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Posting schedule
Justice chapter 29 has gone to the betas. Chapter 30 is underway. Karate one-shot or short-story-- dunno which it will be-- is also underway.

I went and sat on the beach last night with some friends. I haven't done that in years. I wonder why not? I live so close to the ocean and several beautiful parks, yet I only go to four places regularly besides home: work, the gym, the supermarket and Starbucks. How did I get so boring? I really should try to enjoy nature more often. It just never occurs to me.

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I think the only thing that really helps is to go out with friends, so basically the same thing that you did. :D
Or, as it just happened to me, have a group of noisy construction workers work on the house wall right next to the balcony, so that it's neither a quiet nor a peaceful place anymore. xD (Thank God I just fleed to London for a few days!)

You know I have relatives in London I could stay with, but then I think about the packing and the long flight and what to do about my clients while I'm gone and the idea fades out.

I hope you're enjoying London and getting some good shopping opportunities. Is it peaceful?

Really? How cool! I don't know anyone here :D
Yeah it's great here, and such nice weather! It's a bit exhausting too because we walk around a lot for sightseeing, but with these temperatures, it's fun.

Thankfully I don't have such a long way to London ;D

Yes, you Europeans can drive for forty minutes and be in another country! Well, maybe it takes a little longer than that to get from Germany to the UK unless you fly. But you could visit several countries in one day!

Canada is so big that it takes forever just to get a fraction of the way across the country. I live close to the US, but it takes a long time to get there, too.

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