brit_columbia (brit_columbia) wrote,

The Annoying Experience With The Psychic, or How I threw Away 50 bucks

So there's this Tarot card reader I go to, not that I'm specifically into Tarot, just that this one has been pretty good in the past. But on Saturday, I think she was having an off day.

I prefaced our session with my usual request, which is that no matter the volume of clairvoyant info that pops up with regards to my family, I DO NOT want to hear any of it. This means that when she turns over the cards and sees family stuff, she must not open her mouth and talk to me about it. I realize this probably makes me sound like a weirdo, but, truly, I'm sick of my family kind of hijacking every psychic reading I ever get. They already manage to wreck most of my good night dreams!  Anyway, there's nothing a psychic can tell me about my family that I don't already know. What I want to hear about is my marriage and my career, mostly my career. I don't want to hear about my siblings and parents.

Well, after Saturday, I've realized that for future readings, I must add a new request on the subject of things I don't want to hear: advice about my health. For almost half an hour, this psychic talked non-stop, I mean without pausing for breath, about how I needed to drink more water, get more sleep, meditate, etc. Like I couldn't have gotten that from a women's magazine, or any of my friends. Or even myself.

I think she was dead in the water, reading-wise, but had to fill up the half hour. I've had five readings from this woman over the past four or five years. Three of them were excellent, two of them were just "Drink more water and get more sleep". Duh. I have learned my lesson. I don't think I'll be going to another psychic again for a long time!

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