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FAKE First Year Together: Justice (June), ch 26
D & R kissing
Hello Readers!

I'm adding this now because I found myself too much under the gun the other night. I had a crazy busy week at work last week -- worked until almost 11 pm two nights, and got out of there at 9:30 on Friday. I had to start my out-of-town weekend on three and a half hours of sleep. I came back Sunday evening and couldn't face laundry, so I put it off until Monday night, along with the food shopping I didn't do on the weekend. This week at work is going to be just as bad. I worked until 9:45 tonight and missed the gym. Poor Fluffy gets distressed when I'm gone so much. Apparently he finds my husband insufficiently doting. And no wonder. I come home and find little bowls of the oddest things next to the cat's dish, things that my husband mistakenly thinks Fluff is likely to eat. Cats don't LIKE chunky veggie soup, and they don't eat cake unless they're curious and it's on your plate (and therefore forbidden), and even then they don't really eat it. They just poke it and take a couple of licks.

I may (or may not) have a new cell phone by this Thursday evening! I haven't yet decided if I'm going to take the plunge. I've been spending a lot of money recently. And boot season is right around the corner.

Anyway, here's the chapter...

FAKE First Year Together: Justice (June), chapter 26
By Brit Columbia

Fandom: FAKE
Pairing: Dee and Ryo
Timeline: Set after my big story FAKE First Year Together: A New Day (May). Both Justice and A New Day are set after Volume 7 of FAKE
Summary: Dee and Ryo are hunting the dangerous and corrupt Lieutenant Abernathy, but he'll take them down first, if he can. They are slowly closing in on him, but he still has the advantage.
   This chapter is not worksafe. (Yay, huh?)  M/M sex between two men who love each other. A big heterosexual lime, too.
Disclaimer: FAKE, featuring Dee, Ryo, Bikky, The Chief, Ted, FBI Agent Diana Spacey,  Commissioner Rose, Drake and JJ, was created by Sanami Matoh. I make no claim on FAKE or Ms. Matoh or any of her characters. I just write fanfiction about them because I love the FAKE world so much.
Author's Notes:  IA detectives Ramie and Battola are my characters, as are Jeasandra, Berkeley's housekeeper, and Lance the security guard.

Thank you to ladyfeather and tripple_p for beta-reading this chapter for me.

Previously in Justice: Back in chapter 14, Ryo and Dee and the team from the Twenty-Seventh Precinct tried to catch Lieutenant Abernathy in a sting involving an allegedly stolen car with drugs in the trunk. They pressured an ex con into helping them. His name was John Hambler, AKA 'Jackhammer', and he ended up getting shot dead by two uniformed police officers who barged in on the sting. Those two officers were Cameron Bell and Gordon Cooper of the Seventh Precinct. The Seventh Precinct seems to have a disproportionately high percentage of jerks (although not in real life, I'm sure!) Dee and Ryo already know that Officer Bell is a lackey of Abernathy's because he was previously involved in the attempt to set Bikky up with a bag of Doritos that really was full of heroin hits.

IA was called in to investigate the shooting of John Hambler and the concurrent assault on Ted, who was undercover with Hambler. Recently, Officer Cooper got nervous and called Dee and Ted to come and talk to him. He indicated that Abernathy and Bell were trying to put all the blame for Hambler's death on him, but he got too drunk to be properly questioned, and was found dead very soon after Dee and Ted left his apartment.

Justice Chapter 26

Dee and Ryo boarded the Lexington Avenue express train at Union Square together, both dressed in lightweight summer suits. Dee's was pale grey; Ryo's was light brown.There were seats available on the train, but they chose to stand. Ryo usually preferred standing on the train to keep his freshly ironed suit as fresh as possible for as long as possible, and Dee chose to stand so that he could be near Ryo.

"Dude, when we come back, let's split a taxi, okay? It's only a couple of miles. I think it's worth it."

Ryo shrugged. "Sure, if you want to." His eyes met Dee's for a moment, and then he looked away, blushing.

Dee grinned back. He knew what Ryo was thinking about. Maybe there was another reason why his lover didn't want to sit down right now. Memories of a beautiful morning washed over him. There had been sex last night, and again today, before lunch. He was really batting a thousand round about now. God, he loved second shift and its mid-afternoon start. Too bad this was the last one for a while. Tomorrow they were back on at seven a.m., which to Dee, was more like the middle of the night than first thing in the morning.

Dee pretended to study the ads above the windows, rather than continue to stare at Ryo and get himself in trouble. Staring at Ryo in his mind instead, he recalled a hundred small details of Ryo's responsiveness last night and this morning. Dee had come to Ryo's place after his shift last night to find his lover in a snarky mood. They'd had a little spat, following which Ryo had made him a sandwich and then gone to bed with him. No fucking or sucking, just kissing and then some really hard and urgent frot. It had been great-- especially considering that Ryo had come right out and asked for it. Well, not directly of course, but in his stilted, roundabout way, he had made it clear what he wanted. And to add extra spice to the proceedings, he also insisted on being on top. Dee found that very interesting. Ryo was obviously becoming more confident. Dee could still feel Ryo's strong body on top of his, grinding away and pinning one of his wrists to the mattress. He wondered if Ryo had ever fucked a woman like that. Somehow, he didn't think so.

Of course they had both needed late night showers after that, which had given Dee high hopes of a sexual sequel, until Ryo nixed shower fun on account of wanting to get up early the next day.

