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Memo to Self: Before Cycling, Put Brain in Gear
Dee Blue waves
Perils of cycling, or How I Wrecked My New Dress

As many of you know, I am a 365-day-a-year cyclist. I ride rain or shine, and in a variety of different outfits and heel heights. As you may imagine, some outfits and heel heights work better than others. Generally, any heel higher than two inches requires a slower cycling speed. Skirts ought not to be too full or too short. Certain styles of closed jackets don’t work at all because they hook themselves over the back of my bike seat and anchor me there, especially if the fabric has no give. I generally wear coats and jackets with snaps rather than zippers for this reason. Just in case you’re wondering, my bike is a Holland-style ladies’ bike and has a skirt guard across the back wheel, so I can mount and dismount without any leg swinging that might flash my underwear.

Anyway, I believe I detect some curiosity about my new dress and its undeserved fate. I found a wonderful, flattering, ankle length black dress that not only made me look ten pounds lighter, but it was also on sale! It’s a scoop-neck tank style up top and is cut in a long, narrow sheath with filmy layers that hang in angles. The bottom of the dress ends in points, rather than a straight hem. The fabric has a lot of stretch. Every time I wore it, I got compliments. Sigh.

It had been a long time since I rode a bike in a skirt of such a length, and for some reason I forgot to tie it up in a knot around my knees. I was on my way to Starbucks, laptop in bike basket, happily anticipating my Americano. The first few blocks passed uneventfully. Then something rather unfortunate happened. Right in the middle of an intersection, I felt one of the points on the hem of my dress catch on my left bike pedal. The light was going to change in about ten seconds, so I couldn’t very well dismount in the middle of the intersection and unhook it— I had no choice but to keep going until I was out of the way of traffic. The pedals went round long enough to get me to the side of the road, but by that time, my dress had been pulled so tight I could barely get off the bike to address the problem.

A passing couple took pity on my plight and stopped to assist me. They held my bike up while I got off the seat and crouched down to unwind my dress from the pedal stem. The hem and the bike pedal refused to be parted, so I had to tear the bottom of my lovely dress . I felt like such an idiot. My two helpers were very nice, however, and refrained from questioning my judgment in choosing to ride a bike in an outfit like that. I resolved not to mention my adventure to my husband, since it would have earned me a lecture, and hey, would he really be happier knowing his wife did such a foolish thing? I think not.

As the first paragraph of this post was intended to convey, I’m an experienced cyclist and therefore should have known better. I was lucky and I know it. Now that long skirts and dresses are back in fashion, I have a few more items in my wardrobe that are of a similar length to the dress I wrecked. I always knot them around my knees now. If any of you guys are likely to ride a bike in a dress this summer, be smarter than I was!

By the way, and on a totally different subject, I am going to post chapter 28 of Justice this evening. I don't know if anyone out there still wants to read it because it has been so long since I updated. I absolve you all, meaning that I have no expectations that anyone will care at this late date. But it will go up, and then Chapter 29 will follow in about ten days. I am determined to finish it, even if all I can do is write 100 words a day.

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Oh, I did something similar to a dress. I normally didn't wear dresses with long, flared skirts, but when I did I was always careful to gather them up when I was scooting around in the office chair. Well, one day I was in a hurry to find a file and forgot, catching the hem in one of the wheels of the chair. It put a nice hole in the dress. To fix it I would have had to cut at least six inches (15 cm) off the bottom, and the skirt was quite wide at the bottom. I never fixed it and it is still hanging in the one closet, waiting for those anticipated repairs.

That happened to me with a really long skirt and my office chair, too! It caught under the wheel, but didn't rip because it was an extremely stretchy spandex fabric. The waist was elasticated and I felt it pulling down. I was afraid the chair would pull my skirt off! Never wore that skirt to work again.

My nice black dress is also hanging in the closet with two holes in it waiting for repairs. Considering how many years it takes me to even sew a button back on, I don't have high hopes.

Oh dear. Well, at least you hurt "only" the dress and not yourself!
And KYAAA a new Justice chapter!!!! Imagine me glomping you and squeezing you to death. Okay, okay, maybe better not to death because then you would never be able to finish the story ;D

I'm going to read it right now. I'm sooo happy that you're writing again! ^_^
(And if you can ever squeeze in a little time, I'd also be happy about a bit Karate ;) Heh. I promised to remind / annoy you).

Alrighty, shutting up now. *hurries over to Justice*

Well, I imagined a nice, squeezing kind of hug without the 'death' part. Thanks for the reminder about the karate story! I spent a bit of time on it today just for you. I figure if I subject it to the same 100 words a day treatment, it will eventually get done. I haven't written a Fake one shot in forever! I'm not sure at this point whether it will be a one shot or just a short story with two or three chapters.

That sounds awesome! :)
You know what, I'll make a little video for you. Because I'm in a video mood anyway and because you are working so hard on your fanfictions for us even though your job is stressful, so I want to give you something back ;)
Any special wishes??

Oooh, a video for me??? And I can pick a topic? Hmmm. How about the father/son relationship between Ryo and Bikky? Or really, just anything you're in the mood for. I love all your FAKE videos.

Of course, anything for you :3
Good idea! I think I even know a song that would fit well. Yes, I'm sure you would like that. Okay then, I'm going to start working! :D
I can't really say yet when it will be finished because I'll soon fly off to London to spend a few days there, shopping and sightseeing and all that jazz. But I promise I won't forget about it ;)

:(. So sorry about the dress. *hughug*. Can it be replaced?

Thank you! I don't deserve a hug after this piece of foolishness, but hey I'll take one anyway. You know I love your hugs!

It can't be replaced because the store has no more left in my size. But I still wear it around the hosue on weekends. I'm wearing it right now, as a matter of fact.

I did find another beautiful long black dress, though! It's more swirly and doesn't have angles and points. But I look great in it. My sister calls it the 'magic dress' because no matter a woman's size, shape or weight, EVERYONE looks fabulous in this dress. The only downside is that it was three times more expensive than the one I wrecked.

HOUSE! I mean I wear it around the house not the 'hosue'. I can spell, honest. I just can't type. Especially lately.

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