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posting update
Fake-fans, other readers and lurkers,

Thank you for your patience and your kind words of support. I'm feeling better now, and I'm writing again. I have so much to tell you, like my sexy new shoes, my scary battle with a giant, aggressive spider in the middle of the night, and the time that seagulls pooed on me in my work clothes just as I was arriving at work! (Why couldn't it happen just as I was leaving?) But all that will have to wait for a quieter moment because I am having an insanely busy week. Last week was like this, too. It's mostly work, but there's been social stuff happening also.

The Universe has given me a gift, in that one of my dearest friends is coming to Canada for a visit from Japan. I haven't seen her for years and years, and I have missed her every day since she left Canada. She's not coming because I was feeling down. She didn't even know. This is just a lovely coincidence. I feel blessed and lucky!

Anyway, fans of Justice will be happy to know that Chapter 26 will be coming back from the betas any day now. However, I don't think I can post it this weekend because I'm going away for the weekend (Yes, there will be pizza and red wine) and I think I'm going to be too busy for the next four days. Saturday is usually laundry day, but if I want to be able to pack some decent underwear for my trip, I'd best do laundry tomorrow or Friday night. Also, I had to work late last night and it's probably going to happen again on Thursday or Friday. I don't see my schedule permitting me enough time to fix all the mistakes in my chapter.

I can post it early next week, maybe Monday or Tuesday. Sooner if I can manage it. Now I have to get my butt to the gym to burn off my vitamin-laden chocolate bar (It was this one http://www.purdys.com/Crisps-Chocolate-Bar-Milk-Chocolate-3-Bars-P337.aspx ) and read something on my addictive new Kindle.

PS Chapter 26 has a lemon in it! I hope you'll come back and read it.

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Yay! It has been some time, hasn't it? I'm glad to see that you're doing well and congrats with your friend coming to visit (and from Japan too! :D)

I look forward to seeing the next chapter, but I may have to freshen my memory up on what's been going on '^^'

I'll see you then ^-^/

Thanks! Yes, it's been quite a while, but I'm glad to be back.

My Japanese friend might be bringing me Rummy bars too, which are nothing less than the best chocolate bars in the whole world. They're like chocolate truffles. They're only available in winter in Japan and they're not yet on the market in her area because it's still too hot there, but she's going to try to get me some from the north of Japan. Anyway, even if there are no Rummy bars, that's okay because I just want her! My husband and father are looking forward to seeing her, too. She is loved by all of us.

I'm sorry you're going to have to do some re-reading of Justice chapters. Because I've been posting for years, it's hard for everyone to keep plot threats in their minds.

Thank you so much for coming by to comment.


and that is how I feel about this post

Thank you! Speaking as someone who has never succeeded in making anything actually move on her LJ, I am in awe of your technical prowess!

Yay! Brit is back! :) I am so glad to hear that you are doing better now. I am really looking forward to all the updates from you - Justice and otherwise. Especially about the addictive reading you have been doing on your new Kindle!

It's good to have you back Brit, I have missed you.

See you around,

Hey, Jo! I actually feel much happier. A number of things have gone my way recently. Well, not being attacked by the massive spider--in the dark, no less-- and not being pooed on by seagulls, but other things! I believe my confidence is on the mend.

OMG is that Kindle ever addictive. It's so easy to spend money, though. We have land-line and Wifi Internet at our house, so it's a simple matter to connect, and buy with one-click paying.

I just finished Come Unto These Yellow Sands by Josh Lanyon, which I enjoyed so much I would like to read it again, and now I've started reading Wild by Naomi Clark.In a separate post I'll list all my Kindle books. I have a facebook account that I listed some of them on, but there have been more since then.

Thank you for missing me, Jo.

Oh, I'm so happy to hear that you're doing better. Your posts had been so sad lately, that I was beginning to worry. I'm glad you're going to be able to see your friend, too. It's always nice to be visited by people that we truly miss. ^^ Absence and the heart, you know.

Anyway, can't wait to see what you have for us when life gives you a few minutes to breathe. lol Have a great weekend!!

