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awie atti's FAKE AMV
This little gem was buried amongst the monster number of birthday gifts I received on my birthday post (May 07th), but it didn't have a direct link, so I'm hoping it didn't get overlooked. I want everyone to enjoy this!

(And then maybe 


will make more!) Thanks, I loved it!


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Just watched the video and it was BRILLIANT!

Love the song, perfect for Dee and it had me singing along - quietly (children in the room).

Had headphones the second and third (maybe forth and fifth) time I watched it. However, as they can read and it took a couple of shoves and threats (No Wii!!!!) before they left well alone.

What a great birthday present - very special gift from AwieAtti (liked her other videos too).


Wasn't it fun? I've probably watched it at least fifteen times and it's impossible for me to watch it without a big grin. All Dee's angry faces! Whenever I'm feeling frustrated at work, I watch it and it gets me smiling again.

Re: ***Brilliant***

haha xD once again, you made my day! Cheering people up is always the best thing I can achieve with my videos. Guess what, I'm proud that I've managed to make you happy again! :D

Re: ***Brilliant***

Hey there, I'm really glad that you like my videos! :D I'm always trying to edit them as good as possible. And, well, I feel honored that not only german people watch my videos! ^_^

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