brit_columbia (brit_columbia) wrote,

A very truncated version of a meme

I got this from  [info]bronze_ribbons. I was tempted to do the whole thing, but eventually decided to make it short because I suspect I'm only considering it so I can get out of working out! And I must not do that. I've missed too many workouts lately due to being too busy at work.

But I'll answer six of the questions right now.

1. Do you comb or brush your hair? Brush. My hair is very thick and eats combs for breakfast. Snaps their little teeth right off.
2. What are you most fussy/perfectionist about in your home? Nothing, really. My husband has got the market cornered on fussy/perfectionist domestic behaviour. There's nothing left for me.
3.What's your dream vacation? I don't know, since I don't like traveling. Maybe something that involved a really nice luxury hotel and lots of solitude and I could come home again after two days.

Let's just jump straight to...

9. What's your favorite scent/perfume to wear - candle to burn? Anything citrus or fruity, which is odd, since I don't like the taste, texture or stickiness of fruit at all. However, I think it smells great! I only wear men's colognes, and only citrussy ones.
10. Coffee/tea - black with milk, sugar? Coffee: decaf with soya creamer, a spoonful of cocoa, a few drops of orange extract, and a lot of drops of stevia. Lately I've been adding honey. Tea: Herbal or green, I have plain with no milk or sugar. I don't drink black tea anymore, but used to drink it with 2 percent milk and no sugar. I never drink ice coffee or tea, no matter how hot it is.
11. Are you looking forward to summer? Nope. I don't like warm weather and I get sick of bright sunshine after about a week of it. I like a moody changeable sky, and cooler temperatures. Plus, because I have a long-haired cat, I spend every summer rollering cat hair off my clothes and furniture, and removing individual cat hairs from my eyelashes and lips, and even my food, if I have made the mistake of hugging the cat in the hour before eating.

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