This morning, Ryo had been in such a good mood after talking to Bikky via Skype that he hadn't put up much of a fight when Dee maneuvered him back into bed. Dee's plan was to get Ryo all primed and quivering with one of his high quality blowjobs. After that, he felt it wouldn't be difficult at all to move Ryo into position so that Dee could attain his real goal, which was to enter his darling face to face. Dee understood that for Ryo, being penetrated required greater levels of trust than the other sexual acts they regularly did, and it consequently increased the intimacy between them. Plus, Ryo got really excited whenever Dee's cock was inside him, and was more likely to express his excitement loudly. Several weeks ago, following an embarrassing encounter with his son at the breakfast table, Ryo had made a new sex rule: no penetrative sex at his apartment whenever Bikky was at home. Dee was not thrilled about this edict, but he accepted Ryo's reasoning for it. Now, with Bikky temporarily away, Dee felt this was a good opportunity to get some sexy noise out of Ryo. The way things were looking up at work, it seemed like it wouldn't be long before they had Abernathy in custody. That meant Bikky might even be back by the end of next week! Dee was not a man to waste a beautiful opportunity.

His body heated up as he remembered Ryo's flushed face and breathless voice in bed this morning.

"Tell me again...Mmmmffh...Dee, why we're....mmmm.... oh!....Why... why-we're-back-in-bed?"

Dee lifted his mouth off Ryo's penis long enough to say, "Shhh, baby," before swallowing it again.

"But, Dee....Oooh!... I wanted to... I wanted to..." Ryo squirmed deliciously. His hands, which had been clutching at the sheets, found their way to Dee's head and tangled in his hair.

Dee knew what Ryo was trying to say. His partner wanted to go into work early. They weren't due on shift until three p.m., but he knew if he let Ryo have his way, that little workaholic would drag them both there by twelve thirty or one o'clock. He decided not to give Ryo a chance to finish his sentence. Swallowing Ryo's length into his throat and playing with the man's balls with his free hand brought Dee exactly the incoherent results he was hoping for.

It wasn't long after that that Ryo surrendered completely, in that he stopped trying to talk and he also gave up trying to inhibit his responses. He lay on his back, the muscles of his athletic thighs and torso standing out with sexual tension, and seemed willing to let Dee control the pace.

Dee prolonged it for him, taking him close, then backing him off several times, working on Ryo's balls and finally his ass, with spit-soaked fingers. When he decided it was time, he rose quickly to his knees, and snatched the lubricant out of the drawer. It had survived the trashing of Ryo's apartment by the Seventh Precinct. Dee had personally searched for it and put it back in the nightstand before anyone from their clean-up crew had spotted it.

He figured Ryo had been stretched enough, so he just applied lube to his cock and held it firmly at the entrance to Ryo's ass. "Legs higher, baby," he murmured. "I'm comin' in."

Ryo obeyed, and then made a strangled sound when Dee breached his still-tight ring of muscle. Dee knew he ought to have taken it a little slower than that, but on the other hand they were both so close that there was no time to lose. "Open for me, sweetheart, come on, let me in."

Ryo made a short hissing sound and then instinctively held his breath. Dee could tell he was having difficulty.

"Breathe, Ryo, you sexy thing. Come on lover, take a breath.... Yeah, like that. Now out. Good." He looked down at Ryo with tenderness and apology. "I'm sorry, babe. I know I pushed in too fast. Is it hurting?"

Ryo nodded once, tightly. "A- a little," he managed in a strained voice. "But... keep going." His cock remained hard between them.

Dee gave another little push. "You keep on breathing."

Ryo did, and clutched at Dee's shoulders, groaning, as Dee pushed in the rest of the way. At that point, Dee experienced a crisis of pressure in his balls. It almost overcame him; the feeling of Ryo's strong, excited body under his, the tight grasp of his lover's insides, the little sounds of mingled distress and desire that were coming out of his mouth. Various scents rose maddeningly to Dee's nostrils, Ryo's sweet breath, the pheromones in his sweat, his designer deodorant, the underlying musk of his arousal...

"Jesus!" Dee exclaimed. "Jesus, Lord, a little help here!" By gritting his teeth and forcing himself to recall certain highly unpleasant crime scenes, he was able to pull himself back slightly from the brink. He lay stiffly on top of Ryo, still sheathed within him, quivering with tension and fighting not to unload inside that tight, tight, insanely hot ass.

Ryo shifted uncertainly, as if to reassure himself that the length inside him still had its hardness. "Um... Did Jesus listen to you?"

"Yeah, but don't tell Penguin." Dee's voice was trembling, but he managed a shaky grin.

Ryo's eyes widened. "Don't talk about Peng-- I mean 'Mother', now!"

"Sorry, love." Dee kissed Ryo's cheek and didn't admit that thinking of Penguin had probably helped his self-control just as much as calling upon Jesus had. He knew that Ryo would be annoyed with him for the rest of the day if he blew his load two seconds after getting inside. Ryo liked the fucking part, the in-and-out. This was understood between them, although Ryo seemed to show no inclination ever to come right out and say so. Ryo liked coming with Dee's cock inside him, and would complain if Dee shot first. Dee had learned that little detail, among others, that first glorious, explorative weekend back in May after Ryo had finally made his confession of love on the Brooklyn Bridge.

"Dee, are you just gonna lie there?" Ryo moved impatiently under him, and Dee felt Ryo's internal muscles squeezing him hard.

"Aarghh! Don't do that yet, you bastard. I'm still really close. Just gimme a minute."

Ryo breathed in deeply through his nose, obviously trying not to move. "Dee, hurry up and-- and calm down."