It's always nice to be visited by people that we truly miss. So true! But then there are the visits from the people who make you crazy... In July we were visited by an old friend of my husband's whom he hadn't seen for fifteen years, and whom he said he 'owed'. My husband, being the guy he is, went into a total tizzy upon hearing the news that his friend was coming to stay, and thus we embarked on a frenzy of cleaning the likes of which our poor house has never seen! His friend and his wife were perfectly nice people, but my hubby's stressiness and insistence on the perfection of everything (including the behavior of yours truly, which really, is always to be relied upon, and he ought to know that) got me so wound up that in the end I was relieved to see the back of those guests.

Thanks for worrying, Inu-spike. I appreciate your caring. I think I can cautiously say that I'm returning to normal now.

I'll post after the weekend to let you know how it went!

Glad you're feeling better :)

Thanks! I'm really enjoying Wild, by the way! It's very vivid.

Oh, thank you! :) I spent three years in Liverpool, so hopefully I do it justice as a setting.

I am soo happy to hear something from you again! I can't wait to read the new chapter, especially when there is a lemon in it, hehe. But in the first place, I'm very glad that you are feeling better, of course. :)
My week was pretty stressy too, just like the weeks before. It's been like this since the summer holidays ended (well, I shouldn't be surprised since this is my last school year, which means even more work than usual), and I'm feeling really tired and have so much to do today - but since I got the e-mail informing me that you updated your journal, I'm smiling non-stop again! Thanks! You made my day! :)
I'm waiting for the next update and I'm trying to be patient. Which will be hard because I've read all your stories so often already that I almost know them by heart, so I'm really looking forward to something new! Well, I guess the school will keep me busy and hopefully, this will make time go by faster than I'm expecting it now.
Waaah I'm writing too much! Should make homework now, then shopping, then theater... there's the stress again. Bye!

"Hugs you!* Glad I brought a smile to your face. Thank you for all the time you have spent reading my stories.

I'm facing a long, busy day too. But we'll both get through it one way or another.

The weekend can't come soon enough!

So glad to hear that you're feeling better and writing again! It sounds like you really deserve, and could really use, a visit from your friend; hope you guys have a blast and that you get a chance to wear your sexy new shoes (always a plus) and to display your awesome spider-slaying prowess.

LOL @ the seagull, though. I wouldn't put it past it to have planned the whole thing, I've known some seagulls to be evil.

You're right; some seagulls really are evil. And crows, even more so.

I can't walk more than a total of four blocks in those shoes, so I will have to be careful about what kind of outings I wear them on.

I don't know if I really slew the spider because...*cue creepy, hushed voice* the body was never found! I usually evict, rather than kill, arachnids, because they have their uses: i.e. keeping the general insect population down. (Added bonus-- spiders eat each other!) But eviction was not a possibility for this one, as it was sinking its nasty fangs quite painfully into my leg at the time. This in turn caused me to beat with frantic violence at the place the pain was coming from, and assume I got the little sucker.

btw, where was you cat at the time that the evil spider bit you? Typical - the cats are never there when you need them! :D

Actually, the whole reason I was up and out of bed at that time of night was because the cat had just asked to be let out. Otherwise I never would have crossed paths with that spider at that time.

But even if Fluff had been standing right there, I know he would have been too freaked out to do anything, especially once I started frantically beating at my leg. Fluff abhors violence of any sort, and even gets upset with me if I kill a fly!

Oh dear, so it was the cat's fault after all!
Well my cat usually avoids stress and violence too, but sometimes she turns into a killer. For example, she rescued my sister from an evil gnat - she just caught and ate it. lol.

Good for Steffi! One less gnat in the world.


Welcome back :-)

It's always great to see friends from far away, I hope you guys have a wonderful time!

I took the plunge and read all of Justice this weekend, your writing just keeps improving as time goes on! I'm really gunning for Mike, I can feels all sorts of levels of genuine frustration over how things are going! I really Bikky is gonna be safe now.

