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For my upcoming birthday...
Hello fellow FAKE fans!

As some of you may be aware, my birthday is coming up on May 07th, which is this Monday. I've decided to have a very quiet birthday and not go in to work. I still haven't yet decided whether I want to go out to lunch on that day since I'm having a big pizza pig-out the night before. Because the last couple of weeks have been so stressful, the thing that I want most at this point is to sit in an armchair in Starbucks, drink a very large whipped-cream covered mocha, read novels and write in my journal.

Anyway, I'm throwing a small request out there, and I know I'm not giving you a whole lot of notice, but I'm hoping it might be doable.

I'm pretty sure that a lot of the people who regularly come to check out my LJ page are either fellow writers or would-be writers. So what I would like for my birthday is... a little FAKE ficlet from whichever of my readers feel like writing me one. If you have the time and the inclination, then please go for it. If you don't feel up to it, or don't have time, or can't think of anything, don't worry about it.

If you would like to contribute a ficlet, then please keep it short. 500 words or less. It can even be 10 words! (Good luck with that) I don't want anyone to spend hours slaving over a story for me, honestly. As I said, I'm not giving you a lot of notice and we all have other things we would like to achieve this weekend in our Real Lives.

Choose any topic you like, as long as it's happy! No stress, no violence, no crying. Make me smile! I haven't smiled enough recently.

You have the option of either:
-emailing it to me at brit.columbia@gmail.com, in which case it will be a private thing between you and me, or
-posting it in the comments of the birthday post I will make on May 07th, if you feel like sharing it with the world. Well, okay, not the world, but the Fake fans who swing by/comment/lurk in this particular location.

If you want to share it with everyone, but post anonymously so that no one knows who you are, then go ahead and do that.

If you just want to say Happy Birthday on the 7th and not write a ficlet, then that will be lovely and I will be very happy to hear from you!

So that's my birthday request.  A modest selection of FAKE-fic candies, each one coated in the same recognizable 'FAKE-chocolate' that we all know and love, but with different and delicious fillings!

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My beloved Brit. I'm already done with your story but I have one problem. It's almost 1,000 words. I couldn't help myself. I got a little carried away. And I didn't slave hours over it. I was done in about 30 min. I was just waiting for your B-Day to give it to you. Do you still want me to wait or would you like me to post it now? Plus you have a little something else coming your way on your special day.

Stalli Anna

Stallianna! If you went to 1000 words, I totally understand. Look what happened to me with PIG and ICE CREAM. Some people have a huge challenge with keeping it short, and I'm one of them.

I'm glad you didn't slave for hours because I really have a sense of how busy your life is.

Thanks so much for writing me a story, but please save it for my birthday, if you don't mind. I'm not yet in birthday mode and I'd like to enjoy the suspense and the happy anticipation until Monday rolls around!

Will do. One more day left. Now I'm getting all antsy for you. I can't wait to see what great stories will come your way. I shall wait.

hey Brit, I'd love to write a fanfic for you, but I'm already working on a different birthday present ;) You'll be surprised! I'm looking forward to monday to hear your opinion about it :D

Oooh, now I'm excited! I can't wait to find out what it is.

Your wish is my command. And I have 10 words.

Really? You can do ten words? Last night I told my dad about my birthday request, and he and I were trying to write ten-word short stories(just general ones, not FAKE), but neither of us could do it. The shortest for both of us was thirteen words, and his was much more interesting than mine.

I look forward to my micro-fic from you!

That's a great icon you have there. Did you put the background in?

Yup on the icon. Same with this one. I did them a few years back and haven't gone back to finish them properly. I have one with both Dee and Ryo but it isn't anywhere near finished. I kinda flubbed up the coloring and pushed it aside. These were my first attempts at putting color in the b/w images. I can do much better now - when I can find the time.

I've also got another story for you. I don't know what time I'll get them up since we'll be down the shore most of the day (we're nearing the end of the work), but it will be sometime on the 7th.

Wow, I get two? A microfic and a ficlet. Can't wait!