"You little..." Dee got a good grip on the bedsheets and ground in further, making Ryo gasp. "It would serve you right if I lost it."

Ryo gazed up at him through bedroom eyes, his soft, sun-streaked hair falling back on the pillow. "You're not gonna lose it, Dee," he murmured. "I'm counting on you..."

Dee smiled at Ryo again as the train slowed down at their stop. He hadn't lost it, as it had turned out. His control had held long enough for Ryo to get really, really, satisfyingly noisy. And now Ryo was back to being shy, which Dee found endearing. It was hard for him to take his eyes off his lover. Ryo was such a handsome man, a real head-turner. He dressed well, he carried himself well, and he had a masculine beauty to his face that was vaguely exotic. Dee wished he could put an arm around him, or hold his hand, or otherwise lay public claim to him, but he didn't dare. Although a select few knew about their relationship, Ryo was in no way out of the closet.

Dee followed Ryo up the steps of the Brooklyn Bridge-City Hall station entrance, thinking again about Ted's pointed comment the night before. Had Ted managed to figure out that things were different now between him and Ryo? Ted was the last member of their team Dee would have credited for that kind of observation. But on the other hand, maybe it made sense. Marty wasn't around enough. Sheldon didn't care. Eliza didn't have gaydar. James was too innocent. JJ's focus was solidly on himself at all times, Drake's thoughts went between sports, food, and women, in that order. The Chief knew, but they could count on him not to blab. The Commissioner knew, and although he was kind of unpredictable, he would probably keep his mouth shut because he had his own secrets.

Dee frowned thoughtfully as he remembered that day when the Commish had dropped Detective Greenspan off to see them with her envelope full of photos she thought were incriminating. She had caught Ryo kissing Dee in the booth of a diner and then had gotten all weird about it. Hmmm, that could be it. Maybe Tina was the culprit here! Had she been talking to Ted? It was entirely possible. Dee wondered how he could find out without having to endure actually speaking to Tinkerbell herself.


Diana had been more or less ignoring Detective Greenspan's messages, but after receiving a testy call from Berkeley at 12:20 pm on Sunday, she decided it was about time to get back to Tina regarding the puppy. Maybe not for a couple of hours though, as she certainly didn't want to get roped into having to assist Tina in person in any way. Diana smirked to herself as she contemplated the situation. She considered Detective Greenspan to be neutralized for now. Berkeley wouldn't want to see her again for a while. Now for the others. Of course, Diana had her plans for Marianne, but that could wait a day or two, since Marianne was currently not in favor. Ross had apparently been thrown a Berkie-bone lately, judging by the new spring in his step and the way the tension had been magically smoothed from his brow. He'd just better not get any ideas that he was entitled to more than the occasional bone. Berkeley was hers, and no one else was going to get into his heart. His bed maybe, but no further than that.

When she rang the bell at Berk's fashionable brownstone townhouse, Berkeley's squat little housekeeper, Jeasandra, let her in with a worried expression. "His feeling is very bad, Miss Spacey," she warned Diana, waving a dustpan around in one hand. "I do not know what happened today, but watch out." Shaking her head and making clucking noises, she started sweeping up shards of broken pottery from the floor of the foyer.

"Don't worry about me." Diana blew a pink bubble out of her mouth and popped it. "I've seen him in plenty of bad moods over the years." She paused at the bottom of the stairs and listened. Yes, that was the sound of the shower. She would find Berkie in the master bathroom. Turning back to the housekeeper, she said, "Say, don't you have some supply-shopping to do today?"

"Oh no, Miss Spacey, I do that yesterday." Jeasandra looked at her quizzically, taking in the details of Diana's cleavage and clingy red skirt. "Are you wanting to be alone with Mr. Rose?"

"You always were a smart cookie, Jessie," Diana said with a grin. She pulled out her notebook and scribbled on it. "Here, I need you to pick up a few things for a romantic late lunch. Fetch the wine first, and tell Teatro's you'll wait while they prepare the canapes. Don't come back for at least an hour, okay?" Opening her purse, she handed the other woman a one-hundred dollar bill. "Keep whatever's left over from this."

Jeasandra smiled, revealing gold dental work on two of her teeth. She was an old retainer of Berkie's and he paid her very well, enough for her to impress her relatives in the Philippines with her dental plan. "Sure thing, Miss Spacey. Thank you. See you later." She untied her apron and went to fetch her shopping bag.

When Berkeley stepped out of the shower, Diana walked in through the open door holding a large fluffy, white towel. She didn't exclaim in delight at the sight of him or rush forward to offer sympathy. She kept it low key until she knew the lay of the land. He had blasted her but good over the phone, blaming her for the out-of-control puppy incident at dear Tina's apartment. Like she had ever so much as set foot in the place.

"What are you doing here?" he demanded rudely.

"Aw, sweetie, that's no way to talk to your only true friend in this world." She handed him the towel at arm's length; he snatched it sulkily.

"Deny it as you will, but I know damn well you are the hidden force behind Detective Greenspan's having been stuck with a noisy, hyperactive animal she has no idea how to control."

"Me? All I did was make a suggestion. I guess she had a guilty conscience, so she took me up on it." Diana grinned at him and popped another bubble, knowing it would annoy him. "Swear to God, Berk."

Berkeley gave her a dark look and he turned away to towel dry his hair. "Diana, I've no patience for your foolishness. I'm in rather a foul mood, in case you hadn't noticed. You can swear to God all you like, but you and I both know that you engineered this day's debacle at Detective Greenspan's apartment."

