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Posting Update re next chapter of Justice
Hello Justice readers,

This post is to let you know that I'll be posting Justice chapter 22 sometime tomorrow night. I think it will definitely be before midnight because I have to go to bed early-ish Saturday night. I'm going out of town on Sunday for a couple of days for something sort of work-related, although I'll be staying with a dear friend of mine. While I will not be strictly Internet-less, I'll be using her laptop to check my email, and I'm certainly not to going to log in to my LJ on her computer and have it in her search history. She has no idea I write porn and I think she would be utterly shocked if she ever found out!

Now don't let that little mention of porn get your hopes up about the post because it's totally worksafe. I just meant that my journal comes up 'adult content notice' in Internet searches. I sometimes wonder if I should change that setting. Or maybe that actually attracts people. I have no idea.

My hubby, who normally clutches the remote possessively in an iron grip, left for work shortly after I got home from my restaurant dinner with a girlfriend. This meant that I could sit down and watch some TV if I wanted., so I did. The Bruce Lee movie 'Enter The Dragon' was on. It's a movie I have never seen in its entirety. I've watched the middle part of the movie about eight or nine times, however. Even tonight, the film was half over, as usual, by the time I discovered it. It's kind of amazing to think that this movie was made almost 40 years ago! It's so cheesy and 70's, but actually rather fascinatingly so. And Bruce Lee's martial arts are awesome, of course. He is also the best-looking person in the whole movie by far.

Fluffy was thrilled to find me sitting on the sofa watching TV because I hardly ever do that. He seized the opportunity to crawl into my lap and purr and loll and drift in and out of sleep while I stroked him. Of course that meant I had to sit through all the commercials, but a big advantage to having a cat snuggling in your lap means you can't get up and go foraging in the kitchen for TV snacks, either. He was quite miffed when the movie ended and I made my escape.

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Hi lovely, glad to read that you managed to get some time to relax and enjoy a true classic.

Actually watched the movie 'Ninja Assassin’ (from the game of the same name) last night with Jung Ji-Hoon or Rain as he is more commonly known. The movie was fast paced, bloody, with mountains of abuse and trauma (typical plot for retribution by the protagonist), all rolled into a film with excellent fighting scenes.

Not as beautiful to watch as the movie ‘Enter the Dragon’ with the added grace of Bruce Lee, but Rain has great skill and movement and made the film better for it.

Looking forward to another chapter and hope, you have a great weekend!


Hi FM,

When I read your comment I thought "Rain? A martial arts fighter?" because I thought he was a singer. So I went and checked him out on google. Man, what a high achiever this guy is! I wonder when he finds time to sleep. I feel vicariously exhausted just reading about his long list of achievements.

You know, I practically never watch movies, and I've always been that way. I was just reading a MacLeans magazine article that listed all the top movies of 2011, and naturally, I hadn't seen any of them. I think the last movie I rented was The Fighter (Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale) which I had already seen on the big screen, but wanted to show to my husband. Sometimes I wander around my neighborhood DVD rental place and look at the thousands of movies and TV shows and ask myself when I'm going to find the time in this mortal existence of mine, to watch and enjoy this massive collection of human creativity.

I really only watch movies if someone else organizes me into it. It probably stems from the fact that through great tracts of my childhood and teenhood, my family didn't have a TV. My parents wanted us to read, so that was what I did instead. Plus my imagination is pretty vivid, and as I've said in earlier posts, all my books and stories are like movies in my head.

In my early twenties, I really wanted to be a filmmaker and I took a course to learn the basics. Unfortunately, my classmates couldn't work together. Each person, in his or her not-so-secret heart, wanted to be the director of our class projects, even if their designated job was lighting, sound, or set styling. There was so much bickering, stonewalling and diva-ish storming off the set that I heartily wished I had never signed up for the course. It left me leery of ever sharing a creative work endeavor with other people again. The professional filmmaker who was holding the course assured me that it wasn't actually like that in the industry, and that people actually did their jobs and weren't continually trying to wrest control away from the director, or impose their will on another person's designated job. But it was too late! I was scarred for life.

But strangely enough, now that I'm a writer, I feel it's my job to use words in such a way that causes movies to play inside other people's minds!

How is your own writing coming along? Have you been able to find any time to work on it recently?

Re: **Anticipation**

Have to agree with your about your writing it really does read as a great TV series, and I can easily see each part being played out. If I remember correctly, I think I actually referred to a part in one of your chapters as a ‘scene’ instead of a passage. You have made your characters so real, that it is easy to blur the distinction at times.

I have to agree with you about the Movies and TV shows, there are just too many to find time to watch. Tried to record a few episodes on Sky Planner (NCIS, Suits, Grimm, Dexter, Alcatraz, Criminal Minds, Numbers to mention a few) and low and behold, they are still there, taking up unnecessary space – I think I have to put the delete button to work his evening.