I like the realistic greenery in the background of your icons.

The backgrounds are photos of my backyard. I was experimenting with mixing real life and manga art images. This is the third one.
And yes you get two. I was trying to expound on the 10 words and now have 1200. Every time I try to shorten it, it gets longer!

Edited at 2012-05-05 10:34 pm (UTC)

Next time Dee and Ryo come to your backyard, would you ask them to visit mine next?

And how do you know they didn't have sex in your gazebo?

I totally understand the challenges of keeping it short. Every short story I write wants to be a full length book and every full length book I write wants to be a series.

I'll see if I can get them to visit you. And I do hope it doesn't get out that they have been using my gazebo. I'll have to turn it into a FAKE shrine, and my poor garden and railroad will be trampled by loyal fans and groupies!

As to your ficlet: I've shortened it to 1300 words and I'm not touching it again! I don't care if there are typos.

Shortened it to 1300? Last I heard it was at 1200. Obviously it did a little more growing. I think you're wise not to touch it again. If you even re-read it one more time, another 200 words will mysteriously sneak in there.

I think you could have a specific roped-off path that the FAKE fans and groupies would have to stay on so as to protect the garden and railroad. And you'd be well within your rights to charge admission. A few photos of Dee and Ryo would be a nice touch. The next time you hear moaning and rhythmic thumping sounds coming form your gazebo, sneak out there with a camera! But don't let 'em see you-- Dee will have that camera out of your hands and into the fishpond before you can blink.

I'm going to try to write a ficlet, but no promises that it will be fit to read or post. I've actually never tried to write a FAKE fic. lol. Your post has given me an idea. :)


I'm absolutely, positively one hundred percent sure that I'll love it!

Will it be naughty?

I'll give you a hint. The title is Meat Lover. :)

It is, isn't it? I'm really looking forward to Monday.

to sit in an armchair in Starbucks, drink a very large whipped-cream covered mocha, read novels and write in my journal.
That. Sounds. Delicious. I hope that's exactly what you get to do on your birthday!

My FAKE!muse has been rather comatose of late, but I'll see if I can't kick her out of retirement. Your 10 word fic challenge is intriguing!

Well, 10 words all the way up to 500. 10 words is nuts. It's like a haiku, only harder. Ladyfeather is attempting it. I'm pretty sure I should not. Some of us struggle to contain ourselves within the max. My dad, who is participating in a RL basis, asked me today if definite and indefinite articles counted as words.

"Of course they do!" I exclaimed.

"Damn," he replied. Now I have to reduce it by 35 words just to get it down to 500."

I sympathized. But on the other hand, I think the challenge is good for him.

Oh, I so want the Starbucks armchair and reading. journaling experience. I'll let you know if I succeed in making it happen.

I think I shall try my hand at a 10 word fic! Something that might even be used in your story. LOL that would be great. Anyway if it is late in coming don't blame me, blame the time difference. I'm currently in Japan and we are ahead by a day!

You're very brave to attempt a ten-word fic! I shall wait patiently for whatever you whip up.

Hi, wanted to wish you many Happy Returns on your special day. I have been enjoying your stories and snipplets of your life (cat) and here's wishing to continue reading your stories/musings for long time to come.

Thank you! I know you have been reading my fics for years and years. I feel very honored that you still want to.

Happy birthday from Moon!

I just emailed you my ficlet. If for any reason you don't get it, let me know and I'll just paste it here. It's about 700 words.

I had the big 5-0 last year. Only depressed me for about two hours. Whatever the year,I hope this is a fabulous day for you, dear!!


Re: Happy birthday from Moon!

Thanks for the birthday greetings and the ficlet! I got it but I haven't opened it yet because I'm waiting for my birthday before I 'unwrap' my presents.

I think I'll even wait until tomorrow and enjoy my ficlets in the morning with my coffee! That way, my husband will be asleep and not hollering at me to come to bed. There's nothing more annoying than being hollered at to come to bed when one is trying to read.

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