Diana leaned against the white quartz counter top and examined her nails. "Well, as always, I'm simply thrilled that you think I've got all these magical powers, but..."

Berkeley wrapped the towel around his waist. "But what?"

"But one of these days you're gonna find out I'm only human, and then you won't love me anymore." She said it in a breezy tone, not giving away how those words made her feel.

"You're not human-- you're a witch!" Berkeley closed the distance between them in two strides and gripped her by the upper arms. "A sneaky, conniving, devious little witch." His eyes blazed down into hers before flickering to her mouth.

"You've got it wrong, Berkie. I'm not a witch, I'm a bitch. Everyone says so. But not to my face, of course." Eyes dancing, she gazed up at him. "How do you think I rose so high in the FBI?"

"You're too cocky for your own good, Dee-Dee. One of these days you're going to bite off a bit too much."

"I don't bite, sweetie. I either beat the crap outta people or I shoot 'em." She shook her hair back off her shoulders and traced a line down the front of his chest with one glossy fuchsia-colored nail. "Besides, I've never bitten you, now, have I?"

Berkeley ignored the question and yanked her close to his body. "Do you know what happens to girls who are foolish enough to invade the privacy of a man's bathroom?"

"They get ravished by big, wet, naked brutes?" she asked hopefully. That got a reluctant grin out of him.

Berkeley began unbuttoning her blouse. "I'm going to fuck you right on this counter top, Dee-Dee. And I don't feel like being gentle."

"Oh Berkie, you bossy beast, you. At least you're never dull." She took her gum out of her mouth with a smirk and reached over to stick it to the faucet. "Sock it to me, sweetie."


When the little bitch answered the phone, Lieutenant Abernathy snarled, "It's me, and I'm not pleased with you, lass."

"Oh!" she exclaimed and he knew she was frightened. He knew it was a sin to enjoy frightening her, but for some reason he couldn't help it.

"Why have you not done as I told you?"

"I couldn't get in," she said. "He hasn't been using his office here much, and the door's been locked. Otherwise I would have done it, you know I would."

"Look, I don't want to hear any more excuses," he told her, his voice harsh. "You stay there until midnight if ye have to, and you sweet-talk one of the cleaning staff into letting you in. Those batteries have needed changing for weeks. I'm counting on you to do it for me."

"Sir... I-- I don't want to." She took a deep breath that Lieutenant Abernathy could hear all the way down the phone line. "I think it's too risky. I don't want to get caught."

"I think what you don't want is to be exposed as a light-fingered little shoplifter! I made that file of yours disappear and I can make it reappear faster than lightning. What will your friends and family think? How long do you expect you'll retain your job at the NYPD with a criminal record?

"But sir, if they catch me, what will I say?"

"They're not going to catch you, but even if they do, you just pull out your acting skills and lie your sweet little head off. I'm sure you'll think of something. Now get it done, girl, or you are going to find yourself in a world of trouble."

"Yes, sir," she whispered, her voice dispirited.


 When Dee and Ryo walked into the ground floor lobby of One Police Plaza, they saw that Lance, the big security guard, was on duty. He detached himself from the security desk and strode forward to intercept them.

Don't look at his hands, don't look at his hands, Ryo told himself, hoping that someday he would manage to get over his strange fascination with Lance's enormous fingers.

"You guys just missed Internal Affairs!" Lance exclaimed with a grin. "They've been hanging around here for the last half hour waiting for you."

"Bastards," said Dee darkly. He looked at Ryo. "I suppose they want to blame me for what happened to Cooper."

"I don't know about that, man." Lance spared a quick glance for Dee before giving his full attention to Ryo.They were asking for you, Randy. You missed 'em by about five minutes." He hooked his thumbs in his belt and the wedding ring on his left hand glinted in the late afternoon sun.

"Oh," Ryo said, feeling confused, and hoping it didn't show. "Me? I wonder why they didn't call?" He got out his cell phone and squinted at it. Just then his phone chirped to indicate a text had come in. It was Ted.

"They probably wanted to catch both of us by surprise," said Dee, looking nervously at the door. "I say we don't hang around too long, bro. Let's punch in, pick up our messages, and get the hell out of here in case they come back. Once they get their hooks into you, you'll be lucky if they let you go by six o'clock. And then they'll start in on me."

"Well, I don't mind talking to them if it will help nail Officer Bell for what he did to Hambler," Ryo said.

"I told you, dude, that's not the way the wind's blowing. Cooper said that Bell and Abernathy had out-and-out told him that he was gonna be taking the fall for it, but he didn't wanna play ball, so he called me. Then whaddaya know, someone goes and offs him on the very same night."

"It wasn't alcohol poisoning? Or suicide?"

"Officially, it's gonna be alcohol poisoning, I betcha. But I think someone shut him up."

Lance stared at them. "Man, I'm glad all I have to do is work the security desk," he remarked.

Dee handed him his card. "Hey, do me a favor, man. If those assholes come back, call me on my cell and gimme a heads up."

"You bet, Dee." Lance turned to Ryo with a smile. "Better let me have your card too, Randy."

"Oh, er... I think I have some right here." Ryo put his phone away and patted his shirt pocket.

"Give it to him later, Ryo," said Dee, giving Ryo a not-so-subtle push toward the elevators. "We gotta haul ass, or Internal Affairs is gonna fuck up our schedule for us, big time."

"Okay, okay, stop shoving." Ryo shot an annoyed look at Dee. "See you later, Lance."


But they were not to be so fortunate as to evade Internal Affairs. As they were walking out the front door of the building less than fifteen minutes later, they practically collided with the two IA detectives Dee had been grilled by on Friday. He swore out loud at the sight of them.

