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Dee Blue waves
Even though I consider myself quite a patriotic Canadian, I keep somehow managing to forget that it's Canada Day today. Yay Canada!

So my father and I went out for coffee this morning, which is a weekend habit of ours. After the coffee, we wandered into the local grocery store where they were handing out FREE cake and coffee! D-oh! I smack myself at the mere memory. It's not like they don't do this every year. Why can't I remember? Even though I was all coffeed-out, I forced myself to drink another one to wash down my very enjoyable Canada Day cake.

I also forgot to buy myself a Canada Day T-shirt. Did I mention how patriotic I am? Don't laugh, you Americans! This is patriotism for the extremely busy. Besides, I'm patriotic IN MY HEART all the time, even if I forget about T-shirts and free coffee. Apparently there are free hot dogs at various locations too, but I'm not about to waste valuable stomach space on a hot dog. Anyway, back to the T-shirts. In the grocery store they were selling them, so I enquired about sizes. It seemed that huge volumes of patriots with far less to do than me had stampeded in there and bought up all the smalls, mediums, and larges when I wasn't looking. A helpful staff member held up my two remaining options: child size small, and adult extra large. I considered which one would garner fewer snickers and pointing fingers. Hmm. Finally, I came home and commandeered my husband's medium.

So now I'm ready! But for what? There are free concerts downtown and there will be fireworks later. My plans are to enjoy a husbandless (he's working) evening of anime, writing, and telephone-talking to a dear friend on the other side of the continent. I'm not taking any chances of getting trampled by the madding crowds in their perfectly sized Canada flag T-shirts! No sir, not me. I'll raise a glass to Canada tomorrow at the barbeque I'm going to.

Happy birthday, Canada! Despite your flaws, I love you. I love what you represent and how you never stop trying. I'm proud to say I'm a Canadian.

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I LOVED Canada when I last visited (Vancouver). The people are so polite and friendly. Going to Toronto next month and am really looking forward to it. YAY Canada! *waves little flag with you*

I'm so glad you loved Canada. And isn't Vancouver beautiful? Toronto's bigger, busier and more humid, but quite multicultural and you'll find lots of good shopping there. I'm a west-coaster myself, so I naturally think that Vancouver city and Vancouver Island are the friendliest and most beautiful places in Canada, but Torontonians tend to fume and sputter when they hear us say stuff like that.

I hope you have a fabulous vacation. Thanks for waving the Canadian flag! I'll wave the American one for you on Tuesday.

Oh no - are we talking hot AND humid? Yurgh. Ah well, I imagine there will be air-conditioning. Yes, Vancouver was fabulous - it was kind of weird to have cars stop for you to cross the street even though we were waiting for the 'walk' signal and the cars had the right-of-way. The gardens there are absolutely gorgeous. My hubby is excited about seeing the new 'Lord of the Rings' musical while we're in Toronto - other than that, I think we have a lot of cocktail parties and such to go to. I should have days free to do some sightseeing while the hubby is in meetings. I'm just excited about being off of work for a week. Hope you had a great Canada Day!

Well, you know, just about anywhere you go ( except Australia) is going to be hot in August, but you're right about the air-con. Are you going to take your daughters with you?

Yes, I had a great Canada Day, but I wasn't as productive as I had hoped to be. My nose and the grindstone seem to have had a tiff and are currently not on speaking terms. I've decided to extend the Canada Day celebrations until tomorrow afternoon. I mean, who got to decide that Canada Day should be just one day? I think we should change it to Canada WEEK. That's what I do with my birthday, anyway.

I'm very happy for you that you're going to get a week off work and will be able to do whatever you want and go wherever you want to go while your husband attends meetings. Breaking away from one's own routine can be very restoring to the spirit.

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