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Laundry Woes
Aw, crap, I just ruined my husband's favorite yellow work-out tee-shirt. It was a laundry mishap, but it was unequivocally my fault.

The other day I was over at  lunasariel's LJ and we were discussing our love for lipstick, as well as how we wish there were more pockets in women's clothing ( WHY are there so few pockets in women's clothes?) and I told her how I love lipstick so much that I have a huge collection and I keep them all over the place. There's one next to my computer, two in my desk at work, God knows how many in both my bathrooms, lipsticks and glosses in my various purses and tote bags, and a lipstick in at least one pocket of every coat and jacket I own. There are no fewer than four lipsticks currently in my wallet, plus two lip glosses. Okay, yes, it's quite a big wallet. But it's full of lipstick, not money, sadly.

Astute readers are probably not having any trouble guessing why I'm going on and on about lipsticks in a post entitled 'Laundry Woes'.

I have a pair of exercise pants with an annoying little pocket in a really ill-considered location, which is down by my ankle. I spend a lot of time bending over to dig things out of that little pocket, such as my fitness membership card, my lock, my emergency hair elastic, my spare Starbucks card, and sometimes shopping lists. And of course my mini lipstick. I don't believe I mentioned that I have a box of mini-lipsticks in my underwear drawer. To be honest, I'm not really sure why I keep it there; there must be a hidden psychological reason that is unaccessible to my conscious mind. But I digress. My exercise pants went into the wash with the mini lipstick lurking inside the ankle pocket, which was unzipped because I had removed everything else from it prior to tossing it in the laundry basket.

For such a wee lipstick, it did a tremendous amount of damage. Two pillowcases, which were pink anyway, and which I fortunately wasn't terribly attached to, are now marked with darker blotches of pink. My useful light brown workout top has a couple of minor marks in unobtrusive locations. I had a couple of schleppy sleep tee-shirts that got marked up, but hey, who cares? I'm not a glamorous, filmy nightgown kind of girl, although I would secretly like to be.

The main victim is my husband's nice yellow workout shirt. He likes it because it fits perfectly across his chest and has short sleeves that show off his sexy arms in a modest kind of way because they stop at mid-bicep and cling gently. For the record, this tee-shirt once was mine, bought by me, for myself, but his eyes lit up at the sight of it, and next time I turned around, he was wearing it, and I sort of didn't have the heart to demand it back.

It looks as though it spent its entire hour in the dryer fighting off the amorous advances of a very determined lipstick. It's probably scarred for life. Right now it's back in the washing machine with the pillowcases and a few other victims, but I don't have high hopes of restoring it to its former pristine golden glory. I realized that I don't even own any stain remover! Why can I never remember to buy that stuff when I'm shopping? It's one of those things you don't even think about until you really need it, and then it's usually too late.

I don't know how I'm going to break this tragic news to my husband. His main laundry crime is leaving tissues or napkins in his pockets, but they at least don't produce indelible stains. This lipstick incident is entirely my fault. I am so mad at myself. >(

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Well, I like to leave very expensive mini UBS hard drives in my pockets. They don't ruin the clothes, but that $50-150 dollar drive? Doesn't like soap and water much. I've killed at least four that way and had one miraculously survive unharmed only to wash the same drive again. Second time was a charm. :)

That happened to me once with a very cheap USB stick, but it survived unharmed. It's a very tough little stick :3

Okay, you got me beat. A USB drive is a much greater loss than a replaceable tee shirt. I can't believe you washed the same one twice! Well, actually, I guess I can. They're so small and light it's easy to miss them.

I find that the laundry stain remover Zout (it's a spray in a red bottle) can sometimes work miracles, even on clothes that have been through the dryer.

I googled "Ask Heloise" as she's the maven of housekeeping tips, but her only advice for lipstick stains was to spray both sides with a laundry pretreater designed for oily stains, scrub it in with a toothbrush from the back, and let sit for several minutes before washing again. Repeat as necessary.

When all else fails, buy yourself another t-shirt and give it to him.

Thanks for the tip. I'll check the store later and see if we have Zout in Canada. It sounds like that's what I need, since this tee-shirt has gone through the washer twice and the dryer once. I didn't notice the damage until I started taking the clothes out of the dryer.

Don't be mad at yourself, that can happen to anyone! Well I'm not an expert when it comes to laundry (because my mum does it - lucky me) but have you tried gall soap? It stinks like hell, but it's supposed to work quite well.

If there's really not help for the poor, abused, traumatized shirt, just by him a new one for christmas or something. I'm sure he won't be too mad at you, especially when he is the one who consequently forgets things in his pockets. (By the way, judging by how you describe your husband, he has to be a really good-looking guy. Lucky you, I'm already starting to get jealous!)

I'm really not a make-up kind of girl, so I never had that lipstick-in-the-laundry-problem, but I tend to leave tissues in my pockets. It's a good thing that my mother checks every pocket before washing the clothes!

