brit_columbia (brit_columbia) wrote,

Queer As Folk

 Believe it or not, I have never watched Queer As Folk until last night. Not even on youtube. But after reading a ficlet by mysid, called  Mine, but I'm Willing to Share  it got me all intrigued. You see, I'd never read any QAF fanfiction, either. I didn't even know who was whom.

Just to make things clear, I'm the type of person who works all the time and also has a lot of family responsibilities, in addition to a fairly regular workout schedule. I don't watch TV except under very controlled circumstances (usually years later), I almost never go to movies, I almost never rent movies, and I only rarely read fanfiction.

Anyway, after hardly knowing anything about  QAF for all these years, I finally went and rented the first three episodes. Or two. Technically, the two hour pilot and the next one. I love it! I want to go and rent the next disc, but I can't because this series is not my husband's style.

Moon, I know you recommended this series years ago! It just took me until now to finally watch it. I'm officially addicted. I can't wait until I can watch the next couple of episodes. It's so interesting. I can't believe Gale Harold is not gay! (I mean seriously????)

PS you guys: Please no spoilers! I've only watched three episodes so far and since I've managed not to know the storyline all these years, please DO NOT tell me what's coming next! Thank you.

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