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Good afternoon Justice Readers,

I have a splitting headache, or rather, I had one before I took a couple of serious painkillers. Now the pain is gone, but I feel kind of dreamy and sleepy, and I am looking at my long to-do list without the usual accompanying sense of urgency. Maybe I need another cup of coffee, or something.

Anyway, I thought I would update you with regards to the next chapter of Justice. It's going to happen sometime this weekend, most likely late Saturday night after my husband has gone to work.

I apologize for making you wait almost a month for this update. My job has been insanely busy and stressful in the past few weeks and I have been working a lot of extra hours. Most of my other activities, such as reading, cooking and even exercise, have been dramatically reduced. However, I dare to hope that I might be entering a lull on the work front. I have also been lining up people to help me with the load.

I don't know why it is, but whenever I am horribly busy, that's when I most want to write! My mind is full of vivid stories and scenes that want me to write them. Recently I have been writing in fifteen-minute bursts, which is better than nothing.

I hope you'll check back on the weekend and read my latest chapter.

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