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Working, shopping, cooking, and writing
Hello! This is just a little update to let you know what's going on with me nowadays.

The last of my Japanese friends left on Friday Oct.12th, but since then I've been working incredibly long hours to make up for how under-productive I was when they were here. I worked right through the weekend of the 13th/14th, and had a business trip to another city in the following week. Last Friday the 19th I worked until 2:00 in the morning! I was too wired to sleep after that, so I went to our local 24-hour market and did my food shopping for the weekend. I can't say I've ever done my grocery shopping in the middle of the night before. New experience! Surly staff. Note to self: Don't do that again. I finally went to bed at five a.m., which made for a low-energy Saturday. Sunday was great, however. I spent the day cooking and hanging out with my family. I've missed cooking.

First I boiled regular potatoes, sweet potatoes and carrots in chicken broth, then I took the veggies out and cooked Basmati rice in the broth. When that was cooked, I added endamame beans and saffron. While the rice was cooking, I put four pieces of sole in the oven. After it was done, I chopped it up and mixed it with grated Havarti cheese, chopped chives, parsley, and salmon cream cheese. I cooked two cups of shrimp separately, and mixed them with the fish. Meanwhile, I melted butter over the root vegetable mix. This was our lunch on Sunday.

Later, I baked a lemon blueberry cake with a lemon glaze, and made delicious hamburgers from scratch. I always fill them full of herbs and spices, and mix them with a small amount of grated raw onion before I cook them.

Am I making anyone hungry yet? :D

Just in case I'm giving anyone the impression that I'm a perfect cook, I'll confess that I did accidentally make some guacamole that is way too spicy for human consumption. My husband calls it the Molotov Cocktail sauce and looks at me in fear when I put it on his plate. Actually, every time I open the fridge and see that big jar with its sinister green contents, I can't help feeling a little stab of apprehension. It only contains one measly little jalapeno pepper, for crying out loud. It must have been an extra potent one. They really seem to vary in strength. Does anyone else have experience with spicy peppers?

Fluffy got really sick while my guests were here. He lost his appetite and started losing weight. His appetite had been getting gradually more iffy for some time. Finally we reached the point where even his Fancy Feast failed to produce any feline enthusiasm. He lost a little weight, but not enough to really worry me. I started cooking chicken and fish especially for him. The situation got dramatically worse over the course of the Thanksgiving weekend. He lost something like two pounds in three days and would hardly eat anything. He would only eat tiny bites of fish directly from my hand. I think he only did it to please me. He really didn't want the food. I got scared and called the vet.

Long story short, Fluffy is much better now. He had an inflammation of the intestines, but he's on medication that has increased his appetite and now he's back to being his normal moochy self and has regained the weight he lost. It cost $445, but it was worth it! My husband and I are both so relieved.

I finally finished responding to everyone in the Meme-Time post. Sorry, ami_cassie6, peacewish and neengy_dot that you had to wait so long! That meme-offer is now officially closed.

Kate from K, I finally responded to your anonymous comment re horoscope signs in the Never Tell post. I'm just letting you know because you won't get an email notification.

Now, for news on Justice. I've gotten back to work on Chapter 27. It's about half written, With luck I'll be able to get it off to the betas this weekend. That means it should be appearing in the next two to two or three weeks.

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Oh dear, I was hungry even before reading this, but now I'm practically starving. *drool* I should really eat something, because it's 2pm already and I'm still in my bed and haven't had any breakfast. (Yeah, I'm very lazy during my autumn break this year, haha)

I'm glad that Fluffy is feeling better. It's a shame though that it's always so expensive to go to the vet.

I'm totally looking forward to the next chapter of Justice! You're so much more productive than me, even though you're always so busy and I have vacation at the moment. And I haven't written anything for weeks. *sigh* I will never finish a story if I continue like this...

*sigh* I will never finish a story if I continue like this...

Well, to be honest, that's how I feel about my original writing, which has slowly rolled to a halt.

I hope you found something good to eat!

I wish I had a veterinarian in my family. But I'd better resign myself to the fact that I have an old cat who will need to go to the vet more often in the future than he did in the past.

