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Happy Birthday to me!
post or pre anime kiss
Starbucks armchair and mocha, here I come. Then a special lunch. So far I have nothing planned for the late afternoon/evening except perhaps resting, since Tuesday and Wednesday are going to be challenging days at work.

I got my hair streaked on Saturday and man, does it ever look awesome. I have gone from a medium dark brown to a dark honey blonde. I asked the stylist to flat-iron it too. I have a flat iron at home, but it's not a very good one, so I can't get the same effect myself. I'm going to try to go one more day without washing my hair. Then I'll have no choice but to go back to my thick, somewhat fuzzy waves. But at least they'll be blond waves! I was ready for a fairly big hair change for the summer.

I have already received a few birthday ficlets/microfics by email (Thank you, writers!), but I'm waiting until tomorrow to open them. Well, technically, it is already tomorrow, but I'm on my way to bed right now.

Anyone who wants to post their ficlets in the comments of this birthday post, please go for it! I'm so looking forward to the FAKE fun.

PS: to the people who get email notification when I update this journal, please forgive the double notification. I accidentally posted three minutes early and I want my birthday post to be on the 07th, not the 06th. So I deleted and re-posted.

Dee arrived at Ryo's apartment as Bikky was unlocking the door. Bikky looked over his shoulder. "Are you homeless or somethin? Why are you always mooching off Ryo?"

"I was invited, monkey brat!" Dee said. He'd had to agree to work a double on Sunday just to be here, since Ryo had managed to forget he was working tonight. Normally, Ryo knew Dee's schedule better than he did. Dee had badgered Ted into covering his shift rather than turn down Ryo's unusual invite.

Bikky opened the door and bellowed, "Ryo, I'm starving! What's for dinner?"

They found Ryo in the kitchen looking strangely tentative. "Hello, pizza should be here soon."

Bikky looked suspicious. "Did you put broccoli on it again?"

Ryo shook his head. "I got two large meat lovers with extra cheese."

Dee traded a look with Bikky. What the hell?

Ryo bit his full bottom lip. "I thought we could have ice cream after dinner." He pointed to three grocery bags on the kitchen counter. "I got waffle bowls, whip cream, chocolate syrup, caramel sauce, candy pieces, maraschino cherries, and marshmallow cream."

"Dude, what's goin on?" Dee asked, grunting when Bikky kicked him in the shin.

Ryo's cheeks flushed. "Why does something have to be going on? Why can't I just order a dinner you'll like?"

Bikky proved to be smarter than Dee gave him credit. "Can we have salad too? I like that new Italian salad dressing you bought," he said, managing to sound convincing.

Ryo sighed in relief and turned toward the refrigerator to pull out the salad fixings.

Bikky stuck his tongue out at Dee, running over to Ryo before Dee could get a hold of him. Dangle a pizza with pepperoni, sausage, ham, beef, and bacon in front of Bikky and he was more than willing to eat a little salad. The ice cream bonanza on top of that was sure to send him into a food coma. A good thing, if Dee was going to find out why Ryo had suddenly tumbled off the nutrition bandwagon.

After dinner, Bikky voluntarily went to his bedroom to work on his homework, his stomach bulging and a satisfied smile on his face.

Dee curled up on the couch next to Ryo, his own stomach threatening to burst. He'd noticed that Ryo barely ate anything tonight. One slice of pizza and a couple of spoonfuls of the monstrous ice cream sundaes Bikky had composed. The most telling sign of Ryo's distress was the salad he had left untouched on his plate. The man was part rabbit and let no veggie untouched.

Dee poked Ryo in the stomach. "You ready to tell me what's going on?"

Ryo swatted Dee's hand. "Stop it. It was just dinner."

"On a Friday night."

Ryo's eyes widened. "You should be at work!"

"Not to worry, I got it covered." Dee kissed the side of Ryo's neck "Now tell me what's wrong, sweetheart."