Both agents wore nasty smiles, but the short, muscular one spoke first. "Going somewhere, gentlemen?"

"Partner, I'm sure you remember Detectives Ramie and Butt-ola?" Dee reached for his cigarettes.

"That's Battola, asshole," the short guy rapped out.

Dee raised his eyebrows and met Battola's eyes coolly. "Really? My mistake. Bet you get that a lot." He stuck a smoke in his mouth.

Detective Ramie looked down his nose at Ryo. "MacLean, how come you guys don't return calls? We've been leaving messages for you all damn weekend."

"Well, I'm sorry you missed us," Ryo said in his quiet voice, "but I was off yesterday, and we're on second shift today. Is there something we can help you with?"

Ramie flashed a mirthless grin at his partner. "Listen to this Joey-- is there something he can help us with? Christ."

Ryo felt his temper stir. "Look, I offered to meet with you on Friday night, even though I was off shift at the time. You said, and I quote, "It's not convenient."

Battola's little eyes glittered with malice. "I would think, Detective, especially given your 'special' history with the department of Internal Affairs that you would want to be a bit more cooperative."

Dee blew smoke out in an angry rush of air. "For fuck's sake, quit with the obligatory ball-breaking already! I suppose you guys are here to ask us some questions? Then let's get it the hell over with. You guys may have all day, but we sure as hell don't."

Ramie jerked his head toward the curb. "Come on, then. We got a car here to take you to headquarters."

"No, we don't have time for that." Ryo said firmly, which caused Dee to cough in surprise.

Battola's normally ugly expression got even uglier. "MacLean, I'm fucking sick of--"

Ryo interrupted him. "We're here at One Police Plaza. Meeting rooms, electronics, everything state of the art. What have you got down at IA that's better than this?"

Both IA guys stared at him, unable to answer. Dee grinned and ground the butt of his cigarette under his heel.

"Our files are there," Detective Ramie said, a faint hint of disconcertion underpinning his annoyed tone. "And we don't have to go through channels to get access to our equipment."

"What equipment?" asked Dee. "Thumbscrews and a portable rack?"

"Oh, you're a funny guy, Laytner," Ramie snapped. "If you don't put a lid on the comedy--"

"Dee, cut it out," Ryo said. "I want to get this interview over with as soon as possible." He turned to Ramie and Battola. "Look, we can spare you one hour and no more. We're not desk cops, and we've got people to see today."

Ramie took a step closer to Ryo, using his height and bulk to loom over him, a bully's trick. "You think you're calling the shots here, MacLean? You want to give some urgent thought to what my partner and I can do to your career."

Ryo saw an expression of unease flash onto Dee's face before it was replaced a split second later by anger. As his partner started forward, Ryo flung out an arm to block him, and muttered "I'll handle this!" under his breath. Then he turned his attention back to the Internal Affairs detectives. "Here, at One Police Plaza. One hour. Take it or leave it."

Detective Ramie exchanged a disgusted look with his partner, and then shook his head. "You sure you wanna knock heads with me, MacLean? 'Cause I got no hesitation about going way over your boss's head and bringing a shower of shit down on the Two Seven's whole chain of command."

Ryo held the man's gaze. "You do whatever you think is best, Detective," he said.

He knew, without turning his head to look, that Dee was beside him, facing down Detective Battola. Dee was probably baffled by Ryo's uncharacteristically combative attitude, but he was always unfailingly supportive, a fact Ryo appreciated.

The meeting clearly hadn't gone the way Detective Ramie had expected it to. He nodded curtly at his partner and said, "Come on Joey. We're wasting our time. You two idiots are gonna hear from your station commander today, you hear me? When he calls to rip you a new one and order you to report to Internal Affairs on pain of suspension."

"Have a nice day, ladies," Dee called after them in a jeering tone, but the minute they were out of earshot he swung incredulous eyes onto Ryo. "Partner-- IA! Do I need to remind you they have the power of life and death over our jobs. What the fuck?"

"We were in such a hurry to punch in and get our messages that I didn't have a chance to show you this." Ryo handed Dee his cell phone. "I got a text from Ted right when we entered the building. He said on no account were we to go to IA headquarters with Ramie and Battola."

"Whoa," said Dee his eyes skimming over the text. "Look at all those caps and exclamation marks. Seems like Teddy's got his shorts in a twist. Says the Badger's on board, too. And he's coming here to show us something?"

"Yeah, but he didn't say when, so we might as well get some work done until we hear from him. We could go--"

"Psst! I'm already here," came Ted's voice from behind them, which made Dee jump.

"Teddy! What the hell?" Dee looked around. "Did you bring the Chief?"

"Quit hollering, Dee. You want those guys to come back? Hurry up and let's get inside. No, I did not bring the Badger, but he wants me to bring you up to speed. I got some radical shit to show you in the computer lab."

"Is it about Ramie and Battola?" asked Ryo, prying his cell phone out of Dee's hand.

"You bet it is. And your buddy Abernathy, too."

"What, you have evidence?" For a moment, Ryo felt wildly hopeful. Maybe Bikky could come home soon.

Ted made a dismissive gesture. "No, not evidence. Information. It's probably inadmissible unless we can get the Chief to say he approved it last night, which he's being non-committal about, due to his upcoming promotion."

"Ted, my friend, you are not making sense." Dee nodded to the security desk as they re-entered the building. "Can you just get to the point here?"

