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The Annoying Experience With The Psychic, or How I threw Away 50 bucks
Ryo's anger
So there's this Tarot card reader I go to, not that I'm specifically into Tarot, just that this one has been pretty good in the past. But on Saturday, I think she was having an off day.

I prefaced our session with my usual request, which is that no matter the volume of clairvoyant info that pops up with regards to my family, I DO NOT want to hear any of it. This means that when she turns over the cards and sees family stuff, she must not open her mouth and talk to me about it. I realize this probably makes me sound like a weirdo, but, truly, I'm sick of my family kind of hijacking every psychic reading I ever get. They already manage to wreck most of my good night dreams!  Anyway, there's nothing a psychic can tell me about my family that I don't already know. What I want to hear about is my marriage and my career, mostly my career. I don't want to hear about my siblings and parents.

Well, after Saturday, I've realized that for future readings, I must add a new request on the subject of things I don't want to hear: advice about my health. For almost half an hour, this psychic talked non-stop, I mean without pausing for breath, about how I needed to drink more water, get more sleep, meditate, etc. Like I couldn't have gotten that from a women's magazine, or any of my friends. Or even myself.

I think she was dead in the water, reading-wise, but had to fill up the half hour. I've had five readings from this woman over the past four or five years. Three of them were excellent, two of them were just "Drink more water and get more sleep". Duh. I have learned my lesson. I don't think I'll be going to another psychic again for a long time!

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I've only been to a psychic once. It was while I was in college. She said I shouldn't go into my current job. It felt very off when she read the cards. When I have looked at my Pisces descriptors, I don't think I fit too well, except for the negatives ones. lol

Pisces can be unmotivated, easily distracted, and have their heads in the clouds all the time.

I'm far more interested in Astrology than Tarot, but I'm not aware of any good astrologers in my city. That is not to say that there aren't any, just that I haven't run across them.

You probably don't fit the Pisces descriptors because you have more than one planet in a different sign. For example, I have my sun in Taurus, but I have two other significant planets in Gemini, which gives me a lot of Gemini qualities. Some people have three or four planets in one sign.

I have to say I've seen a number of crappy psychics in my life. Two have been good, and this Tarot card reader is, despite her two fails, one of those two. When she's on she's really good.

I've had a reading once in my life but the renaissance faire probably doesn't count. The woman wasn't clairvoyant at all. She told me to think about something that I wanted in life and I though about going to Japan and she came up with some other things though I can't remember what it was now. I don't think you should swear off card readers for good though. Just give yourself a break and go back when you feel better about. Hopefully your reader will be better in her clairvoyance when you go back. Good luck with her next time.

Is going to Japan something that you ever had a chance to do? If not, I sure hope you can make it happen sometime in the future.

I've been there twice, once as an English teacher and once again years later in a very rushed 8-day visit. One day I'll go back. I have some very good friends there.

You're right, I'm not going to swear off Tarot card readers and other psychics for life. I probably will do it again-- I know myself. I just won't do it for a long time. And I think I'll just pay for the fifteen-minute reading next time!

If I ever go to Japan, I have a feeling that I will never want to return to the states. America is acting up on a lot of things and the state I live in is so predijuce towards the Democrats it's not funny. The minority can't even stand up for themselves. Sometimes I think they have that slave mentality a lot of time even though they can be real smart. I'm part Chinese anyway so I might feel at home in an asian country. I certinaly didn't feel too welcome most of my life in the states.

You might feel at home in an Asian country, or, on the other hand, it might make you realize just how American you really are! You won't know until you go.

The interesting thing about the USA is that it is so very diverse. One person's idea of 'American' values and behaviour can be completely contrary to another person's. But everyone thinks their way is right.

Maybe you would be happier in another part of America? Sometimes I fantasize about moving to another part of Canada with cheaper real estate, but then I realize I'm too attached to the region where I live. (Hardly any snow in the winter here! Year round cycling!)Plus, as long as my father is alive, I want to be close enough to him to take care of him if he ever needs it.

That's true about realizing how American I might be. But you're right about not knowing until I go and see for myself.

America is just wierd from state to state. It's interesting to see how many states are similar yet so different at the same time. Maryland and New York are great examples. Espeically in the styly of clothing.

Another part of America? I thought about it. I was happy in Maryland but hubby is all but ready to swear off that state. That's where my heart really lies. My mom is still there too but she's going to retire within two years and is planning on moving closer to me. I don't think she should because I'm hoping that I don't have to spend the rest of my life here. Maybe if I moved to the mid west areas. At least it would be easier to get a horse there. And easier to find schools to help specialize in caring for horses. I just hate South Carolina. The main reason I'm here is because of hubby and the kiddies and he's here because of his disabled father. He moved with his family and now that we have a house that we literally had built, I'm stuck here with them. It's depressing to me everyday but I don't plan on leaving hubby anytime soon. I have no family in this state either except for hubby, the kids and his fam. My family is either in the mid west or along the east coast. Bummer for me.