What's gall soap? I've never heard of it! Is it to be found in the soap section of stores, or is it a cleaning chemical?

Yes, ahem, my husband is very handsome, even when he's bellowing annoyingly on skype.

I think My husband's mother used to check his pockets for him, too. But he did laundry himself for many years after he left home, so I don't know why he still leaves tissues and napkins in his pockets.

Um I don't know if it's called gall soap in english, to be honest...
Ah, I just looked it up, it's called bile soap. I think it should be available at every store, since it's a very traditional - and mostly organic - soap (that's why it stinks so much), but maybe it's just a german thing? Anyway, my mother uses it sometimes when we have some very subborn stains on our clothes, and I think it works quite well.

Bile soap? Hmmm. Never heard of that, either. But I'll check nonetheless. It could be a German thing, or it could be that I'm just not very knowledgeable about laundry and cleaning products.

I hope it will work!
Let me know if you have any success. :)

Oh, no! Here's hoping it survives, it sounds verreh nice on him. ;) And, speaking of verreh nice, out of sheer nosiness curiosity, what shades of lipstick/lip gloss do you prefer? I've been discovering the joys of having multiple choices for lipstick beyond straightforward pink and straightforward red.

That ankle pocket sounds *weird* - like, as you've shown, it's really inconvenient, especially for exercise, and who puts pockets on the ankles of pants, anyway?

I admit I've never left anything staining in my clothes (this was always the duty of my sister the artist, who likes to stash markers and pens everywhere), but I did once send my passport through, a couple of days before I had to travel out of the country. Yeah, that worked out well... XD

It didn't survive, I regret to report. It's currently hanging on a hanger in a secluded spot behind the door of the computer room. If he sees it, I'll have to endure a lecture, so I don't want him to remember its existence until I've made at least one more attempt to get the stains out.

I don't like bright or dark reds, but I like bright pinks and wine colors in most shades. I like frosted lipsticks. Corals and peaches don't look good on me. Recently I've been layering a bright fuschia pink with brown sparkly long lasting lip gloss on top. I like lip glosses with applicators because I hate getting goopy stuff on my fingertips. I like lipsticks with staying power. I love lip-liners too.

That ankle pocket manages to annoy me several times a week. Its too bad I bought two pairs of those exercise pants.

Yikes about the passport! Were you able to travel with it in whatever condition it was in?

Edited at 2012-12-06 03:12 am (UTC)

I like bright pinks and wine colors in most shades. [...] Recently I've been layering a bright fuschia pink with brown sparkly long lasting lip gloss on top.
Ooh, sounds gorgeous! And I totally agree with you on staying power and applicators - I don't wear much lip gloss anymore, but when I did, I remember that I really hated the goopyness of it. And, yeah, it takes a very specific skin tone to be able to pull off coral and/or peach, which neither of us seems to have.

And, yes, I ended up being able to travel with it okay - my name, picture, etc. were all still legible, and I was A) 12 and B) travelling as part of a student exchange program, so we all had nice official-looking polo shirts on, so no problem there. I still got stopped because they wanted to take a closer look at the soft cast on my foot (I'd had some minor surgery earlier that day, yowch!), but the passport itself seemed perfectly acceptable.

It's so much fun to layer lip colors, but you have to either blot the first layer or wait for it to settle.

I found a great lipstick recently at the drugstore I most often shop at. It's a Rimmel product and it's this exact one: http://thenailpolishaddict.blogspot.ca/2012/03/rimmel-lasting-finish-lipstick-rossetto.html

This pinky-beige color is not my usual shade. I usually like them a little brighter. I only bought it because it was (a) on sale, it's (b) one of those long-lasting lipsticks, and (c) this shade was the only one that I felt wasn't either too dark, too bright, or too close to something I already had. So I gave it a try and I'm glad I did. It's the most subtle of my lipsticks, and it's a matte shade rather than my beloved frost or shiny, but it looks good and stays put. Because it's subtle tbhough, I usually pair it with heavier eye make-up. "Heavier' means I won't skip the eye shadow and I'll definitely line the inside of my lower lids with waterproof black pencil.

The only trouble with long lasting lipsticks is that your lips get a little dry, hence the two lip glosses in my wallet.

Well, after that little essay, I now feel thoroughly girly!

It's so much fun to layer lip colors, but you have to either blot the first layer or wait for it to settle.
Duly noted! I'm learning so much about makeup from LJ people, and you're especially helpful! (Oh, and thanks for the pixiewoo rec, too - they're awesome!)

It's a Rimmel product and it's this exact one
*drool* I look for exactly the mythical "lipstick that doesn't look like lipstick," so this sounds perfect! Pity it's a limited release, though. :(

Is it out of stock already? Oh, no. I've only had it for a couple of months. I should go back there and ask about it.

