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Posting schedule
Justice chapter 29 has gone to the betas. Chapter 30 is underway. Karate one-shot or short-story-- dunno which it will be-- is also underway.

I went and sat on the beach last night with some friends. I haven't done that in years. I wonder why not? I live so close to the ocean and several beautiful parks, yet I only go to four places regularly besides home: work, the gym, the supermarket and Starbucks. How did I get so boring? I really should try to enjoy nature more often. It just never occurs to me.

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Yup, we Europeans are lucky people :D
Well, we needed about one hour by plane from Germany to the UK, but with all that checking in, checking out, and various controls to make sure that we were not carrying a nail cleaner or other potential weapons with us, it took a few hours longer than that. My sister, who recently went to England by train, ferry and bus, needed about a day to get there.

But on the other hand, you have so much more space and nature in Canada! In Europe, everything is so small and crowded. And once you drive into a certain direction for too long, you encounter a borderline to another country - which means another culture, another language, sometimes even customs controls or currency exchange... Some people find it exciting, others find it stressful :D

Flying from Germany to the UK sounds like traveling from Vancouver Island to the the mainland. First you drive or take the bus to the ferry, which takes about an hour for the bus, less for driving. Then you wait to board the ferry, assuming it isn't late. Then there is the 90 minute ferry ride, followed by docking procedures, then you either drive off the boat, or walk off and catch a series of city buses and /or skytrains. It takes about three or four hours. But at least no one confiscates our nail files or water bottles!

Yes, we have space and nature. You would think that after living in Tokyo, I would go outside and enjoy the space and the nature whenever possible, but I don't. I tend to enjoy it in passing only. I seem to lead a mostly indoor kind of life. After all, there's nowhere to plug in my laptop in the great outdoors!

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