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Posting Update
all the gang
Hello Readers,

Just in case there's anyone out there hoping I'll get the next chapter of Justice up tonight...Please forgive me. It's crisis time at work and I'm going to be here until well past midnight, and then back here again tomorrow morning, despite it being the weekend. I can't put any energy into tweaking my chapter until my work life is back under control.

I'm tentatively hoping that I'll be able to get the chapter up on Sunday night. If not, I'll post again to let you know.

Wish me luck with the deadlines!

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Good luck! Looking forward to the next chapter :)

Thanks! I need all the luck I can get right now.

Oooh! Crunch-time! Sounds like "audit-time" where I work. No time for anything else. Lol.

Take care, and good luck! And don't worry, we'll all be waiting patiently for the next chapter. ^__^

Another vote of luck! Thanks.

I hate Crunch-time when it doesn't involve chocolate or breakfast cereal.

Life would be easier if we got paid the mega bucks for ficcing.

Take your time, good luck with work based crisis. xx

Life would be easier if we got paid the mega bucks for ficcing.
Wouldn't it just? I'd spend my days in coffee shops with my laptop, never worrying about paying bills.

Thanks for being so understanding. I made a big dent in the work-based crisis last night, and hope to advance the cause further today.

You'd write smut in coffee shops? You are a far braver lady than I!

Oh, I'd only write smut in public if I had a corner table and was wedged safely against the wall!

Good luck from me too! :)
It's always the season before christmas when work ( or school, in my case) gets stressful, isn't it?
I'll just wait patiently for the next chapter.

Awieatti! Thanks for your patience. Yes, work usually gets stressful before Christmas, but it seems to be starting early this year.

Oof! Sending best wishes and virtual chocolate.

Thank you! *licks virtual chocolate off fingers* I'm trying to avoid real chocolate at the moment. The scales have decreed that RL chocolate must be replaced by RL stevia-sweetened cocoa for the time being. But I can have all the virtual chocolate I want!

Good luck! And don't let work bog you down too much. Make sure you find some down time for yourself too :D

Thanks for the well-wishes! Work is kind of interesting once I get going and build up a head of steam. The only problem is that there's too darn much of it! I'm taking a little downtime right now to respond to kind comments on my LJ, but I suppose I'd better drag my nose back to the grindstone again, especially if I want to be home for dinner this evening.

I'm sorry everybody! It was my fault. I got my review back to Brit days later than I said I would [a quick grovel at everyone's feet, then off to stand in a corner].

No, no, no! Come out of that corner, and don't you dare grovel! It's not your fault at all. I was already nervous about the work volume and deadline even back on Wednesday. I was hoping for a deadline extension, but it didn't happen. Good thing I didn't have plans to go away for the long weekend, huh? Anyway, no one is allowed to blame you, including you, just because I have a crazy job!

Sometimes I reeeally miss the old job...

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