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Posting schedule
Justice chapter 29 has gone to the betas. Chapter 30 is underway. Karate one-shot or short-story-- dunno which it will be-- is also underway.

I went and sat on the beach last night with some friends. I haven't done that in years. I wonder why not? I live so close to the ocean and several beautiful parks, yet I only go to four places regularly besides home: work, the gym, the supermarket and Starbucks. How did I get so boring? I really should try to enjoy nature more often. It just never occurs to me.

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Yay for the good news! Knowing how detailed you tend to write your stories, I bet it will rather be a short story with several parts than a oneshot, right? hehe. I'm totally fine with that ;D

Oooh you live close to a beach? *-* Lucky you! I have to drive for a few hours to get to the ocean, and then it's only the cold North Sea with ugly, stony beaches. :(
But maybe I shouldn't complain - I live in a very green city after all, with lots of parks, gardens, lakes and even a big forest right in the middle of the city (but my laziness makes me prefer the balcony most of the time xD).

Yeah, I'm so close to the beach that I can walk there in a matter of minutes. Our beaches are stony and the waters are really cold, but I love the smooth round white and grey marble stones, I collected a few when I was there, so I can have a reminder of the beach in my hot downtown office. All of our ocean beaches have beautiful misty mountains and hills beyond their waters. The Olympic mountains in the USA state of Washington figure large in our BC vistas, at least in my part of the province.

I have the same laziness problem that you do. We have to get over it somehow! Do you have any ideas?

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