Ryo rubbed his forehead. "I went to lunch with Marianne and Janet."

"That was your first mistake, dude. Those harpies will eat you alive."

"They had this quiz from the Cosmopolitan magazine and they made me fill it out too." Ryo rolled his eyes. His beautiful partner could be quite the pushover when those harpies sunk their teeth in him. "It gave me a personality rating of a stick-in-the-mud," he said, his nose wrinkling. "It suggested I be more spontaneous and accommodating if I wanted to get the man of my dreams." Ryo's blush darkened and he looked down at his lap. "If there's one thing I know the man of my dreams loves, it's meat."

Ryo was just too adorable. Dee slid to the floor to kneel in front of Ryo.

"What are you doing?" Ryo asked, his eyes drifting to Bikky's closed door. Dee knew they wouldn't be interrupted. He could hear the sound coming from Bikky's headphones through the door. The monkey brat would likely end up deaf before he turned twenty, but tonight was not the night to worry about it.

Dee grinned at Ryo. "I'm still hungry."

Ryo frowned. "Do you want me to heat up some more pizza?"

Dee licked his lips slowly, loving the way Ryo's eyes drifted to his mouth. "You're right about me being a meat lover." He unbuttoned Ryo's jeans and slid down the zipper. "And there's one meat I haven't had tonight."

To be continued…on Brit's Next Birthday, where Dee gets his meat and arranges a veggie delight for Ryo. Because I'm evil and anticipation is half the fun. :)

Happy Birthday, my dear!

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Thank you so much! I totally LOVE it. I knew I would. Tentative Ryo is so adorable. Even I got suspicious when I heard him say he ordered two large meat lovers with extra cheese. And then Bikky's spontaneous offer to eat salad... that's a declaration of love in 'Bikkyglish".

"Stick-in-the-mud"... Poor Ryo. His quiz results are probably all over the building by now. JJ, of course, will be feeling vindicated. "Haven't I been saying that for years?" he'll demand. "Drake, are you even listening to me?"

Thank you so much for this meat-loving slice of FAKE fun!

A simple touch is all that ignites my skin, Dee?

~Can you just imagine what might happen next, I won't tell, cause that is half the fun.~

Happy Birthday Brit!

Edited at 2012-05-07 12:27 pm (UTC)

Wow, you did it in ten words! You are much braver than me. Of course I'm wondering what comes next. I'm imagining Ryo saying this to Dee in a challenging tone... And then Dee responds by touching Ryo's skin somewhere intimate.

Happy Birthday Brit!

10 words:
Mumbling, "Morning already?"
"No," snuggling closer, "I want you."

10 words expanded to 500 words:
It was the middle of the night, but for some unknown reason Ryo was awake. He had been asleep but that lasted for only about an hour. Perhaps the stress of the day was still preying on his mind. They had just wrapped up a very tough case, one they had been working on for close to a year. Ryo always had a hard time slowing down the mental processes before he went to bed; recent events always seemed to want to be mentally discussed when all he really wanted to do was fall sleep.

The moonlight coming in the windows was bright enough to clearly illuminate his sleeping partner. Dee never seemed to have any sleeping problems. Ryo swore he could sleep through an earthquake. He must have a conspiracy going with his pillow – when he was tired it seemed that he automatically fell asleep as soon as his head touched it. Well, on those nights that he wasn’t trying to get into Ryo’s pants, that is. Dee never seemed too tired to have a romp in the sheets, or most anywhere else for that matter.

Ryo never tired of watching Dee sleep. The rhythmic movements of his chest combined with the soft sound of his breathing had a hypnotic effect on Ryo. Ryo knew that right now he must be dreaming, judging by his facial features. His brow was furrowed, his lips pursed – like something was troubling him. But just as quickly his features calmed, once again peaceful and relaxed. At times like these he so resembled a child. Ryo couldn’t resist brushing a strand of hair away from those closed eyes; the action put a hint of a smile on Dee’s sleeping face.

