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Posting Schedule
Good afternoon Justice Readers,

I have a splitting headache, or rather, I had one before I took a couple of serious painkillers. Now the pain is gone, but I feel kind of dreamy and sleepy, and I am looking at my long to-do list without the usual accompanying sense of urgency. Maybe I need another cup of coffee, or something.

Anyway, I thought I would update you with regards to the next chapter of Justice. It's going to happen sometime this weekend, most likely late Saturday night after my husband has gone to work.

I apologize for making you wait almost a month for this update. My job has been insanely busy and stressful in the past few weeks and I have been working a lot of extra hours. Most of my other activities, such as reading, cooking and even exercise, have been dramatically reduced. However, I dare to hope that I might be entering a lull on the work front. I have also been lining up people to help me with the load.

I don't know why it is, but whenever I am horribly busy, that's when I most want to write! My mind is full of vivid stories and scenes that want me to write them. Recently I have been writing in fifteen-minute bursts, which is better than nothing.

I hope you'll check back on the weekend and read my latest chapter.

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It's all good honey. We understand how the work schedule can be. I have kids so I'm on shift 24-7. I'm still struggling to get my next chapter out myself. Anyway, take your time, you know we're all behind you 100%. Feel better and we're waiting patiently for you to update. Don't hurt yourself trying to rush things. Love you lots.

Thank you! Isn't it frustrating when all you want to do is write, but there are a thousand chores and duties standing between you and your desire?

Oh yes. It's just the worst. I'm trying to find time right now to write and the toddler is still up watching Pocoyo so I can't really do much until it goes off. But knowing me, I'll try to do something now while his mind is occupied.

Don't worry, brit! It's totally understandable. It takes me months and months to get even a short fic out sometimes. I do the same thing you're doing now, mostly...write in little short bursts of downtime, which don't come as frequently as I'd like. So take your time, and we'll still be here waiting. Besides, those little blurbs at the beginning of 'what's happened so far' are helping a ton (at least for me, they are) with keeping track of where the story is at each new update.

Hopefully, that lull will come soon for you. ^__^

Thanks for understanding. Spring is often a hard time for me. It's always the peak busy-time at work, and if family issues and emergencies are going to happen at any time of the year, it always seems to be spring. Last spring wasn't so bad and I thought I had finally broken the pattern, but then it happened all over again this year.

If I ever meet peacewish in person, I must buy her dinner for making that suggestion that I put a "So Far In Justice" section at the beginning of each chapter.

I think I have a little lull coming up early next week, but deadlines are gathering in dark clouds on the horizon, so it may not last very long.

We also have a holiday on Monday, which I am really looking forward to. It's Victoria Day in Canada, a federal holiday dedicated to celebrating the birthdays of British monarchs. It was started back when Queen Victoria was on the throne.

There is usually a parade in my city, but the weather is calling for rain. Poor parade people. I hope the rain holds off until the afternoon.

**Ticking over nicely**

Hey there!

Even though it has been a month, you provided the most wonderful interlude during that period. Your short ficlets and being involved in your ‘birthday gift’ (such a terrific idea), which was great to be a part of (many lovely short stories and great video dedication), kept me ticking over nicely.

As long as you still enjoy writing, and still keep that great style that is all yours, then it is truly not a worry.

On a random note – what book are you currently reading? Trying my hand at Chris Kuzneski, Lost Throne, and The Death Relic, so they are waiting patiently on the bookshelf to be fondled.

Really, hope this week is going better for you.

All the best lovely!


Re: **Ticking over nicely**

Hey, that's right. Even though I didn't update Justice for a month, there was still some entertainment to be had at this journal, wasn't there? Especially on my birthday. Now THAT was a party!

I'm actually not reading anything right now because I haven't been able to make the time for it. The last book I read was One Fearful Yellow Eye by John D. MacDonald about a week ago.

I would like to read a book this weekend, maybe, if I can find one that looks promising.

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