(Deleted comment)
Yes, that was my mistake: including the seeds and pith. I remember even thinking about removing them, and in the end, I just threw them in. The last time I made Guacamole, I must have had one of those weak, sickly jalapeno peppers, because I only put in the green part and then the Guacamole wasn't spicy enough.

Glad to hear you are getting back into the regular swing of things. I'll check later this weekend for any writing output; Saturday is Halloween doll meet.
Your recipe sounded really good until you massacred the fish! No, fish should stay fish shaped, not blended until all flavor is lost among others. Fish is not a flavoring!
I've been searching oyster stew/bisque/chowder and a lot of those mash the oysters too. I'll dice them but I'm not about to make baby food out of them! I found a really good one with corn meal croutons that I'm going to try.
Jalapenos are a treacherous lot. And they do vary quite a bit by variety and plant. Why not make a batch of guacamole without the jalapeno and mix it with the spicy one? That way it will even out, even though you will probably have enough guacamole to last your lifetime. Just an untried suggestion since hot peppers and garlic put me in pain.
I'm glad Fluffy is now healthy. The last trip to the vet (yesterday) was to euthanize Smudge. He was 19 and deteriorating rapidly. He will be missed, especially by my husband. When my husband watched TV he'd use him as a heating pad - white cats have a tendency to be cold very often since white repels heat. Now we only have our two and Mary's four. Slowly winding down - two of hers are getting on in age.

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about Smudge. Your husband will be looking for him the next time he sits down to watch TV. But 19 years is a pretty good run for a cat. I hope Fluffy lasts that long. And Chocolat, of course.

So now you're down to six cats! I find even my one to require a lot of time and attention. I can't imagine how I'd manage with six. My sister is threatening to give me one of her cats. I'm not sure how I feel about that, especially since this cat is, reportedly, as sheddy as Fluffy, and also has a bad habit of pooing in the house, which Fluffy definitely does not do.

Good suggestion re the guac. My husband bought more avocados today, so I'll turn the molotov cocktail sauce into regular guacamole later this evening. Right now I'm waiting for a friend to pick me up and take me out for dinner! I technically have time to whip up a batch of guacamole, but I'm in my pretty clothes, so I think I won't tempt fate.

Yes, not only did I massacre the fish, but I did it again last night, and this time I didn't just mash it, I put both fish and shrimp into the food processor with calorie reduced cream cheese, parsley and green onions, and whipped it up into a very tasty seafood dip! I'd better not do that too often. It was too delicious and I couldn't leave it alone.

I can't eat oysters due to a bad experience when I was about 20. Recently I went to a seafood restaurant with my Japanese friend and she had oysters. She described how delicious they were and sort of got me curious, but I couldn't actually bring myself to touch one. It's too bad because I like all other kinds of seafood, even squid, although not dried and chocolate covered. Yes, that snack food exists. Yes, it was just as horrible as it sounds.

Am I making anyone hungry yet? :D
Me. Definitely me. *drools* If I lived at your house, eating like that every day, I would pretty much be in a permanent food coma. And it would be worth it!

I do the same thing when making hamburgers - I like to make them ultra-thick, so they're still fairly pink in the middle, and load 'em up with spices and herbs (especially garlic salt) and onion before cooking.

And sorry I can't help with your jalapeño question- I'm a certified Spice Wimp, so all peppers are equally alarming. And, heh, "Molotov cocktail sauce" would be a great name for an actual line of hot sauces!

So glad to hear that Fluffy is doing better! When they lose weight like that, it can be really scary. When my cat Cassie was sick, we also knew that it was a serious problem when she refused Fancy Feast. Congrats on catching his inflammation in time! Bet he's getting some extra treats, and playing the sympathy card for all it's worth. XD

Garlic salt is a very important ingredient for hamburgers! The other stuff I add varies according to whether or not I have fresh or dried herbs available. I'm a herb-lover though, so I usually have something.

Molotov Cocktail sauce would certainly be a great name for a line of hot sauces! I'm already designing the commercials in my head...

Fluffy refused Fancy Feast too! That's how I knew we were in trouble. Thanks to his new medication, though, he is now a voracious eating machine and has regained the missing pounds.

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