They had been together for several years now, as lovers and lifemates. After all the denial he had proclaimed, Ryo now could not imagine life without Dee. Dee had awoken him spiritually and emotionally, he had shown him what he was, could be, would be. He knew that living a loveless life would have been his fate if not for Dee: Dee had broken through his armored shell.

As he watched Dee he felt feelings of desire grow within himself. He wanted Dee’s lips to travel over his body, his tongue to lick and caress all those special places. He wanted to feel Dee’s hands running across his body, have Dee’s heat join with his in an emotional crescendo that defied definition. And he wanted to do those same things to Dee - he wanted to do them now.

Leaning to hover over Dee’s ear, Ryo whispered in a very seductive tone, “Dee.”

Dee rolled on his side and pulled the covers tighter around his body. This put his back to Ryo, and again a frown formed on his face. In a sleep laden voice he mumbled, “Morning already?”

Ryo smiled and lowered his lips to Dee’s ear. He whispered, “No,” as he silently moved closer and pressed against his handsome lover. “I want you.”

The story that wouldn't quit:

Edited at 2012-05-07 04:59 pm (UTC)

I bet Dee bolted awake when he heard those three words!

Ryo loves and needs his Dee more than he lets on. But Dee probably senses it.

Thank you for writing me such a tender, beautiful little love story. There were many heartfelt moments in it that I will enjoy re-reading over and over.

Reporting Back to Duty (ficlet #1)

Happy birthday, Brit!

[this one was inspired by my husband reading your post over my shoulder and saying, "It's so nice to see 'definitely' spelled correctly" ;-) ]

"It's so nice to see 'definitely' spelled correctly," the commissioner purred. "Welcome back, Ryo."

"Such a bitch," JJ muttered to Ted.

"Hush," Ted retorted. "Dee's reports are a pain in the ass to read."

Re: Reporting Back to Duty (ficlet #1)

Well, I'm glad that my inner spelling-stickler is appreciated by someone!

As for the mini-fic: loved it! So much is said in so few words. Especially about Ted. Thank you!

Best Served Fried (ficlet #2)

"Homemade eggrolls? Ryo's taking very good care of you," Diana said to Dee.

"Of course he is," Dee replied. He cheerfully chomped down on the first roll -- and then spat it out, gagging and lunging for his Coke.

"Ryo! What the--!” Dee flapped his free hand at the exquisitely shredded paper the crisp, golden dough had encased. "Are you trying to kill me?"

"Of course not," Ryo answered, winking at Diana as he patted Dee on the back. He leaned forward until Dee's eyes met his. "But I do want you to remember, from now on -- when I tell you I'm gonna make you eat your words, I really mean it."

Re: Best Served Fried (ficlet #2)

Oh, evil Ryo showing Dee who's boss! This is my favorite line: He leaned forward until Dee's eyes met his.

It makes me not want to ever cross Ryo. I wish JJ had been there to see Dee almost choke on his own 'words'.

Dee is probably turned on by it at some not-so-deep level.

Thanks for making me giggle!

...and, a third little thing...


*cheesy grin*

Happy, happy, happy birthday, Brit! :-D

Re: ...and, a third little thing...

Yay! Not As Dumb is back on! And a chunk of it is MY birthday present! I'm honored, thrilled and still laughing at the antics of the gang.

I would sing for you, but I really can't carry a tune... :P I shall make a chocolate orange cake in your honor!



Ooooh! As you know, I love chocolate orange anything. Can you please slather it in whipped cream?

You just reminded me that I have two special edition chocolate orange Aero bars. I should go eat one while I;m waiting for your cake.

Hey Brit, happy birthday to you! I hope I'm not too late to give you your birthday present, just as promised:
I hope you enjoy it! Have a nice day! :)

KYAAAAAHHH!!! I shrieked and jumped around in my computer room when I saw this! My dad was worried and called anxiously up the stairs.

