my readers are also writers, and I'm wondering how you guys go about writing. Do you just sit down and write and wait to see where the story takes you? Or do you make an outline (and perhaps a number of sub-outlines) like me? I'm curious to find out.

In other news, yesterday I wrote over 1500 words on my ancient Rome story. It was all lemon, too! The only reason that happened was that I got a gentle nudge from loki_the_fraud, a fellow writer and all-round go-getter. I told her I'd put in 500 words and ended up doing three times that. So, thanks, Erin! I was kind of stalled on that project.

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