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posting update and bubble wrap
Here's where I'm at with the latest chapter of Justice. I wrote it and sent it to the betas, and because my betas are quality-oriented and courageous people, they pointed out a whole bunch of things that were wrong with it and sent it back. I've been working on addressing those points for the past few days, but it was a very busy week at work and I had no mental energy left after dinner to do anything creative, particularly the last two nights.

My husband was very intent on us doing chores today, so I couldn't really get to my computer except for a couple of very brief attempts to check email and google maps. However, Hubby is out at the moment and probably won't be back for at least an hour, so I'm going to seize this opportunity to work on fixing the chapter. If I think it's good enough, I'll post it either tonight or tomorrow. If I still have doubts about it, I'll send it back to the betas.

Either way, there's a chapter in the offing.

Is anyone else a total child about bubble wrap, the way I am? Big bubbles, small bubbles, I just can't resist that stuff!

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This will sound really silly but I hate the sound of bubble wrap popping. I also hate killing computers but I have managed to kill mine. Again. 9 hours later and I am still reloading software. Maybe I should wrap it in bubble wrap to keep it safe.

Well, I would probably hate the sound of bubble wrap too, if it were someone else doing it (and not sharing).

How did you manage to kill your computer? Are you sure you are the murderer and it didn't die of natural causes?

I took my sweet innocent computer to a nasty place while researching a certain project you're familiar with and he got inflected with a malware. Poor Bob. He can be cured, but the medicine is a bit painful. :)

Uh-oh. I've taken my Mac to a few nasty places in its time, but I'm afraid to do so with my PC. We'll have to talk more about this.

I'm very glad 'Bob' can be cured, though!

Edited at 2012-06-03 05:36 pm (UTC)

Post it!

I believe I can safely speak for all here and suggest that you post the dang chapter, please, because this fight-makeup-sex business sounds very intriguing.

And your writing is always worth a read, whether you think it needs fixing or not. Always :).


Aw, thanks, Moon! I rewrote the fun parts. Now I just have to finish the rewrite on one of the less-fun scenes. Shouldn't be long now, unless my husband wakes up and and starts wanting time and attention.

I bought a roll of it just to bring it into my preschool classroom. I unrolled it on the floor and encouraged all the kids to jump on it, run on it, dance on it. They liked!

I bet they did! I can totally relate. I've never rolled on bubble wrap before. I like to attack those bubbles with my fingers. I think that popping bubble wrap is a good exercise for the hands. However, my husband would rather I get my 'hand-exercise' by massaging his feet!

I like popping with my hands too, but I encouraged the "footwork" because I was trying to get them to burn off energy. Running, jumping, and dancing definitely burned more energy than sitting still and popping with fingers would have.

Is anyone else a total child about bubble wrap, the way I am?
YES. I always feel so cheated when the pop isn't loud enough to satisfy me. Have you ever walked/rolled over bubble wrap to hear all the pops at once?

No, I never had a piece that big! But next time I get one, you can bet I'll try it out.

Yay, another bubble-wrap fan!

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