Honestly, when you said you had a surprise that wasn't a fic, I couldn't think what you meant except possibly that you were going to draw me a picture.

I love your birthday present to bits. I laughed like a madwoman when I saw it. (I think it was the laughing that made my dad stand down and understand that I wasn't being murdered or anything.)

Thank you so much, you clever girl!

Hey Brit, I just saw that my last comment was marked as spam ._. I hope you can still see it, because it contains a link to your birthday present! :)

Yeah, that often happens with your comments, and I don't understand why. LJ flags them as 'suspicious' but at least I get the option to click on them without them going straight into another folder. I have never not clicked on one of your comments, so I don't understand why LJ keeps doing this. I would have clicked on it sooner, except that I just got back from a very extended birthday lunch on a lovely leafy patio.

Now the rest of my readers can enjoy your creativity! Thanks again!

Happy birthday, Brit! Hope you get the comfiest armchair and the yummiest mocha in the place.

I have a flat iron at home, but it's not a very good one, so I can't get the same effect myself.
Ugh, I hear ya. Back when I had long hair, I had the same problem: I would go in to get my hair done, it would look great, but then I try to flat-iron it myself, and my hair got fried. I bet your blonde streaks look great, though! Blonde hair in summer is the best.

Sorry, I'm buried in finals, so I couldn't manage a fic that was even vaugely in-character. So, here, have some imaginary birthday cake instead, delivered by the fictional character of your choice! ;)

Well, I think I would like Ryo to deliver it because I think the cake would arrive in good shape if he was the guy in charge of it. Dee would put the cake box on the back seat and then drive like a madman so the cake box would get banged around. Drake would probably forget which way was up and carry the box upside down. Bikky would open the box and eat all the chocolate curls off the top when Ryo's attention was elsewhere. JJ would refuse to be involved ever since that three day suspension he got for crushing a staff member's birthday cake in the break room of the 27th precinct. Ted would probably sling the cake box in the trunk and then forget about it until the next day.

Yes, all things considered, I think Ryo is the best man for the job. And I would like the cake to be chocolate raspberry mousse, heavy on the chocolate, light on the raspberry.

Happy Birthday from Moontatoo!!

safe for work, fellow readers. This is a pairing I have never written before.

Enjoy, Brit; this was a fantastic idea, and I love everything posted here!


A birthday fic from Moontatoo to brit-columbia!

Berkeley stared at the bathroom vanity in disbelief. Beside him, clad similarly in silk pajamas, his wife summed up their dilemma with one, eloquent word.


He glanced at her nervously. “Are you sure, Dee Dee? The instructions said to wait three minutes. It’s only been about-“

“-Three seconds, I know, and the damn things are already pink.” Diana gestured irritably with a manicured hand at the three little plastic test sticks, lying innocently across a paper towel.

“And don’t touch that!” she snapped, making him withdraw his hand guiltily. “I just peed on them, remember?”

“Yes, dear,” he answered meekly, letting his arm drop uselessly to his side.

“Well, isn’t this lovely,” she sighed wearily, shaking her L’Oreal blonde tresses. She brushed past him to pad silently across the lush carpet of their master bedroom, climbing into their king-size bed.

Berkeley moved to join her but stopped short at her icy glare.

“At least I know why I’ve been feeling like crap lately,” she said accusingly. “You know, Berk, running out of condoms is a mistake for teenagers. Not the two term commissioner of the NYPD, or the head of the FBI’s New York borough.”

Berkeley took a hesitant step closer, relieved when she didn’t launch a pillow at his face.

“You’re right, darling, and I’m sorry,” he fidgeted, “but it was our anniversary, and it was raining…”

He wisely shut up as she glared at him stonily, darting a hopeful glance at the bed. God he hated sleeping on the couch. Unable to help himself, he added in a small voice, “Is that what you think this is? A mistake? Because I don’t.”

