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Queer As Folk
 Believe it or not, I have never watched Queer As Folk until last night. Not even on youtube. But after reading a ficlet by mysid, called  Mine, but I'm Willing to Share  it got me all intrigued. You see, I'd never read any QAF fanfiction, either. I didn't even know who was whom.

Just to make things clear, I'm the type of person who works all the time and also has a lot of family responsibilities, in addition to a fairly regular workout schedule. I don't watch TV except under very controlled circumstances (usually years later), I almost never go to movies, I almost never rent movies, and I only rarely read fanfiction.

Anyway, after hardly knowing anything about  QAF for all these years, I finally went and rented the first three episodes. Or two. Technically, the two hour pilot and the next one. I love it! I want to go and rent the next disc, but I can't because this series is not my husband's style.

Moon, I know you recommended this series years ago! It just took me until now to finally watch it. I'm officially addicted. I can't wait until I can watch the next couple of episodes. It's so interesting. I can't believe Gale Harold is not gay! (I mean seriously????)

PS you guys: Please no spoilers! I've only watched three episodes so far and since I've managed not to know the storyline all these years, please DO NOT tell me what's coming next! Thank you.

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Gosh, how I do envy you for experienceing our boy's vortex for the first time LOL.
Everytime you'd think it is not possible to get any hotter, deeper moving or more heart-rending they are going to show you! Girl, do they show you.

I can't wait! I'm trying not to watch clips on youtube that will give away future storylines that I haven't watched yet. But it's very hard to take one's eyes off Brian.

Is this the UK or US version? (I think there were two versions, anyway, I may be imagining that). I'd never seen the UK series until last year, when we marathoned it one weekend. I think you have a lot of fun ahead!

It's the US version. I wonder if the UK version has as much sex in it? It's hard to believe that QAF was a TV show!

It's about time

...you got around to watching it!

It's very addicting, and has some of the best music from a multitude of artists I still listen to daily.

Emmet, of course, is my favorite.... :)


Yeah, I can't believe it took me this long. It's going to be difficult getting my fixes, since they will have to be done alone, but if it takes a long time, so be it.

You're right about the music. That was one of the first things I noticed.

Which one is Emmet again?

Re: It's about time

Emmett Honeycutt is Michael's roommate, the one about whom he says, "It takes a lot of courage to be a queen in a world full of commoners." (He wore pink & tangerine in the opening scenes.)

We all love him because he's never afraid to let his "flame burn bright" and his willingness to say, "Fuck 'em," when people try to make him feel embarassed or ashamed.

I'm SO GLAD you're watching!

Edited at 2012-05-28 08:16 pm (UTC)

Ah, that guy! I remember the outfit. He's not afraid to be himself. The scenes with the Japanese guy who couldn't speak English and just wanted money were hilarious.

I'm so glad I'm watching, too! And it was your fic that kickstarted it.

OMG QAF! I love that show. I'm in the same boat with you there sister when it comes down to not knowing anything about it. I had a friend and her mom years ago who were watching it and I didn't have cable in my home so I never had the chance to get into it. Then I moved into the home I'm in now and I was able to see an episode or two before it ended. Now I must get back into that show. From begining to end. I can't give any spoilers since I lack having them anyway. I'll join you in watching and we can giggle together about it like silly highschool girls :D

Okay, let's watch it together! So far I've watched the pilot, which was two hours long and VERY explicit (I am definitely not complaining), plus the third episode of season one. I won't say anything about it until you get caught up.

I'm kind of stuck though. I'm dying to rent episodes 4, 5, 6 and 7, but have no time. Maybe on Wednesday night I can watch one or two episodes if no emergencies come up at work. My husband will be at work, so he won't be wanting my company. *Keeps fingers crossed!*

**‘There's nowt so queer as folk’ ***

Hey there!

Watched Queer as Folk originally in the UK in 1999 (Oh my young and innocent eyes). A two series programme with lots of controversy (as you can imagine), and it was a ‘must-see’ show for everyone.

Absolutely loved it because it was sharp, intelligent, ‘in-your-face’ no holds barred, gritty and slutty not to mention mind blowing ( for its time). If it was your first introduction to gay lifestyle, it was definitely an education in and of itself.

Loved all characters, especially Nathan (Justin US) who lost his virginity to Stuart (Brian US), playboy and over the hill. Vince (Michael US) the perfect water against the fiery Stuart, with Nathan the earth grounded in his knowledge that this is who he is and what he wants to be.

The ending was a little weak for me, but overall, one of my all-time favourite shows with many scenes staying with me forever – Excellent progressive show for its time!

Have not seen the US version, so may just take a peek. The UK version was quite risqué for its time, so it will be interesting to see how it compares.

Hope your week is going well.


Re: **‘There's nowt so queer as folk’ ***

Hi FM!

I had a look on Youtube at a couple of scenes from the UK show, but only a quick peek because I saw a scene that obviously was later in the series than I have managed to get so far, and I don't know whether it was a spoiler or not because I don't know in which ways the two shows are similar and different. So in the interests of not spoiling myself, I've decided to wait until after I have finished watching all the US episodes before I turn to the UK version. The character of Justin/Nathan seemed to be a completely different type of person in both shows, and I find the Brian character much more magnetic and attractive than the Stuart character.

I'm actually surprised the show didn't generate more controversy than it did. It pushed a lot of boundaries! I wonder if any of the studio executives were surprised at the huge numbers of heterosexual women amongst the fanbase?

I'm thrilled to hear that you're interested in QAF. I absolutely loved that show. I felt that all of the characters were beautifully written, and each represent a very real aspect of gay society. One of the characters became very unlikable for me near the end, not because of superficial reasons like acting or ridiculous situations--but because the character, in all its depth, is just really annoying!

I still loved the show. Have fun :)

Hey Kudorox! I am certainly having fun. Right now all I can have fun with is thinking about the show, since the earliest I might get to watch it again is tomorrow night and only for an hour or so. I'm thinking of re-watching the first two episodes again before I move on to the next ones because a lot has happened so far and it all just washed over my shocked, thrilled and amazed mind when I stayed up way too late on Saturday night. I think I watched the whole thing with my mouth hanging open! If I re-watch, I'll probably catch some things I missed the first time around.

Since I finished watching the series months ago, can I ask you now which one you stopped liking?

I stopped liking Ted. I liked his character up until he had to go into rehab. At that point, all of his depression from the past season, his stealing, his unpredictability and his alienation of everyone who cared about him (including his treatment of Emmett, who I loved) --just got to be too much. Even though he later gained more confidence, and apologized to everyone, I never got over my irritation of him.

Ted! Well, that's understandable. His character was really made to go through a lot, and he always lacked the basic self-confidence and self-preservation of the other characters.

I detached from Ted when he went through his drug addict phase and I never reconnected with him, because I guess I don't believe in total recovery from drug addiction. The recidivism rate is so high.

Justin was the one I disliked the most. I did respect him, however, for not marrying Brian for All The Wrong Reasons (money) since he obviously didn't love him anymore. I don't blame him for not loving Brian; I just felt that Justin became a totally self centered, self-centric, nobody-else-counts-but-me little snot from quite early on.

He did have many good qualities, though. I guess I just couldn't relate to him.

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