Do understand about negative influence. After studying Pure and Applied Chemistry and working in a lab, I realised that I did not enjoy being stuck in a lab all day everyday (with dire work colleagues), so changed direction!

Definitely still enjoy writing (anytime I get). Nearly finished the two novels started in January/February and have started two short stories.

Clocks went forward last night start of British Summer time – and your next chapter -Life is good!


Oh my God, you finished your two novels! That's wonderful! You should be so proud of yourself. Are they for kids or for grown-ups? Do you plan to go through the marketing process with them? You have inspired me to get back to my own.

If I could, I would watch all the vampire TV series like True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Being Human. I also love programs about zombies, and there are a couple of shows I would like to watch about them, like The Walking Dead and Death Valley. But it's impossible. Ten or fifteen years ago, it would have been possible, but not now. I didn't know that I was going to get a lot busier as I got older.

I have to choose between consuming or producing. I try to choose producing because I have spent my whole life until a few years ago consuming the creative efforts of others. Nowadays I limit my consuming to books and the occasional movie. If I watched as much TV as I used to, I probably wouldn't get any time to write at all.

Yes, life is good, even when I'm way too busy at work. At least I'm alive and functional!

It's so great to be caught up and now I get to join along in the coments. I shall happily wait out for your next post *quivers in anticipation*. I had so many more coments for you that I forgot them until after I sent the first set to you. I'll just add them after I read this instalment.

I wish I had my cat again. Hubby is alergic to them so I'm cat-less forever :( But on the plus side, my mom has her so I get to see her once every summer.

Hi stallianna! Congrats on being caught up. I know you spent many evenings and many hours reading the massive FFYT: A New Day, and Justice up until this point, and I just want to think you for being willing to devote so much of your free time to my fanfics.

Aw poor you re your hubby's cat allergies. Is it at all possible for him to get shots so that you can have your cat again?

I used to be allergic to cats, not to mention a long list of other stuff too, but I got shots. It took several months. Now I have no allergies.

Devoted fan to the end baby! And free time is nothing when you're an at home mom XD. I do miss work though but that will be remidied soon in the next year or two.

I don't think hubby would want to do that. Even if I could convince him that I would keep the box clean and keep the house devoid of fur, there's still his dad and aunt. I don't think they're cat people really since his mom was also allergic to cats. His family never had the joy of cuddling up to a cute furball. They're more dog people. I'm a semi dog person though. I can stand them enough. They're good animals too. But I'm just happier with cats. Maybe I can convince them to let me have a smaller pet like a rabbit or a guinie pig (I think I spelled that wrong). I like those as well. It's probably because they don't make a lot of noise like a dog does. Here's to hoping. But then again, if I had to have the pet of my dreams, it would so have to be a horse. That is so my animal of choice. I get the pleasure of passing several pastures everyday when I take my son to school and pick him up. I'm working on a way to getting a horse now. I just hope it's not too late at 31 XD

Edited at 2012-03-25 04:18 am (UTC)

I don't think you could keep the house devoid of fur. Shedding is a fact of life with cats. Dogs too. Anyone who owns a dog or a cat is always sticky-rollering animal hair off their work clothes or their upholstered furniture.

Is your husband allergic to dogs, too, or only cats?

I know what you mean about dogs being noisy. They really are! Well, most of them, anyway. I have met one or two quiet dogs, but they were rarities.

I really hope you get your horse! I think horses are the second most beautiful animal on the planet (after cats, of course) and I think they supported the evolution of man more than any other kind of animal. I wish humanity could be nicer to them. Actually, to all animals.

I so agree with the fur thing. No matter what you do, you even end up choking a bit of it down with water that you thought was safe before the cat walked past it. And let's not talk about what goes up your nose when you give kitty a kiss. OWEE. Just thinking about that makes my nose itch XD.

He's not alergic to dogs. He wants a dog too. But more of a big german shephard type to gurad the house. We've had too many issues here to not want that kind of loyal protection on the outside. I wouldn't mind so much but I feel that I would be the main one taking care of the dog. House training and walking and feeding. Sure I would get the kids invlolved but for how long before they make me mad that they didn't give 'Fido' his water and dinner? No thanks for that just yet. Maybe someday I'll want to get a dog.

Most beautiful animal is just right. And yes, next to the cat. I've read Black Beauty and humanity really has forgotten how horses have helped so much. I read a book where they even mentioned how they round up the wild herds in the west. It's horrible what you hear happens to the hooves of them. I'm not sure if it's still as cruel today as it was back in the day, but I can only hope that the round-ups are better. I've always wanted to go and see the wild ponies of Chinkatigue (Spelled wrong) Island off of Vaginia USA. I'm not too far from it. But I ended up moving from being closer to a little further away. I'll try some day. Hubby says I can get a horse once we get our financial ideas straight so it will be soon hopefully.

One day we will be one with animals and nature. Wether we want to or not. It's coming.

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