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Cat puke and laundry
Dee Blue waves
Okay, that does it. My cat is hereby not allowed to sleep on our bed unsupervised until the shedding season is over.

Cat -owners might perhaps be able to guess what happened.

On Friday I had to come home from work earlier than usual to meet with the carpenter who is working on our house and discuss flooring materials with him. After that was done, I went  upstairs to change into my workout clothes. Feeling incredibly sleepy, I decided to lie down on the bed for about twenty minutes before heading off to the gym.

It was warm and muggy and I felt a tad overheated, but I think I dropped off to sleep for about five minutes or so. When I woke up I wondered why I felt damp and clammy on ONE side of my butt, but not the other.

Assiduous investigation on my part revealed that there was a damp spot on the bed, one which went right through the comforter and down to the sheets below. Even the mattress cover was still damp in that spot.  To my horror, I realized what had happened: that cat of mine had puked, and I had unwittingly lain down on it, and... and mashed it in but good.

To be fair, it wasn't that stinky. It was mostly liquid. It's to do with his being a longhair breed and swallowing more fur during his grooming nowadays. But still!!! I stripped the bed and began laundry.

I passed the cat, who had moved to the dining room and was coiled around his two catnip toys, completely unaware that his mom was embarking on a giant round of laundry because of him. I glared at him; he gazed cutely at me, and I instantly forgave him.

But the laundry went on for hours. Our bed's huge comforter is really too big for our washing machine. The washer couldn't spin or drain properly, and therefore the comforter was still quite sopping wet when it went into the dryer. It took over four hours in the dryer to finally get dry!

When I told my husband, who is a total softie where the cat is concerned,that our little darling was not allowed to sleep on our bed anymore while I was at work, he insisted no, he likes sleeping on our bed, we shouldn't kick him off it. I said, "Fine-- YOU do the laundry next time, buddy!"

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I glared at him; he gazed cutely at me, and I instantly forgave him.

Haha, exactly! Every cat owner knows this feeling, I think. No matter what they do to tick you off, it's just darn near impossible to stay angry at them for long. It's like some kind of natural defense mechanism...all they have to do is look cute, and our brains derail straight to "OMG, kiiiiiiitttty! =D"

Yep, my brain derails, all right. His big eyes, his pointy ears, his tiny pink nose and mouth... All coherent thought goes out the window while I marvel at how incredibly adorable he is. It has happened many times. I am putty in his paws!

Oh, yes. I know that feeling. All my cats are cute, but one of them...I swear, he looks like kitten off a Hallmark card. Just so fluffy, and that face! <3 Impossible to stay mad at. (And he knows it!)

This sounds so familiar! xD With our cats we place a protective cover over all the beds. It's like a clear plastic but it is completely wipe clean and no having to worry over doing the washing if one of our cats or even the dog gets ill.

That's a very good idea. A protective cover....why didn't I think of that? An old blanket or sheet would do for now. It would give me peace of mind when I'm at work.

Do your animals mind sleeping on a plastic cover, or is the function of the plastic cover more to make them lose interest in sleeping on the beds?

The plastic cover is put under an old blanket so both our cats still sleep on the beds, our dog is only allowed upstairs when it is the evening and the covers are removed by then. The cats are usually asleep in their own baskets at night.

My cat sleeps in his basket for the first half of the night, but then he wakes up feeling forlorn and alone, and comes to join me. But that's fine because I have, many times over, proven my ability to lurch awake out of a very deep sleep so as to nudge Fluff onto the floor.

I am definitely going to steal your idea of protecting the two beds in my absence. Do you just roll up the plastic and stuff it in a closet? Is it stiff plastic, or more like a shower curtain type?

Aw, Fluff reminds me of Eddie in that case! He always wakes my sister up for love in the early hours of the night =D

Yes, the plastic is much like a shower curtain material. So easy to store away come bed time.

I'm glad I mentioned this to you! \o/

Ugh, well do I know the frustration of waiting for the washer/dryer to finish de-kitty-pukifying one's bedding. >:| I'm so sorry you actually laid down in it, though; how gross!

But, of course, cats know the power of the cute gaze, and shamelessly use it to turn our indignant rage into squeeing...

I'm so sorry you actually laid down in it, though; how gross! Yes, that was definitely a first. Those were my freshly washed gym pants, too. It took me a while to notice, because there wasn't much smell, thank God!

If I ever come back as a cat, I will utilize the power of the Cute Gaze as often as possible!

Ew ew ew!

*uses icon of Ten and a kitty because she can - lol*

Ew indeed. The most annoying part was that I had only just washed the comforter a couple of nights before, so it was in no way due to be washed again so soon.

Did you see lunasariel in the comment above also has a Ten-Kitty icon?

I still remember the scene with the awful traffic gridlock where Ten met the cat-man, his human wife and their kittens! SO cute.

Yeah. Make hubby do the laundry druing this time of season. Shedding is one of the worst seasons around. I had a long hair cat but it's funny that he didn't shed nearly as much as my short hair cats did. His fur wasn't super thick and his tail was feathery. One of his sons that I kept was a short hair orange tabby and the shedding he did was horrid. So yes, next time kitty decides to leave presents in the bed, hubby must be reminded that it was his idea :D

My husband hates doing laundry and doesn't even know how to work the machines! I remember once I was away somewhere and he called in a panic because he needed to wash his work clothes. I was trying to explain how to use the washing machine, whcih is hard when you're on the phone and don't have the washer in front of you, but I thought I did all right. Somehow he screwed it up, though. I think he yanked the dial all the way over to rinse and skipped the washing part.

Oh well, at least he cleans the bathrooms and mops the floors! And he's very good about loving and brushing the cat.

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