Ted took a furtive glance around and then lowered his voice. "I hacked into IA's network last night, which was not easy, let me tell you. But I found some stuff that's gonna make your hair stand on end."

end of chapter 26

Thanks for reading! I'll add a bit more to may author's notes tomorrow. Hopefully, I will also be able to think od a chapter title, too. Right now, though, it's almost 1:00 a.m. on a work night! Gotta go to bed.

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Hi from Moon

Wow, excellent chapter; two lemons, heh! Lucky us :)!

Damn Ryo is hot in this chapter, more so out of bed, even, than in it.

Favorite line : Ryo shifted uncertainly, as if to reassure himself that the length inside him still had its hardness. "Um... Did Jesus listen to you?"

That had me laugh out loud. Good thing no one was awake to hear me.

Second favorite line : "I don't bite, sweetie. I either beat the crap outta people or I shoot 'em."

Hah! Poor Tina kept sticking quarters in the slot machine all day, but as soon as she turned her back, Diana walked up and got the pay out! I'm guessing she wasn't gentle to Berk, either.

And Ted....Can't wait to see what he found. Such a resourceful guy :).

Thanks for this update, and I'm glad you're back with us again!


Yes, there was a scattering of lemon and lime drops in this chapter.

Any attempt to bully Ryo always brings out his inner hardass.

Thanks for reading and commenting!

"Um... Did Jesus listen to you?"

I happened to be drinking when I read that line, almost damn near choked. Ah Ryo, I can completely sympathise with being in that position with a guy on a short fuse and having to play possum until he's got a lid on things.

That's what I really like about your sex scenes, they aren't all hearts and flowers, they're real, things don't always go perfectly, people don't always hit orgasm together and sometimes (often) things get messy. Also, you have a real skill for bed banter. Just makes these scenes feel real.

Also... "And I don't feel like being gentle." Goosebumps, goosebumps everywhere.

Loz x

Well, the 'Jesus' line seems to be a popular one so far!

I think every woman (and man) who has ever been in Ryo's position can sympathize! Sometimes all the stillness in the world can't save the situation.

I think Berk is so hot. He's a jerk, but he's sexy as hell. Sometimes he gives me goosebumps too. But then other times I want to slap him.

Thank you for all the nice compliments!:D

When I saw the new chapter, I shrieked so loudly and happily that my sister was probably wondering what was wrong with me.

Oooh, this is so exciting! I seriously love this story. I'm already looking forward to the great showdown. I want Abernathy in jail, dammit! But on the other hand, I want this story to go on as long as possible, so just take your time. ;)

Most of all, I'm totally glad that you continue Justice. I mean, you're working on the story for many years now and I find it very admirable that you still keep going and have so many ideas, let alone keep track of the storyline and thousands of characters over such a long period of time. I'm always wondering how you manage that.

And another thumbs up for the Jesus scene! "Yeah, but don't tell Penguin." xD

By the way, I've become a huge Berk x Diana supporter. They should really get together soon! I mean, they are just perfect for each other!

You're lucky your sister didn't come to investigate the shrieking! She's your 'little' sister, right? No porn for little sisters.

Thank you for loving this story. I've got quite a few plot threads to tie up, so don't fear that it will end any time soon. Especially now that chapters are down to approximately 5000 words.

I sometimes wonder how I keep track of the events of the arc, let alone the storyline of Justice. I guess it's a combination of a good memory and a lot of lists.

Jesus probably wouldn't approve of the way Dee took his name in vain, but Dee can apologize next time he's in church. And maybe he can go into the confession booth and shock the priest.

Poor Diana will not get her Berkie to marry her until Like Like Love. Bikky will be in university by then! At least she's not celibate while waiting, like Dee was for Ryo.

Thank you for commenting!

Why do I always get the urge to come check your journal site a day after you post a story?! It's bizarre! I absolutely loved this chapter! :D Everything is slowly coming to a head and Ryo and Dee are getting swept along! The "Penguin" moment is hysterical and I had to stop for a moment to collect myself. (My roommate was trying to take a nap and I was laughing rather loudly...)

I'm so glad you are feeling better! My life was a bit duller without you around!

<3 as always!

Why do I always get the urge to come check your journal site a day after you post a story?!

Because you have latent psychic abilities? I don't know! Now there's a thought to ponder: Psychic Neengy.

After umpteen million chapters where Dee and Ryo couldn't get a break and Abernathy was always one step ahead of them, finally things are starting to turn around for them! The end will come for Abernathy, but it will be a long, slow slide.

I'm so glad you are feeling better! My life was a bit duller without you around!

Aw! Thanks, Neengy. You add spice to my life, too. You always perk me up with your energy. Thanks for continuing to read.

Yay! Chapter 26 is here and I finally got to read it. I should be given some kind of award for self-control that I didn't gobble it up the minute you posted it. I wanted to savor it and so I managed to wait till the weekend was here.

Great chapter as usual Brit! The end is nigh - this is exciting. Once Justice is over, I am going to re-read AND and Justice - it will be a huge feast :D (What's with all the food analogies - let me go grab my late lunch now)

Yeah, the Jesus line did crack me up. And I am so glad Ryo is getting a bit bolder in the bedroom- can't wait for the tides to turn ;)


Hi Jo! I think you should be given an award, too. *Hands Jo framed award featuring a beaming picture of JJ* Sorry, but he insisted that his face be on the award. The award also entitles you to one free hour of fashion advice from JJ. He insisted on that, too. Don't listen to him if he wants you to die your hair purple.

I know you would have rather had a food-oriented award, but JJ is a little hard to dissuade.

