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Posting schedule and cats
cat, stripe
Hello Fake readers,

I'm posting to let you guys know that I have finished Chapter 28 of Justice and it has even come back from the betas, BUT... their comments have revealed that I have to do a little more research before I can post it, so it probably won't be up for another week. I have also almost finished Chapter 29. I've only got about 1000 words to write, and then it can go to the betas, assuming they're not on holiday!

I have been on a program of writing 100 words on Justice a day. One hundred words is only a few sentences, and step by step, the chapters get written.

In other news, I went to one of the local pet shelters the other day to look at cats. I still miss Fluffy terribly, but I have been thinking about all the unwanted cats in my city who would love to have a home and a family. My husband is against the idea because he suffered so much when Fluffy died and he said he doesn't want to go through that pain again. However, he understands that I am thinking about getting another cat, and he appreciates my argument that some unloved cat somewhere will find its forever home with us. But he thinks we ought to wait a year or two and then get a kitten that can grow up with us and will not die for a long time.

I pointed out that there are no guarantees-- a young cat could die at any time, and even though our cat died at age 13, the next cat might last until 18 or 19. I'm partial to adult cats, anyway.

Despite my husband's objections, he's such a profound animal lover that I know if I came home with a cat, he would moan and groan for about five minutes and then he would start to brush it and worry about whether it was scared or hungry. I think that deep down he knows I'm going to come home with a cat one of these days.

The trouble is, I saw three cats at the shelter that I was interested in, and I can't make up my mind which one to get. I can't have all three. I work too much and won't have enough time and energy to deal with three kitties and their needs. Plus, the added costs of vet-trips, etc. I might be able to swing two cats, but not right away, since my husband is still maintaining his opposition to the idea of even getting one.

So this is what's new with me. Let me know how you're doing if you get a chance.

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Ooooh the next chapter is on its way!! *bounces excitedly off the walls* Finally something to cheer me up (I was in a slightly aggressive mood right now because of several technical problems ^^), I can't wait to read it!! :D Too bad you have to do more research. Research sucks. It's one of the main reasons why I like to write fantasy, hehe - no research necessary there! ;D

Oh dear, having to decide between three cute cats must be hard! When we bought Steffi, she was the first cat that we saw and we immediately said "Yup, we'll buy her!", so we didn't have that problem :D

Keep us updated with news on cat stuff and fanfiction - because getting a new pet is always exciting. So is Justice. (And if I remember right, there was also a certain karate oneshot in the making, right? Not that I want to put you under writing stress, but... you know...)

Ok shutting up now, bye! :D

Oh right-- the Karate one-shot! I forgot about that. Thanks for reminding me. I'm about to go to the office and work for the afternoon, but I'll see if I can't apply my '100 words per day' technique to the one shot, and maybe it will be written in a couple of weeks.

I didn't really want to look at a lot of cats, but a volunteer took me through several rooms and enthusiastically showed me all her favorites, and after cuddling several cats, I found myself wanting them all.

I hope you can fix your technical problems soon!

I'll always gladly remind you, if that's all I have to do to get some smexy fanfiction soon ;)

Maybe she really wanted you to take them all...

Yup, technical problems fixed, life can go on! :D I'm always terribly upset if something doesn't work and I don't know why.

That volunteer probably wanted to try to find one (or more) of her faves a home with me. I think the words 'Devoted Cat Mom Who Will Buy Fancy Feast' were floating in the air over my head. The volunteer's favorite cat was an adult female with very dense, plush, short hair. This cat was extremely affectionate. But my interest had already been captured by a shy longhaired cat on the other side of the room. After that I decided to leave, because I was getting emotional.

At the moment I'm so busy at work and have multiple deadlines, so I've decided not to make any cat-decisions until July 02.

Wouldn't I be annoyed if I brought home a new cat and it bonded with my husband, not me, because I'm never home and am always at work?

Maybe give your husband a little time to get used to the idea and then bring him along, see if he falls in love with any of the three cats that you were considering?

I applaud your bravery on wanting to get a new kitty so soon! Milady died almost a year ago, and I've only once even vaguely considered going back on the market, so to speak. ('Course, we already have two other cats and a dog, so it's not like we were suddenly left pet-less like you were.) Kitten season, if you were wondering, is roughly April-August. ;)

My house seems empty without Fluffy. Well, I know my husband is still there, and my father, when he's not with his gf, but there's no little feline presence wandering around, asking for chicken, and sleeping cutely on the furniture.

I don't think I want a kitten. I like grown up cats. Kittens are so cute that their chances of being adopted are higher than the adults.

Of course we're right at the beginning of shedding season, and I'm partial to long-haired cats. I should try to wait until the fall at least, so we don't have to keep the kitchen door open all the time to let the heat out. I would want to keep the doors and windows closed for the first week or two until the cat understands that this is his/her new home. I wouldn't want a cat to bolt on the first day and then not know how to come back because of unfamiliarity with its new surroundings.

No, if I involve my husband, he would likely get upset by all the needy animals in the shelter and I think he'll probably refuse to come anyway. But I ought to give him another month or so of getting his mind around the idea before I take any action.

Glad to hear you sounding a bit better. *hughug*

I like the 100 word a day idea. I've been terribly busy of late and have fallen completely off the wagon and want to start up again - maybe that's a good way to go.

As for a new kitty, I don't think you need to worry. Kitty will find you when the time is right.

You know, I didn't end up getting a kitty. I suddenly got this very strong feeling that Fluffy would be upset about it. I know that doesn't make sense, really. But I guess it shows I'm not quite ready yet.

Did you try writing 100 words a day?

The 100 words a day thing is really working for me. It's not as satisfying as being able to really sink into a prolonged creative state, but it's better than nothing. A hundred words is only a few sentences, after all. Sometimes, if time permits, I write two or three hundred words to make up for days when I can't even eat my lunch until 4:00, let alone get to any personal hobbies like writing.

*waves* Yeah, you will know when the time is right.

Still haven't been able to do even 100 words a day - I'm going to be away for 3 weeks starting this Saturday, and have been working like a fiend to get ahead. Maybe I'll get a chance while we're away, but internet access could be dodgy. :( *is pathetic*

Enough about me, how are you doing? *hughug*

I hope I'll know when the time is right. I dreamt about Fluff the night before last. I was bringing him home in a nasty cage (not his cat carrier for some reason)and there was a terrible wind storm in the driveway that sent me staggering sideways. I dropped the cage, which split open and Fluff shot out. I was afraid he'd run away in panic and I thought "Oh no, I'm going to lose him again, just on the verge of getting him home." But I called him and he trusted me enough to get over his fear of the storm and come to me. I got him into the house and my father and husband greeted him with delight.

It was a wishful thinking dream, I know. But no matter how old I get or how many other cats I have, in the future, I will always want him back.

I'm so busy at work and have almost no time to write. I wish I had a normal job. On the other hand my job is really interesting and I'm turning out to be good at it.

My suggestion re writing on your three week holiday, is save whatever you are working on into a Word document (entitled 'Grandma's Baked Parsnip Recipe' if you have to share your laptop with others) and work on it in a word format instead of online while you're gone. Or put it on a USB data stick. Hopefully you'll be able to find half an hour here and there? I know that getting time to oneself is more difficult on vacation than at home, which is one of the reasons I rarely travel except on business.

*Hugs back!*

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