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Earth Hour drama
black shirt, Giane
Did anyone observe Earth Hour? Fortunately, this year I didn't forget about it until long after it was over, which is what happened last year. That's because my darling husband gave me some advance notice this year, even if it was only eight minutes' notice and I happened to be in the middle of making soup at the time.

When 8:30 pm came, he scuttled about switching off all the lights, until I and the yam I was chopping found ourselves plunged into darkness. Hubby appeared at my elbow and plunked down our one and only battery-operated candle next to my cutting board. If you have any experience at all with battery-operated candles, you will understand when I say that its feeble glow did not even reach the knuckles of my right hand. The precise location of the remainder of the yam was something to be felt but not seen. Naturally I voiced a protest.

"Hey," I exclaimed. "I can't see my cutting board! What if I chop my finger off?"

Hubby, who was rootling about in a nearby cupboard, did not seem interested. "Where are the matches?" he asked.

I informed him that they were in the cupboard he was looking in. Yes, I know 'looking' was really not quite the right word considering the circumstances, but it went unchallenged. Hubby claimed he couldn't find the matches. I pointed out that this might possibly have had something to do with the fact that he turned all the lights off first and started thinking about candles after. He retaliated, predictably, by accusing me of hiding the matches. I told him that I wasn't going to help him because I had enough to do trying to chop a yam in the dark without losing a finger.

To cut a long story short, he eventually located the matches by feel and then blundered about the blackness of the dining room, trying to find candles. Judging by the sound effects, I believe he stubbed his toe at least once. As he clearly wasn't having any success in his quest, I thoughtfully offered to switch on a light for him. Needless to say, he refused my help. After another long minute full of thumps and 'oofs', I took pity on him and advised him that the large vanilla-scented candle was in the bathroom. I didn't think he could handle tea lights and candle holders at this point. He stumbled off to the bathroom and found the big vanilla candle by dint of turning on the electric heater, which gives off a glow that is bright enough to read by. Then he helpfully brought the candle back to my cutting board, but by that time I had taken my soup off the heat and refused to put any more time in on cooking until I had some decent light. In my secret heart, I had already begun warming up to the idea that Earth Hour was the perfect excuse to order pizza, but then Hubby had to go and demonstrate his independence and self-sufficiency by cooking two eggs for himself in the dark.

I belatedly got into the spirit of the whole thing, and lit a small army of tea lights. Ten minutes before the end of Earth Hour, I recalled that all the lights were on downstairs. I forbore to tell this to Hubby, who was enjoying his eggs over by the window and reporting to me which neighbors had dark houses (most of them) and which ones had lights on. He was feeling so smug about it that I didn't want to ruin his mood. Instead I quickly ran back downstairs and switched off all the lights.

Earth Hour at our house tonight was a mix of success and failure, but still represented improvement over last year's total obliviousness. Maybe next year we'll get it right!

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Oops, this is one I didn't know about. Honest, I don't live under a rock.
At least you have a hubby that thinks in those lines. Mine wouldn't. It took years to get him to recycle, and it's mandatory in our township! We even have special cans for it.

Well, he may think along these lines, but I still haven't managed to train him not to put styrofoam in the recycling box!

But I have to hand it to him for being the one who was aware of Earth Hour when I wasn't, even if his awareness was kind of late.

Sounds like you had a lot of fun! xD Btw, I totally forgot about Earth Hour. Shame on me! But in fact, nobody here in Hannover did remember it.

Well, it was fun looking at all the candles. It could have been romantic with a little more planning.

It was too dark to do anything practical. By the time we finished quarreling and fussing with candles, the hour was almost over.

Don't feel bad for forgetting. I don't think this event gets much publicity.

I don't think I've heard of that one. I will try to remember for next year. I can barely cook eggs with the lights on and my stove is electric, so I'll have to eat before. :>)

Yes he is. He can't find anything in the kitchen. Even if I make him a lunch/dinner, put it on the top shelf of the fridge in a clear plastic container with a huge sign on it saying "THIS IS YOUR LUNCH", he eats a box of crackers instead because he couldn't find it. Or he calls me at work to ask where I hid his lunch. Grr.

*slaps self* I always get Earth Hour confused with Earth Day on April 22nd. Therefore, once again, I forgot it!

Me too! I think once Earth Hour has a few more years under its belt, more people will remember it. Apparently it's only been around since 2007. I remember that it took forever for me to remember Earth Day, too. I forgot about it for five or six years in a row, but now I have it memorized.

Earth Day is a bit easier for me as it's the same as my birthday. I think you're right though - Earth Hour just needs a few more years under its belt!

Oops, I completely forgot about Earth Day! XD Good for you guys for observing it, although it sounds like your hubby could have done a little more preperation.

Your small army of tea lights sounds beautiful!

It was! Unfortunately, by the time I got them all lit and attractively scattered in colored glass candle holders, Earth Hour was almost done. Maybe I should light candles more often.

I didn't even know it was hear. I've heard about it but I've never participated in it at all. Besides, I don't think hubby's dad would appreciate it if we came in and turned off his T.V. like that anyway. At least you were able to do some of it this year. I hope you get to fully enjoy it next year. Maybe I'll convince my family to do it next year too.

Ah, but you don't have to turn off the TV! If my husband had been required to turn off his beloved TV, I don't think I would have heard a peep out of him regarding Earth Hour.

For this event, you only have to turn off lights. I stuck close to the glow of my computer screen for Earth Hour, when I wasn't lighting and placing tea lights, that is.

Next year, I plan to be ready with the candles already lit and a dinner that's ready to go! I think with a bit of forethought, this could be a nice event for families. You could even make a party out of it.

That's more reassuring reguarding the TV and computer.

I think I'll try to partake upon Earth Hour next year with these tips in mind. But then again, maybe I should write them down because I know I'll completely forget all about it :D

A party sounds good and my family is always up for a good time.

Edited at 2012-04-03 04:58 pm (UTC)

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