brit_columbia (brit_columbia) wrote,

Frozen lettuce

While in the middle of cooking delicious chicken-mushroom quesadillas for lunch for my husband and myself, I discovered that my brand new three-pack of romaine lettuce had inadvertently frozen in the fridge. This was not a recipe-killing moment, as I still had half a tub of spinach and assorted other greens, but now I have to figure out something to do with three frozen romaines. I'm thinking, chop 'em up and sauté them with onions, cauliflower and slices of elephant garlic? From there I could either do sauce and pasta, or puree the lettuce/onion/garlic mix into soup. I'm not sure. Has anyone ever done anything with frozen lettuce that turned out well? I've always just thrown them out in the past, but I hate to throw out three.

Thanks to the addition of two more avocados, my Molotov Cocktail sauce has been downgraded from spontaneously combustible to merely incendiary. Still spicy as hell, but at least my husband no longer cringes when I hand him his plate.

Amazingly, the cat slept all the way through the aromatic sauteéing of cubed chicken breast with rosemary and garlic. You can probably guess that I saved some for him!

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