Those pixiewoo girls are very serious about make up. I've learned all sorts of little details from them. They even inspired me to buy a small set of make-up brushes. Which I haven't used yet. I guess I'm not ready!

Is it out of stock already?
Sadly, I think so. The post you link says it's a limited edition kind of thing, and there's a Rimmel display in my usual drugstore, and I don't recall seeing it there (although that's not necessarily cause to despair - I normally don't look very closey at Rimmel, since I don't wear a lot of high-gloss/sparkly/frosted lipstuff).

Go back and check, and try it on your hand if you can find it. The black-cased Kate Moss line of long-wearing lipsticks for Rimmel is all matte. They're not expensive, either. I think I bought mine on sale for around eight bucks. I think it may have been a limited edition last March, but they were a new thing only two months ago! In Canada, at least.

Got it! Actually, upon closer inspection, they do still have it, so I got myself a tube for further investigation. It looks awesome on my hand, thanks for cluing me into this! :)

Hope the good karma from leading me to a pretty new lipstick shade is helping with resuscitate the poor stained t-shirt.

You got it? That's great! I'm wearing mine today. I thought of you when I put it on. It lasted for about four hours, and through two Starbucks coffees, but now it has almost faded away.

Your description of it as the mythical "lipstick that doesn't look like lipstick," is really quite apt. It looks like true lip color, but better, since my lips tend to be pretty pale.

I'll buy some stain remover tonight and try again, but I don't have much hope. I was shirt-shopping today, but I haven't found anything I thought my husband would like.

Oh Brit! There there. I can't decide whether I want to laugh out loud or nod sympathetically. You have quite a lipstick party going on in your house. But that ankle pocket does sound tricky. Would you believe me if I told you I don't own a single lipstick? I do own a couple of shades of lip-gloss/balms.

I am usually the kind of person who checks the pockets before putting stuff in the laundry and yet somehow I have managed to wash and dry (with heat) my ID, not once or twice but three times. It has acquired a weird yellowish tinge and a permanently bent shape as a result of so much torture in addition to perpetually being in my back-pocket. It's a miracle that it still works.

I hope you find a way to get rid of the stain or find the exact same t-shirt for your hubby :)

Jo, I don't mind at all if you want to laugh! Go ahead. But you might as well nod sympathetically, too, because laundry mishaps happen to everyone sooner or later. See, even you laundered your no-doubt horrified ID, which screamed silently throughout the spin cycle, and will never be the same again.

I usually check pockets, too! In fact I'm quite assiduous about it, thanks to my hubby's tendency never to check his own pockets for napkins. It was the mini-ness of that lipstick that caused it to elude my searching fingers. That and the fact that I can't get my whole hand into that irritatingly tiny pocket. So many times I've told myself to try not to even use that pocket, but I can't control myself. I can't ever see a pocket without wanting to put something in it, usually a lipstick.

I doubt I'll ever be able to find him the exact same shirt again, but I'll try. This is going to be expensive, I just know it.

Edited at 2012-12-06 03:02 am (UTC)

Had a lot of success on ancient stains with Oxyclean, but since they were probably not of lipstick origin (can't remember the last time I wore that), no guarantees. I really hope you can find a duplicate of the shirt, and then buy 3 or 4 of them. Doesn't it suck so much to lose that one perfect handy little item, no mater how cheap or unassuming it seems to be? Cost is no indicator when it comes to how things look on you.

I know this probably isn't what you want to hear, but your post had me rolling around in my chair. From the fairly ominous post title to the bit about how your husband's eyes lit up when he saw your new shirt, I couldn't stop giggling. I had a really rough commute home that put me in a cranky mood, but now I'm cheered up considerably. Sorry, sort of, but thanks!

Oh, no, never apologize for laughing! I meant it to be amusing. Just because I screwed up laundry doesn't mean we all can't enjoy the absurdity of the situation.

Cost is no indicator when it comes to how things look on you.

That is so true! Some of the items of clothing that looked best on me in my life have been the most inexpensive, or even second hand.

Sorry to hear you had a rough commute. Glad it's over and that you're feeling a bit more cheerful.

Well it's almost Christmas....

It's your friend Moon again-

I have run crayons, gum, ink pens through the laundry. Once they reach the dryer the stains are set for life. Unless you stain something white that you can bleach the hell out of, the majority of the stains will probably stick.

Have a funeral for the perfect Tee-shirt and hey, now you know what to get hubby for the holidays; a new shirt!!

Check the inside of your dryer too, that probably has stains that could wreck the next load of clothes.

Re: Well it's almost Christmas....

Hello Moon,

Yes, I feel I have less than a 5 percent chance of saving this tee shirt. The stains are still pretty dark, not to mention numerous, after the second washing.

Thanks for the tip about the inside of the dryer! Didn't think of that. I'd better go check it before my father does a load of laundry.

I hope I can find another shirt in just that shade of sunny yellow. I foresee I'll be spending the weekend scouring shops.

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