I also really like Norm, I find him quite charming, and much more respectful than the various others who have gone after Ryo in the past. I'm hoping he and Ryo can continue to be friends (basically I'm hoping you don't write him out! ha! I've developed quite a soft spot for that guy).

Doritos bag was inspired.

Also, JJ's shirt in one of the earlier chapters, "Gay guys suck... if you ask nicely"... if I was an artist I would be compelled to draw JJ in his clubbing gear, wearing that shirt with the eyeliner and everything.

Looking forward to the next chapter, glad you're getting your groove back. xx

Loz x

Loz! You read all of Justice in one weekend? I am so flattered that you would choose to spend your time that way. Thank you for doing that.

I'm not going to get rid of Norm. I think he's charming, too. His kind of charming is very different from Dee's kind of charming. Norm is more ordinary, more vulnerable.

My fave chapter of Justice is still Chapter 6. I don't think many people saw the Doritos bag coming. Also, I liked the action in that chapter. It had momentum.

Even if you're not an artist, I think it's great that you see JJ in his clubbing gear so clearly in your mind. What position is he standing in? I see him with his legs apart-- one straight down and the other splayed out to the side, with his thumbs in his belt and a sullen/sultry expression on his face. Man, Drake would eat him up...

Re: :-)

I got, literally, NOTHING done all weekend thanks to you, but it was worth every damn second! Do it again in a heartbeat.

I was asked at work today what I did the last couple of days and inside my head was a mantra of "don't say reading gay porn, don't say reading gay porn, don't say reading gay porn..."

Chapters 16a and 16b are probably my favourites that you've written so far. Followed by the section of Dee reflecting on things afterwards.

Dee's entrance gave me the very real feeling of a hurricane sweeping in to completely decimate everything in its path, I think I actually went "ho shit" before starting 16b, and that part is written so well, because you can see where Dee is coming from and you can also see where Ryo is coming from and neither of them is technically in the wrong. They're both just trying to deal with the situation. (Mental image of Norm sending Dee 'sorry for hitting on your boyfriend' flowers XD ).

Also loved how you wrote the sex after that, Dee not saying please because he needs to feel that Ryo is still his and that he shouldn't have to ask, like a darker part of his mind claiming that possession, especially since he must have heard at least some of what that conversation was about. It was very primal, needy and possessive. Then afterward, Dee letting slip those few questions that show exactly what the sex was really all about for him. Perfect.

I also think it was a really smart decision not to have Ryo top after that, because when Dee does get around to offering himself up like that it needs to be because he wants to rather than because it was something Norm was willing to do and he's trying to one up him. It would have tainted the whole thing, so major kudos on that decision. As much as I am looking forward to when that does happen, I'm glad it didn't happen as a result of an argument.

The women’s underwear, I love how it's changed hands so many times and Ryo is oblivious. Poor poor Bikky.

Gah, there's so many things I love about it. I'm just hearting all over the place. <3

I can see JJ with a huge grin, leaning on Drake with one arm reached up around Drakes shoulders and a martini in the other hand and Drake looking very very sheepish.

Loz x

JJ at Da Club

...oh no, JJ does not Stand at the club. He sits like a King (Queen?) on his throne, sorting through the throng of drooling admirers standing in line to see HIM.

Sorry, I had to comment on that one. >:)! And damn, it's good to hear from you, brit. I was afraid I was gonna have to show up at your house with Diana, for a girl-to-girl pep talk.

Lemon ahoy!!


Moon! I'd love it if you and Diana showed up at my house for a girl(s) to girl pep talk. Especially if it were to involve either red wine or caffeine. We'd have to send my husband out an an extra long errand so that he wouldn't be underfoot.

I just got back last night from a girl-to-girl weekend in Washington State. It was so much fun, although my calves are twinging today from the two-hour hike we did yesterday.

Much as I love my husband, we women need our girlfriends!

Re JJ: He has a great ass and he knows it, so he isn't going to spend too much time sitting on it, not when he could enjoy taunting his drooling admirers with it!

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