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Writing update
Hi Justice readers,

I'm almost finished writing Justice chapter 27. I've only got about 800 words to go, but I've run out of time for today. I can probably work on it after my husband goes to work tonight. The words they are a-flowing. An excerpt:

"Classified, my ass!" exclaimed Dee. "How the hell are we supposed to do our jobs here? Five minutes ago, I would have put my money on Rose. But now I find out IA has had open door access to everything that has gone on in the Commish's office for God knows how long. Who knows what they've got on him? He could go down in flames tomorrow! And if he does..."

"If he does, we're in trouble," finished Ted. "This is first-rate work." He indicated the computer terminal which still sported a paused image of Dee. "Team Abernathy has been given a hell of a budget to fuck us all over. They probably have voice files like this on Rose. I didn't look for anything on him because I didn't know I should."

Now it's time to go to the gym, and after that, dinner. I promised my hamburger-addict of a husband that I would cook him hamburgers tonight! He likes to eat two big ones with cheese and bacon. I will of course cook a smaller one for me and a tiny one for Fluffy.

His family and mine simply cannot believe how spoiled our cat is! But we don't think of him as spoiled, just loved.

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I will of course cook a smaller one for me and a tiny one for Fluffy.
That. Is. Adorable! Fluffy is the luckiest kitty in the world. ^.^

Well, I don't know if he's the luckiest, but he's definitely one of the fortunate ones.

He purred so loudly when he came in from his outside jaunts, smelled meat, and was then given his little hamburger. Right now he's sacked out in front of the heater in the bathroom, sleeping off the meat.

Some of us have to burn off our calories, but lucky Fluff sleeps them off!

Another prove that cats always have the laziest and most luxurious life! :D Hmmmm, now I want a burger, too...

I'm so looking forward to the next chapter of Justice! I have a feeling that more trouble with IA is on the way.

My cat has a really nice, peaceful life. He's warm, comfortable, well-fed and loved.

My burgers were awesome! I wish I could have cooked one for you and Lunasariel, too. I ate mine bunless with salad, but I did have bacon, cheese and mushrooms on top of the salad.

I just sent the chapter to the betas, so I managed to finish a little ahead of schedule. Yep, there's definitely more trouble with IA on the way.

I am so glad! I can't wait to read the next chapters. THANK YOU!!!!!!

You're welcome! Only a few more days... I'm having an absolutely insane week at work. All I can do at the moment is eat, sleep, and work. Oh, and get dressed, of course.

I'll put the chapter up on the weekend.

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