brit_columbia (brit_columbia) wrote,

Posting Update re next chapter of Justice

Hello Justice readers,

This post is to let you know that I'll be posting Justice chapter 22 sometime tomorrow night. I think it will definitely be before midnight because I have to go to bed early-ish Saturday night. I'm going out of town on Sunday for a couple of days for something sort of work-related, although I'll be staying with a dear friend of mine. While I will not be strictly Internet-less, I'll be using her laptop to check my email, and I'm certainly not to going to log in to my LJ on her computer and have it in her search history. She has no idea I write porn and I think she would be utterly shocked if she ever found out!

Now don't let that little mention of porn get your hopes up about the post because it's totally worksafe. I just meant that my journal comes up 'adult content notice' in Internet searches. I sometimes wonder if I should change that setting. Or maybe that actually attracts people. I have no idea.

My hubby, who normally clutches the remote possessively in an iron grip, left for work shortly after I got home from my restaurant dinner with a girlfriend. This meant that I could sit down and watch some TV if I wanted., so I did. The Bruce Lee movie 'Enter The Dragon' was on. It's a movie I have never seen in its entirety. I've watched the middle part of the movie about eight or nine times, however. Even tonight, the film was half over, as usual, by the time I discovered it. It's kind of amazing to think that this movie was made almost 40 years ago! It's so cheesy and 70's, but actually rather fascinatingly so. And Bruce Lee's martial arts are awesome, of course. He is also the best-looking person in the whole movie by far.

Fluffy was thrilled to find me sitting on the sofa watching TV because I hardly ever do that. He seized the opportunity to crawl into my lap and purr and loll and drift in and out of sleep while I stroked him. Of course that meant I had to sit through all the commercials, but a big advantage to having a cat snuggling in your lap means you can't get up and go foraging in the kitchen for TV snacks, either. He was quite miffed when the movie ended and I made my escape.

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