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The Dictator: my short review
I went to see the movie The Dictator tonight because I thought it might be funny.

It wasn't that funny. It would have been better as a series of skits on a comedy show. I think I would have enjoyed it more had I been a twelve year old boy, and maybe not even then. It had some good moments, but too much of it of it was overly contrived. Some parts were downright disgusting.

However, I really enjoyed getting together with my sister and her kids, and eating our 'bottomless' bag of popcorn, as well as all the chocolate my sister had smuggled in in her giant purse! That was my dinner, since I rushed to the movie from work.

My advice is to wait for this movie to come to DVD. And then wait some more.

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I saw it about a week ago, and felt that all the best parts I had seen before--in the commercials and previews. I agree there were some funny parts besides that, but the trying-too-hard parts and the down right unfunny parts overwhelmed the movie for me.

Overall, meh.

Loved the Avengers movie, though.

Yes, "Meh" pretty much sums it up for me, too! There were too many trying-too-hard parts and downright unfunny parts. I found myself waiting for it to be over so that I could go home and write!

The Averngers is one I haven't seen, but it looks like fun.

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Thank you for the review Brit! I am planning to go watch a movie with friends this weekend - we are still deciding which one. I guess The Dictator is out of question now.

Yeah, don't waste your money!

Sacha Baron Cohen is very hit and miss for me. I thought this might be a hit, but I already knew I wasn't prepared to pay to see it, so thanks for confirming!

You're welcome, and I know what you mean about the hit and miss. Sometimes the guy is brilliantly funny and other times you wonder why on earth he thought something totally lame would work.

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