“ ‘Darling’” she said patiently, “look around you.” Diana gestured around their professionally decorated bedroom with a wave of an arm. “ I have a closet full of size four, designer dresses, and the spare bedroom is your home gym. Both of us are selfish, high maintenance, type A career climbers. We are not parent material.”

Her tone was curt, but the emotions on her face, he knew, were a mirror of his own. Shock. Hope. Fear. I’m going to be a father? He
thought dazedly. I’m going to be a father, oh, my God…

“We can make this work,” he said gently, sighing with relief when she let him join her in their bed. “I have no idea how,” he admitted honestly, pulling the covers over them both, “but we can do this. Together.”

Her hair was sweet and warm when he pulled her to lie against him, and he pressed his cheek to the top of her head, closing his eyes. Tenderly he laid his large hand across her flat belly, imagining it swollen, glowing with their child. His child. His heart swelled with love for her as they lay together in silence, two hearts beating as one, soon to be three.

“So,” Diana began conversationally, “Do you have any idea how to change a diaper?”

“None at all.”

“Set up a crib?”

“I doubt it.”

“Have you ever even held a baby?”
“Of course not.”
“Hm. Me neither.” She glanced briefly at her lap. “Sorry in advance, kiddo.”
“I’m going to get fat, you know,” she added after a beat. “Covered in stretch marks. And mean.”
“That’s alright,” he soothed, kissing her hair. “We’ll just get you new clothes. And you’re already mean, dear. I’ve just learned to live with it.”
“It would serve you right,” she said dryly, covering his hand with her own and arching one, slim eyebrow at him, “if I had a girl.”
She giggled unexpectedly. “Three girls. Three pink sticks. Triplets!” She laughed out loud at Berkeley’s horrified expression.
“You never cease to amaze me,” he chuckled, shaking his head in wonder. “I thought you’d be crying your eyes out.” And beating me to a pulp, he thought secretly. He smiled at her proudly instead. “That’s my brave Dee Dee.”
“Are you kidding?” she laughed. “I’m terrified, you idiot.”
“That makes two of us, dear,” Berkeley agreed.
Diana held his gaze a moment, then leaned up to kiss him softly. “Not two anymore,” she whispered, smiling softly against his mouth. “Three.”

Re: Happy Birthday from Moontatoo!!

Oh Moon, that was LOVELY! What a beautiful little story. I always assumed Berk and Diana would have babies someday, but I never thought any further than that.

Ryo will probably be called upon to do a certain amount of babysitting...after the third nanny quits...

I love your characterization of them both, and the realistic way you have them react to this special yet dreadful moment in their lives. Despite their selfish, type A career-driven personalities, their love for each other shows through as clear as day.

Happiest of Happy Birthdays to you! *grins evilly*

Dude, it's your birthday? Have a great one!

Happy birthday brit,

Sorry no FAKE fic, couldnt think of a funny story, but i thought id wish u a happy bday anyway. Hope u had a good day.

Thanks for the birthday wishes! Don't worry about the story. I'm just happy you came by. My day has been unbelievably awesome so far, but in a couple of hours I'll have to end the fun and go to bed. :(

No ficlet in my pocket (maybe that'll change) but I want to offer my wishes for a Happy Birthday anyway!

Thank you, Peacewish! Of course I hope it changes, given what an excellent writer you are (shameless flattery that is the more powerful for being true), but then again, you've had an outstandingly busy month full of huge changes and traveling, so you probably just want to rest for a change.

If a ficlet wants to be written, it will jump into your brain and force you to write it. If not, there's always next year.

Thanks for your kind wishes!

I'm hoping the link here sends you to my post where your story is. If not, I'm sorry about that. I'm still learning HTML. I tried to post your story here but it got too long with my added comments :/ If this link doesn't act right, your story isn't too hard to find as it should be at the top of my list for the time bieng.

Hope you're having a wonderful birthday.

Special Birtday Present

Aw, the link didn't work! Please try again so that the other people on here can read it too!