brit_columbia (brit_columbia) wrote,

Cat puke and laundry

Okay, that does it. My cat is hereby not allowed to sleep on our bed unsupervised until the shedding season is over.

Cat -owners might perhaps be able to guess what happened.

On Friday I had to come home from work earlier than usual to meet with the carpenter who is working on our house and discuss flooring materials with him. After that was done, I went  upstairs to change into my workout clothes. Feeling incredibly sleepy, I decided to lie down on the bed for about twenty minutes before heading off to the gym.

It was warm and muggy and I felt a tad overheated, but I think I dropped off to sleep for about five minutes or so. When I woke up I wondered why I felt damp and clammy on ONE side of my butt, but not the other.

Assiduous investigation on my part revealed that there was a damp spot on the bed, one which went right through the comforter and down to the sheets below. Even the mattress cover was still damp in that spot.  To my horror, I realized what had happened: that cat of mine had puked, and I had unwittingly lain down on it, and... and mashed it in but good.

To be fair, it wasn't that stinky. It was mostly liquid. It's to do with his being a longhair breed and swallowing more fur during his grooming nowadays. But still!!! I stripped the bed and began laundry.

I passed the cat, who had moved to the dining room and was coiled around his two catnip toys, completely unaware that his mom was embarking on a giant round of laundry because of him. I glared at him; he gazed cutely at me, and I instantly forgave him.

But the laundry went on for hours. Our bed's huge comforter is really too big for our washing machine. The washer couldn't spin or drain properly, and therefore the comforter was still quite sopping wet when it went into the dryer. It took over four hours in the dryer to finally get dry!

When I told my husband, who is a total softie where the cat is concerned,that our little darling was not allowed to sleep on our bed anymore while I was at work, he insisted no, he likes sleeping on our bed, we shouldn't kick him off it. I said, "Fine-- YOU do the laundry next time, buddy!"

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