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ICE CREAM (for Stallianna)

Sorry for the late! It was hell-week at work and I needed most of the weekend to recover.


by Brit Columbia

Fandom: FAKE
Pairing: Dee/Ryo
Timeline: June of Dee and Ryo's first year together, set after Justice.
Rating: A very strong lime, almost a lemon. I would say don't read this at work
Summary: Dee, Ryo, a bed, and a bowl of ice cream. You know Dee as well as I do.
Disclaimer: Dee and Ryo are Sanami Matoh's characters, not mine. No one paid me to write this ficlet.
Author's notes: Once again, I prove that I cannot stick to within 100 to 200 words! This one needed its own post, just like PIG. One day I'll master brevity in my writing. This fic is for Stallianna whose request word was "ICE CREAM". Like last week's ficlets, no one has beta-read this, so let me know if you spot any mistakes.


Ryo gave the drawstring tie of his pajama pants an extra knot, just in case. He wouldn't put it past Dee to make some effort at seduction, even though his partner knew they both had to get up in less than six hours.

Dee was in the kitchen and Ryo could hear him closing the fridge and opening drawers. "What are you doing in there?" Ryo called out as he lifted the covers back and got into bed. "Don't tell me you're hungry."

Dee appeared, carrying a bowl of vanilla ice cream in one hand and a squeeze bottle of chocolate syrup in the other. He met Ryo's disapproving look with a big grin.

"Dee, it's close to midnight and you want to eat ice cream?"

Dee shrugged. "Sure, why not? Eat, play, whatever."

"Play?" Ryo shot Dee a sharp look.

Ignoring the question, Dee handed Ryo the bottle of chocolate syrup. "Here, hold this for a moment, would ya?" He then removed two spoons from under his arm and sat down on the bed. "Brought you a spoon, just in case you wanna help me with this."

Ryo frowned, first at the spoon, and then at Dee. "Certainly not. I want to go to sleep, as you know."

"I know, love. I'll be quick." Dee held out his bowl. "Squirt some syrup on this for me, okay?"

Ryo snapped the cap off, and did as Dee asked. "This is going to keep you awake, you know." When he leaned closer, his nose picked up the fresh, sweet smell of the ice cream.

Dee dug a spoon into his ice cream sundae and took his first taste with a little sound of pleasure.

Ryo shook his head and smiled at the look of enjoyment on his partner's face. "What kind of person eats ice cream in bed at midnight?"

Dee's eyes sparkled at Ryo as he swallowed his mouthful of ice cream. "The kind of person who knows how to live, that's who." He took another spoonful. "Mmmmmm, so good. Sure you don't want some?"

"No thanks. Just hurry up and finish it." Ryo set the plastic syrup bottle on the nightstand and looked away. He was aware that his gaze wanted to keep wandering to the movements of Dee's mouth as he savored the taste of his treat. Ryo glanced back just as Dee's tongue flicked out to lick some stickiness off his lower lip.

Dee winked at him and licked his spoon clean before scooping up more ice cream and putting it in his mouth. He held out bowl and spoon. "Hey, Ryo, hold these for me for a sec." 

"What, again?" Ryo took them without thinking, and then belatedly realized that his hands were full and that Dee was leaning down to kiss him.

"Wait-- Dee, sto---mmmmph." Ryo's protests were cut off by the press of his partner's lips, and the almost immediate intrusion of a chocolate and vanilla flavored tongue. Dee's mouth was cold and sweet, and the kiss was tender, yet insistent. After the first shock of contact, Ryo couldn't help responding. Over the next few seconds the chill disappeared from the kiss and their mingled breath heated both of their mouths.

At that point, Dee pulled back a little and grinned at Ryo. "Gimme another spoonful, babe."

Ryo knew what was going to happen, and as much as he wanted to go to sleep, he found he wanted Dee to kiss him again even more. Silently, he picked up a spoonful of the ice cream sundae, making sure that no syrup was dripping off the spoon, and inserted it into Dee's open mouth. Dee promptly kissed him again, and Ryo kissed back, thrusting his own tongue into Dee's mouth to steal some of the ice cream while it was still cold. Dee let him, of course. In this way, they finished the bowl of ice cream together.

When the bowl was empty, Ryo's body temperature had gone up considerably, and he realized that somehow during the long series of ice-creamy kisses, his pajama top had been almost completely unbuttoned and the drawstring at the waist of his pajama pants had been untied. He considered trying to stop Dee from seducing him, but realized it had gone too far for stopping. He was aroused, and now Dee was down there between his legs kissing his thighs through his pajama pants.

Ryo perceived that he was still holding the bowl in one hand and the spoon in the other. "Dee," he said, "do something with these. I want to use my hands."

The spoon clanked against the side of the bowl as Dee quickly took both items from Ryo and set them on the floor next to the bed.

"Hey babe, you ever had an ice-cream blow-job?"

"Um... no." Ryo's hands went to Dee's head and stopped him from rising. "But, no, don't go back to the kitchen. We can do it with ice cream another time. On old sheets," he added.

"Sure. Really old sheets. 'Cause we're gonna use syrup, too." Dee started to tug Ryo's pajama pants down over his hips. "And maybe some whipped cream and strawberries."

Ryo exerted a light pressure on his lover's head. "Dee, stop talking... You teased me with that ice cream, and now you'd better make good."

"Oh, it's gonna be good, all right." Dee was now divesting Ryo of his boxers. "The ice cream was nothing compared to you. You're the treat I really wanted."

Tags: fake, one-shots

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