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Not my cat, but so funny
Dee Blue waves
I would love to figure out how to make an icon out of this picture! I really suck at icons. Six years on LJ, and I STILL don't know how to even grab an animated icon. I tend not to post many images in my LJ because of being a technodummy.

borrowed from Lovelyish

UPDATE: Sorry people, but I've had to lock this post. Some anonymous poster is irritating me by making multiple comments per day with long lists of items for sale. This must be a computer because it zeroes in on this post alone and does not appear to realize that the comments are screened so no one will ever see them except me. I've been deleting them, but this is getting annoying.

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You mean like this? I will send you the file if you want it. I can't type today.

Edited at 2012-04-01 09:30 pm (UTC)

YEAH! Please send it! Wow, you did in seconds what I wasted twenty minutes trying to do before giving up.

I have Photoshop. It makes everything easy when you know how to use it. I haven't tried making an animated userpic yet. I should give it a try, but it is sure to be naughty. :)

Ta-daaa! Thank you! I realized today that it was very odd for a cat lover like me not to have more cat icons.

If you have other pics you want made into userpics, you send me the file or the link. I'd be happy to make them for you. I made another one from that site. So cute.

Awwww! Baby kitten is having a nap. My God, I'm a sucker for cute kitty pics. An advertising company could sell me anything provided they put a picture of a cute cat on the packaging.

Thanks for your offer. There are a couple of pictures of Giane that I would like to make into icons. They're in my photobucket account. I'll send you the links.

Fellow Cat (& Dog) Lover^-^

Have you ever looked into lolcats.com? The pics there are sooo cute and funny!^-^ Being a cat lover, I'm sure you'll find plenty of potential icons there^-^

Re: Fellow Cat (& Dog) Lover^-^

I sure have, and very quickly learned that anything to do with lolcats is a surefire way to eat up three or four hours of my life that could otherwise be spent writing! Who can resist the cuteness? Same goes for any site related to Reynaldo Gianecchini. And lumosity brain training games are so darn addictive that I had to designate all their emails as spam just to save myself.

Long live cute animals. Lolcats rulez the Interwebz!

Re: Fellow Cat (& Dog) Lover^-^

HAHA, my FAVORITE lolcat pic shows a cat poppin' out of a birthday cake holding up a sign saying "You're Adopted!" & makin' the kid cry...CLASSIC!^-^

hahaha, your cat is just too awesome! xD I want to cuddle it right now. :3

It's not actually my cat, but I want to cuddle it too!

Oh, of course! *facepalm* The cat was just so hilarious that I forgot to read the title.

(Deleted comment)
Lucky you if you have a cutie who looks like this!

And Neville is a WAY better name for a cat than Fluffy.

That is the greatest pose a cat can ever make. You can just see how comfotable he is. I love it. It's a shame I can't make icons very well either. I'm very good at bases though.

I cannot figure out if this cat is a boy or a girl. Despite the 'come hither' pose, the essential information is still hidden.

What's a base?

Re: Is That Your Cat?

Yeah. You're right about the male or female aspect of the cat. It's tail is in the way.

A base is like the the icon you or I use but it has no pretty detail or words yet. It's just a basic pic that you want to make pretty later on. The base of the picture you build up your letters or textures or layers and stuff like that. I'm still learning the technicalities of making good icons.

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