I hope you don't have to spend the rest of your life in a place that you hate! But you most likely won't. Life is long. Sometimes we have to spend a few years in a place we don't want to be, but if you keep your dream of living elsewhere in the front of your mind, as well as remind your husband of it frequently enough that he keeps it in the back of his mind, you will eventually get to move.

How old is your husband's father?

I'll do just that. Keeping either my main state in the front of my mind or even Japan will stay there from now on.

His dad is...55? 56? One of those two numbers. He's also a disabled veteran. He can't use the right side of his body. He can walk with the aid of a cane and even without one, but he has to be careful when without it. He had an accident so there was even brain swelling. He has a short term memory problem a lot of times. He was living in an assisted living for vets but we have him with us and hubby is not going to let him go back to a place like that no matter what the problems are in the house. I'm just stuck for the time being.

Your husband sounds like a really decent human being. Fifty-five or fifty-six is young, so your father-in-law may be with you for some time yet. You'll just have to find a way to work him into your plans. I can't see him going to Japan, at least not for a long time, but elsewhere in the USA might be do-able. Don't give up, though! Your needs are important too. Someday it will be your turn. In the meantime, I will be sending positive energy your way! I always love it when people get what they want.

I've never done it professionally, but I do read tarot cards, so I wondered if you'd thought of teaching yourself?

No, I haven't thought of teaching myself Tarot. I'm already a self-taught astrologer, and I'll probably stick with that as my 'occult' field of choice. I only ever went to this Tarot reader in the first place on a spur of the moment kind of thing, and then I noticed during that first reading that she seemed to be having psychic insights about me that were being prompted by the cards. Exactly the same thing happens to me when I'm doing astrology readings for people. A particular planet in a particular sign in a particular house with a particular set of postitive/negative/neutral aspects brings a lot of information. I've found that something intuitive happens that points me to the relevant parts. Honestly, I don't know if I can call it psychic ability or just a temporarily heightened intuition, but I've experienced it as a kind of 'knowing', and then watched the shock on the faces of the people when I said the words out loud.

I find it difficult doing readings for myself, though. I think I have a kind of block, or an inability to be sufficiently objective about myself!

I've never had a reading done, but I'm sorry yours went so badly! It sounds like they're usuallly quite helpful, at least when they're not telling you staggeringly obvious things. To be honest, I think that's why I've never had a reading: I don't want to have to pay $30 or $50 or however much just to be given some vague advice that could apply to anyone and everyone. I hope you have a better experience next time!

Thanks, I hope I do too. And I think it's wise of you to continue to be cautious where psychics are concerned. I think even the best ones experience ebbs and flows in the strength of their powers, and probably find some people easier to read than others. And of course, the crappy ones don't care about anything except telling clients what they want to hear and taking their money!

Hey Brit!

I am sorry to hear that your experience was annoying. I guess your psychic was having an off day. I would have read your post hell of a lot sooner if real life didn't get in my way. But it was a satisfyingly busy week so it's all good.

I have always been fascinated by how people from different parts of the world have come up with different techniques for reading the future. Where I am from, people put a lot of emphasis on horoscopes - especially when it comes to marriage and career. Future reading based on horoscopes, seems to involve a lot of calculations where as Tarot card reading has that mysterious air to it. I wonder if one can simply learn these techniques or one has to be born with some special qualities in order to be good at it.

I hope your next visit is a lot more satisfying. Thanks for sharing the story with us.


I have always been fascinated by how people from different parts of the world have come up with different techniques for reading the future.

I know! There are so many different techniques. Recently I heard of a new one (for me, anyway): reading coffee grounds from a coffee cup. I mean, I've heard of tea-leaf readings, but coffee ground readings?

You do realize psychics are fakes, right? I mean it's fine for entertainment value but they don't have any real magic powers. All they do is say vague stuff that will be true for 95% of people that just sounds really specific.

Here, I'll do one for you right now. (Also works for just about everyone on the planet). "I get this feeling that you have been missing someone that has already passed on. A older man. He was strong and a little rough around the edges but had a good heart. He really cared about his family. Around the time of his death, I'm sensing some discomfort in the chest area... Does that make sense to you?"

That one seems specific but works for most people. Its the trick most psychics use. Anyway, the James Randi Foundation has been offering 1 million dollars for quite a few years to anyone who can demonstrate paranormal ability. No one has succeeded.

Anyway, I understand if this is just a fun thing to do. Then it's fine. But in case you thought it was real, I thought someone should tell you that you are being exploited.

Hello anonymous lurker-person,

Whether or not there are any psychics alive with paranormal ability is not a black and white simple topic. I could give you examples of paranormal experiences I have personally had that would make your hair curl, except that

(a) I think you would choose not to believe me on the grounds that your mind is already made up, and

(b) you're a lurker. You won't get email notification of anything I say to you. Therefore there's no point in my entering into a discussion with you because I feel like I'm just talking into the air.

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