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posting update
Fake-fans, other readers and lurkers,

Thank you for your patience and your kind words of support. I'm feeling better now, and I'm writing again. I have so much to tell you, like my sexy new shoes, my scary battle with a giant, aggressive spider in the middle of the night, and the time that seagulls pooed on me in my work clothes just as I was arriving at work! (Why couldn't it happen just as I was leaving?) But all that will have to wait for a quieter moment because I am having an insanely busy week. Last week was like this, too. It's mostly work, but there's been social stuff happening also.

The Universe has given me a gift, in that one of my dearest friends is coming to Canada for a visit from Japan. I haven't seen her for years and years, and I have missed her every day since she left Canada. She's not coming because I was feeling down. She didn't even know. This is just a lovely coincidence. I feel blessed and lucky!

Anyway, fans of Justice will be happy to know that Chapter 26 will be coming back from the betas any day now. However, I don't think I can post it this weekend because I'm going away for the weekend (Yes, there will be pizza and red wine) and I think I'm going to be too busy for the next four days. Saturday is usually laundry day, but if I want to be able to pack some decent underwear for my trip, I'd best do laundry tomorrow or Friday night. Also, I had to work late last night and it's probably going to happen again on Thursday or Friday. I don't see my schedule permitting me enough time to fix all the mistakes in my chapter.

I can post it early next week, maybe Monday or Tuesday. Sooner if I can manage it. Now I have to get my butt to the gym to burn off my vitamin-laden chocolate bar (It was this one http://www.purdys.com/Crisps-Chocolate-Bar-Milk-Chocolate-3-Bars-P337.aspx ) and read something on my addictive new Kindle.

PS Chapter 26 has a lemon in it! I hope you'll come back and read it.

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I am soo happy to hear something from you again! I can't wait to read the new chapter, especially when there is a lemon in it, hehe. But in the first place, I'm very glad that you are feeling better, of course. :)
My week was pretty stressy too, just like the weeks before. It's been like this since the summer holidays ended (well, I shouldn't be surprised since this is my last school year, which means even more work than usual), and I'm feeling really tired and have so much to do today - but since I got the e-mail informing me that you updated your journal, I'm smiling non-stop again! Thanks! You made my day! :)
I'm waiting for the next update and I'm trying to be patient. Which will be hard because I've read all your stories so often already that I almost know them by heart, so I'm really looking forward to something new! Well, I guess the school will keep me busy and hopefully, this will make time go by faster than I'm expecting it now.
Waaah I'm writing too much! Should make homework now, then shopping, then theater... there's the stress again. Bye!

"Hugs you!* Glad I brought a smile to your face. Thank you for all the time you have spent reading my stories.

I'm facing a long, busy day too. But we'll both get through it one way or another.

The weekend can't come soon enough!

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