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Frozen lettuce
While in the middle of cooking delicious chicken-mushroom quesadillas for lunch for my husband and myself, I discovered that my brand new three-pack of romaine lettuce had inadvertently frozen in the fridge. This was not a recipe-killing moment, as I still had half a tub of spinach and assorted other greens, but now I have to figure out something to do with three frozen romaines. I'm thinking, chop 'em up and sauté them with onions, cauliflower and slices of elephant garlic? From there I could either do sauce and pasta, or puree the lettuce/onion/garlic mix into soup. I'm not sure. Has anyone ever done anything with frozen lettuce that turned out well? I've always just thrown them out in the past, but I hate to throw out three.

Thanks to the addition of two more avocados, my Molotov Cocktail sauce has been downgraded from spontaneously combustible to merely incendiary. Still spicy as hell, but at least my husband no longer cringes when I hand him his plate.

Amazingly, the cat slept all the way through the aromatic sauteéing of cubed chicken breast with rosemary and garlic. You can probably guess that I saved some for him!

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Can go live with u?! Lol all that food sounds delicous, i never eat anything like that.

Sure! If you can handle living in a quiet little corner of a quiet little city in Canada where nothing exciting ever happens except mild-mannered Canadian-style demonstrations against Governmental decisions. Oh, and the occasional Zombie Walk. And you must love cats!

My sauteed lettuce turned out fabulous, by the way. It retained a lot of its crunchiness. We had it with chicken, tofu shirataki noodles and creamy pesto sauce.

Hmmm, I envy your cooking skills, I fear I will never be a "real girl" for I could burn water.

Save some for me next time?! x

I was famous for my lack of cooking skills when I was younger. When I was a teenager, my mom asked me to help with dinner. She asked me to cut some cabbage and put it in a pan of water on medium.

I didn't know the difference between iceberg lettuce and cabbage in those days. They look kind of the same, don't you think? So I put some iceberg lettuce in a pan on the stove on high heat-- and totally forgot the water. Of course it burned and stank, and my mom had to deal with it because by that time I had become distracted and had wandered away. It not only filled the kitchen with smoke, but it filled my parents with trepidation regarding my future as a normal human being.

I didn't start cooking until about one week after I got married. Before that I was very much into eating out. Of course I could always make sandwiches, but I rarely had any food in my kitchen. That's one way to keep one's weight down, but it doesn't work once you have a husband who can't cook either, but expects to be fed.

I spent six years with a guy who loved to cook, so I never really got into it myself (that was also pretty bad for my waistline!) but we had plans to get married (had a date and venue booked) and have kids and stuff so never really saw the need to learn - seeing as he got genuine pleasure out of cooking good food for people and I'd just be in the way.

Last three or so years being alone there have been a few ventures into cooking, but none have been all that great. I burnt pasta to the bottom of a pot and had to throw the pot out, I accidently turned the oven on while it still had the wok in it (small kitchen so I hide stuff neatly away where I can) and burnt the wooden wok handle until it was black and stunk out the kitchen.

Last Sunday I put the food in the oven and forgot to turn the oven on... then came Monday and I turned the oven on, but forgot to put the food in.

How I have survived this long is a mystery to everyone.

I bet you've been surviving on take-out, cookies, and possibly toast. How are you at making toast?

Poor wok! Nobody heard its screams.

I've been surviving on anything that has instructions along the lines of "put in oven, turn oven on, eat 20 minutes later" or "just add water!" I rarely have toast as there's only me here so the bread tends to go mouldy before I get through a whole loaf.

I also buck the good old English trend of being a tea drinker, can't stand the stuff (pretty sure that's close to being an offence I could get deported for...) not keen on coffee either. It's either hot chocolate for me or cold drinks.

Occasionally I'll make something nice, but only when I'm in the mood to actually get creative and have the time to spend that I wouldn't rather spend on other things.

Take out is good, but expensive and fattening. I have it far too often. This all feels like a very shameful confession.

One day I will become an offical adult.... one day.

Yum! That sounds so good! I can't believe your little kitty slept through the delicious scent of chicken. Well, I guess he already knows by now that he'll get a little bit of it, anyway, so there was no need to wake up. :D

I'm so bad at cooking. Every time I try to cook something, it gets more or less burned, haha. When I live alone one day, I have to marry a guy who can cook. At the moment, I'm luckily blessed with a father who loves cooking.

You should make sure he can really cook before you marry him! I thought I was marrying a guy who could cook, but I was just kidding myself. Yes, he can cook. Can he cook anything even remotely delicious? No!

Haha okay, I'll keep that in mind! :D

I'd share with anonymous but I really can only look at going somewhere with a retirement complex. I need to move to one so I get out of the apartment more than once a week. I'd love to go north (yes I've lived quite north of Florida including Albany NY and St paul MN.)

Do you like cooking, too, Jirel? Those retirement complexes have all sorts of activities. So do some gated communities. I visited someone who lives in one recently, and I was staggered by the number of social activities on the schedule.

How are your eyes doing?

I was starting to enjoy cooking a couple of years before I had to retire - and had people to cook for. Now its back to only cooking if I really have the energy. My eyes are actually doing pretty well (I should probably update my status, I do it on Facebook and forget to do it here). I have an appointment with an eye doctor on Friday for my post-op for my right eye. I'm kinda hoping he prescribes new glases. Right now it looks like the eye that they had to measure via ultra sound because of the thickness of the cataract got a better lens correction than my right eye. This really only matters to me when reading the computer, otherwise I have work arounds when need. I can read most things 4 or more feet aways from me without needing glasses, but any closer and that stupid "old age eye" problem crops up. :) I need more lineless bifocals! But they won't be nearly as thick as my old glases were.

I need activities with retirees, that way I can hope to find new friends and stuff. :)

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