The end of Justice is sort of nigh, but actually not so much, because a lot more is going to happen. I wonder if I will still be writing Justice this time next year?

Ryo is slowly, slo-o-o-o-wly finding his inner top.

Thanks so much for reading and commenting!

Thanks for the JJ-award Brit! I will preserve his photo for sure :D May be he can lend some of his energy to me. I am completely exhausted after this week - had a couple of 14-hour workdays and a super-busy week in general. But here I am, waiting for my deep-dish pizza to be delivered, doing nothing on my laptop - so it's all good. I would be thrilled to listen to JJ's fashion advise over pizza ;) I won't let him convince me to dye my hair purple, I promise. Although, I must confess that sometimes I picture myself with red or blue fringes. But only for a moment or two.

I am just glad that Ryo is making that kind of progress in the bedroom. Someone who is rational like Ryo, should be able to resolve his issues by talking about it. And it's just Dee, who loves him like crazy. But Ryo is still so very new to being gay that it's too much to expect him to be open to discussion about this.

No matter for how long Justice goes on, your stories/chapters are always a treat for us :)

**Great return chapter!**

Thank you for a great return chapter!

Enjoyed reading Dee and Ryo back together as a team, and all that ‘making up’, seems to have given Ryo a greater edge to his psyche.

Love his boldness and uncharacteristic ‘Dee’ traits. He wears them very well.

He definitely stole this chapter and seen through the eyes of Dee, makes him that much more gorgeous.

Glad that you are back!


Re: **Great return chapter!**

Hello FM! Thanks for coming back.

Bold Ryo is hot! This is my own personal favorite line from the chapter: Dee could still feel Ryo's strong body on top of his, grinding away and pinning one of his wrists to the mattress.

I'm already about halfway through the next chapter, but my writing has to go on hold until my guests go. What with working all day and socializing all night, I'm starting to wonder how I'm going to make it to the weekend!

Even with the shorter chapters, it still took me three separate allergy medicine-zonked evenings to get through this. My head kept rolling back on the chair and I was afraid I'd fall out of it. So I stuck to one scene per night: the lemony flashback, Diana's coup de grace, and Ryo's entirely awesome staredown of the IA bullies.

Lemony flashback - Okay, you know I'm not one those fangirls sitting through the plot so we can get to sex. More the other way around. And lately, given what I've been going through in RL, reading scenes in which people enjoy and revel in sex leaves me just a little bit sad and resentful. But it was well-done, as it always is, and frankly I found it hilarious that Dee was envisioning all this as he rode the subway on an average weekday morning. Next to him, some little old lady is going over her shopping list. Dee's just staring at the ceiling and drooling. MEN.

Diana - Damn girl, but you know how to pick 'em. She's amazing. I could never handle an emotionally aloof sex machine like Berkley, but she obviously can, and I think she needs someone that difficult and physically insatiable to keep her challenged. Ordinary men bore her; her mind is too fast and too devious for the likes of them. Greenspan never had a chance. These two tango to their own beat.

Staredown - Damn it, Ryo, but you're such a dish when you're showing up bullies and making them sorry they ever woke up that day. He was crisp, cool, and professional, all things they can never be and they know it, plus he had his unfailingly loyal and fearless partner backing him up. These two detectives won't be cowed, nosirree. Good thing Ryo checks his text messages. And I remember that scene when Dee rescued Bikky just in time because he picked up the phone. These two really make me feel guilty that I ignore my cell phone most days, and tend to wait out pending voicemails until they expire and go away on their own. Luckily I'm not in the detective business. :)

You are underreviewed and underappreciated as usual, but don't let it get you down. Enjoy your friends' visit, relax, and come back to the story when you're ready. I know exactly how you feel, and I know there's no other cure but to just keep on writing. Eventually, the comments will come.

I'm so sorry to hear about your allergy medicine-zonkedness! As a former allergy sufferer who has gone through two separate courses of allergy shots due to being born allergic to practically every tree, grass and foodstuff in Canada, let me just say that I cannot recommend getting a course of allergy shots highly enough. I remember being zonked, out of it, stuffed up, etc., and it went on for years. All I wanted for the longest time was just to be able to breathe through my nose and not always have to be a mouth breather. For my teens and half of my twenties, I don't think I ever closed my mouth. It needed to be open at all times or breathing would cease. I sigh at the memory. But I remember exactly what it was like.

Thank you for reading my chapter! No, you're not one of the readers who skims impatiently through the plot to get to the naked-fun parts. And I hear you on the RL! (Been married a long-ish time here)

Ryo could probably tell from the way Dee was looking at him exactly what he was thinking about. Ryo might even have been thinking about it, too!

I could never handle Berk, either, but then I'm nowhere near the woman Diana is. I'm more like Detective Greenspan, only minus the hourglass figure and the gun. Berkeley would have me crying in my beer in less than a week.

Ryo will respond to cajoling, nagging, whining, and charm-laced assertiveness (all of which have been employed by Dee), but he digs in his heels whenever anyone tries to bully him.

God, I'm just like you with the cell phone! The home phone too. Half the time when my phone rings, I don't answer it. Then I don't check the voice mails. I can always count on my husband to check the voicemails on the home phone, though, and give me a garbled version of the contents of the messages.

My all time favorite was this exchange:

"Bonnie called you. She wants you to call her back."

"Bonnie? Really?"


"Did she leave her number?"

"No, she said you had it,"

"But I don't know anyone called Bonnie."

Needless to say, the mysterious 'Bonnie' had called with a blocked number.

