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Dee laughing out loud
I just want to thank everyone who came to my LJ on Monday to wish me a happy birthday.

As you know, I took the day off work.

After my Starbucks morning with a good book and a mocha, I went home where my father and neighbor were waiting to sing me happy birthday in very silly, faux-opera voices. Then my sister came by with a bag-o-presents and a lunch invitation. We sat on a restaurant patio (we had excellent weather in my city on my birthday, naturally!) and ate assorted appetizers and talked for about three hours. I had white wine, but she didn't, as she was the driver.

Then I returned home to find that the stories and the fun had been racking up in my absence! I spent the rest of the evening on the computer, literally glowing with joy as I read my gift-stories and responded to people. My husband made several efforts to get my attention, but when he saw how happy I was, he desisted. (I love him for accepting my idiosyncrasies)

Anyway, I found out that I have a whole lot of incredibly talented people in my readership. You guys are awesome writers, card-makers and AMV-makers. Thank you for making my birthday so special!

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Yay. I was able to be one of the ones to make your b-day so special and happy. I'm happy about that too. I feel all warm and squishy inside XD.

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