I finally disabled my cell phone's voice mail. Why get people's hopes up that I might actually listen to their message and call them back? Not gonna happen. I also don't give my cell phone number to anyone. I think fewer than four people on the planet actually know the number, and one of those four is me.

Thanks very much for taking the time to review. I really appreciate it, and furthermore, I appreciate that you understand and relate.

I've already written about half of the next chapter, but almost everything is on hold until my friends have gone.

I'm really happy that you are continuing this story! It's my favourite WIP of all the fandoms on all the internet.

Wow, what a great compliment! Thank you! It's nice to be someone's favorite.

Oh my, I actually completely forgot that I didn't read this chapter. It's a shame because it's such an exciting piece too, so thanks for your reminder :D

Looks like Ryo and Dee really do have some sort of luck on their side. Thank goodness for Ted. But now you leave us with a cliffhanger. At least the lemons were sweet ;)

Thanks for this! I can't wait to see what they found out.

Finally Dee and Ryo are getting some breaks in this case! For the longest time everything they tried to do tanked. Abernathy is starting to get a little worried now, not that he would admit it.

Yes, thank goodness for Ted! He's getting more face time in this story now. Hmmm, I think I need a userpic of Ted.

Thanks for reading and commenting!

Queen Lurker in the house, er.... Workplace. Oops.

Hooray! I just now meandered back to your LJ and found your update! It might not be worksafe, but I am reading on my phone and my boss left hours ago, so it'll be our little secret.

Let me just say I needed this after a stressful early two-thirds of my day. I can kick my feet up now and enjoy. I'm glad you're posting again, and I would have commented sooner if I'd known. :)

Ryo is freaking awesome in this chapter. It was nice to have a moment with him where he got to leave his stress and snappishness behind. Getting laid helps you stand up to bullies with eloquence and flair!

And now my trainees are needing me again. :) Back to work with my slacking self! Glad to have you back!

Re: Queen Lurker in the house, er.... Workplace. Oops.

Hello, QL! Thanks for stopping by. I guess if you read it on your phone and keep your back to a wall, so no one can sneak up on you, you're safe.

Being laid regularly is very good for Ryo. So is being loved, of course, but sexual pleasure was missing from his life for so long that now it's got to be doing something for his confidence, not to mention his stress levels.

Not too late to comment?

Hello brit!

I know I'm late to the party, but I hope you'll forgive me! I've been in the mountains of South Africa the past 5 months, and internet is hard to come by. I recently caught up on several chapters and the past goings on in your life. Some of it I had skimmed before, but now I am fully caught up.

I love your writing, and I have loved it for years. I hope you have still been able to make progress on your original work, and I want to remind you that you have a customer in me.

This chapter was well worth the wait--I was impressed by how you included sex in a way that wasn't too tired and obvious--you talked about it indifferently like it had happened in the past, and then followed the character's thoughts back to give some details. Your lemons never seem like fanservice--is what I mean. They are always well supported by the context and they serve some purpose in moving the characters forward.

I look forward to more--thank you again.

Re: Not too late to comment?

Of course I forgive you! I'm a forgiving sort of person. Plus, I'm glad you still want to come to the party!

The mountains of South Africa? For five months with iffy Internet? Now I'm curious. I'm guessing research of some sort?

Thank you for loving my writing, and thanks for the encouragement regarding my original writing.

I haven't looked at my Roman story for months, and in fact, I wrote 20 K on a new story, a Regency-era M/M romance. However, Novemebrer is coming and once again I'll be doing 'Anti-Nano". I've committed to 15,000 words on one or the other of those two books. I'm hoping it will help me get some momentum back.

Thanks for the nice comments about the sex scenes! I needed to do something a little different with the sex scenes this time. Now that the chapters are shorter, I can't be doing my usual long lemons. I think they tend to average 5000 words, and if my chapters are only going to be that long, they can't be all lemon. Especially considering how much plot I'm juggling!

Re: Not too late to comment?

I'll be here in the Soutpansburg for another two months. Recently we got internet at the main house up here--it is both exciting and distracting, though unreliable since our electricity is powered by a water wheel in the local stream, and that has been acting up recently. And you're right, I am here for research--I am following and recording behavioral data on a large troupe of chacma baboons--focusing on the juveniles. It is a huge change from anything I've ever done--and that is exactly why I wanted to do it. I've done years of lab research--but never field research, so I committed to just over half a year. Go big or go home?

Glad to hear that you'll be doing anti-nano. I have also committed myself to writing at least 15k in November---but my writing will be about the baboons here, and all their drama.

I look forward to eventually reading this Regency-era M/M story. What are your plans for it?

(Deleted comment)
Dr. Twiyah! Wow, it sounds like there have been big changes in your life. When you say "Now we're living together", who are you talking about? The guy you were seeing? Or a roommate or other family member?

I hope you still get to be Passion Kitten!

My job is really stressful and there's so much responsibility. I've taken the day off today because I couldn't sleep last night (as usual) and there was nothing urgent on my work plate today. I've just been goofing around on LJ all day! It's so nice. I ought to go have a nap though before my husband comes back from shopping and starts making noise.

Congratulations on having a half-time job lined up! That will be great. You can still make money but you won't have to work long hours.

I'm glad you haven't forgotten me. I hope we can stay in touch. It's been years already. And now you're graduating, after years of being a student and then a student doctor.

I wish you well, too.

Great as always. I'm on my way to reading the next chapter but I had to comment first. I'm really getting scared about what Abernathy is thinking about with my fave boys. Plus this "Butt-ola" and Ramie make me raise an eyebrow as well. On to the next chapter :D

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