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report on progress of Justice plus some whining about the weather
Justice Chapter 30 is at the halfway point. I'll be posting Chapter 29 on Friday or Saturday at the latest. It might be sooner if I don't need to do any massive re-writes.

I hope you guys are all enjoying summer, because I'm not! I hate hot weather. I even hate warm weather. My favorite season is fall (but not fall in Tokyo because it's too damn warm there in October), followed by winter, followed by spring, and then there's summer, which I just kind of endure. Yes, yes, I am aware that most people find my attitude weird. Most people seem to like summer best.

I don't like the heat or the brightness. The endless sameness of sunny days gets me down. I prefer changing weather and cooler temperatures. The only good thing about summer is that my chances of being drenched by rain as I bike to work are significantly reduced.

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I totally agree about fall being the best, followed by spring. I'm not a big fan of winter only because of the massive amounts of snow we get. I will be St. Louis next weekend where it will be between 90 degrees and the surface of the sun. :)


Oh my God, that's hot. I hope you at least get to stay in air-conditioned digs.

We don't really get snow in my part of Canada, or I wouldn't like winter either. We sort of make up for it with rain, however. At least one doesn't have to shovel rain!

Lol it's always amazing how different people can be. I was born at the beginning of August, that makes me a summer child and that's the season I like most, followed by spring, fall and last comes winter. I'm sorry you have to endure summer. Are summer in Canada usually very hot?

It depends on where you are. For example, summers in the Okanagan can be very hot and dry. Summers in Toronto can be very hot and humid. I really have nothing to complain about. My little corner of western Canada has the best possible climate for a summer-hater. We average about 23 degrees Celsius here, and our humidity is low in summer, high in winter, which is great for the skin.

But anything over 22 degrees is too warm for me personally, and recently we've been up around 28 or 29. No houses and few office buildings have air conditioning because the climate here in general isn't hot enough to warrant it. As a result both my home and my office are sweltering, oven-y places, even with windows wide open. I tried having a fan in my office but it tends to blow my papers around. I escape to air conditioned coffee shops whenever possible.

Right now the thermometer says it's 28 degrees Celsius in my room. Urgh, very warm, indeed. I prefer temperatures around 25 more. But summers in Germany are usually the same like in your corner of the world. :) Air conditioned offices and buildings in general are not very common here, too.

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Yes, 28 degrees is no fun! When I lived in Tokyo, I had a twenty-minute walk to my train station in the most unbelievable humidity you can imagine. It took me twenty minutes of loitering in the convenience store attached to the station just to recover eough to go stand out on the platform.

Whenever I want to moan about being hot, I try to remember that time.

Oh god this sounds awful! Once I've been in a tropical greenhouse, the humidity and heat were unbearable. It was really hard to breathe. :D

Ahh that guy in your icon. I guess it's hot at his place, too? ;D

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Yes, it's hot and he's hot! That's the only good thing about hot weather: shirtless men.

Oh boy, yes! Aren't they something to look at? :D The other day I noticed roofer working on the chimney of the house opposite from where I live. It was quite distracting from work. :D

Once, a long time ago before I was married, this guy came to my office to fix a skylight on one of the building's adjacent roofs. We had a heat wave going on at that time. All of us in the office had a magnificent view of his muscular, shirtless glory as he came up and down his ladder wearing only jeans, work boots and a tool belt. Needless to say, no one was focusing much on work! The women were making excuses to stroll over to the copier from where the best view could be had, and the men in the office were all rolling their eyes and acting amused. We could tell that our skylight guy was aware of the interest and was kind of enjoying it.

But on his second day of work, the disgruntled president intercepted skylight guy as he arrived for work sand told him to keep his shirt on. So he worked in a skimpy tank top instead. It was a memorable couple of days!

OMG, this scene will stay in my mind forever. What a tease! Aren't handymen at work the sexiest thing ever? :D So professional and ripped.

Aren't handymen at work the sexiest thing ever? :D

Oh yes. And I admit to having a thing about tool belts.

YES! Especially when they are riding low on their hips. :D

You have the most delectable icons!

Thankfully, it hasn't been all that hot here. It's even been downright chilly in the evenings! We had an "armpit of Hell" phase about a month ago, but the capricious Weather Gods seem to be over that phase. *knock on wood*

I totally know what you mean about preferring cooler weather, though! When one is cold, one can put on all kinds of cute hats and scarves and coats and gloves and boots and things, but when one is hot, all one can really do (at least, all I can really do) is sweat and be cranky.

Hope things cool down for you soon!

When one is cold, one can put on all kinds of cute hats and scarves and coats and gloves and boots and things, but when one is hot, all one can really do (at least, all I can really do) is sweat and be cranky.

Exactly! I love boots, hats and scarves. Another thing we can do when it's cold is find a person or animal to cuddle with. In hot weather, cuddling is not as enjoyable. Especially if all parties are sweating!

I hope Hell doesn't turn its attention on your city and remember it has another armpit...

Another thing we can do when it's cold is find a person or animal to cuddle with.
Ah, definitely an important consideration! I always felt so bad for not wanting to cuddle with my cat when it was hot out, but a welcome little space-heater in winter becomes "ewwww like I needed to be any sweatier" in summer. XP

Believe me, the cats feel the same way. Fluffy used to sleep in my arms in winter, but in summer he didn't even want to be on the bed with us. He used to lie around on the click floors asleep on his back with all 4 legs sticking up (SO adorable) in an effort to get air flow across his excessively furry tummy.

Yay for writing progress! :) Damn you' re really fast these days, but who am I to complain? ;)
And talking about hot weather: it's around 30 degrees here in london. I mean, LONDON! O.O and it doesn't seem like the heat wave is going to end soon. Well I don't mind much since our hotel and practically every building is wonderfully cool inside and I love the summer anyway. Besides I prefer this weather to the infamous London rain :D
It's a shame I already have to fly home today. I probably won't enjoy the heat that much at home where there's nothing to cool ourselves down except ice and cold drinks. Or simply sitting in the fridge xD

Well, 30 degrees is not too bad if you have regular access to air-conditioning... Wait a minute, what am I saying? 30 degrees is Way Too Hot! But you can probably handle it better than me.

I was trying to write ahead a bit on the weekend because I knew Monday and Tuesday would be too busy and I probably wouldn't get my hundred words done.

But I'm going to try to do fity on the Karate fic right now. I have only ten minutes, then it's busy-busy for the rest of the day, right up until 10 pm.

I'm back in Germany now and it's really just as hot as in London, lol.
But Woah, we just recently had some massive thunderstorms with hailstones as big as tennis balls! Scary! O.O And afterwards, the temperatures went down a little, but they should go up soon again. Well, I'm still enjoying it, even without air-conditioning :D
So it's still pretty stressful for you? But you've achieved a pretty good writing tempo nevertheless. I admire you, I mean I have much more freetime and only write half as much as you xD Maybe I should try out that 100-words-a-day-technique as well...
By the way, did I ever mention how much I love that Bang-Bang-icon you have there? *__*

Hailstones as big as tennis balls would hurt! Poor birds, squirrels and flowers who got bonked.

I am so unspeakably stressed. I have a really horrible deadline today with serious consequences if I don't make it. I won't be doing any writing for a couple of days.

Yes, try the 100 words technique! It has been very helpful. I usually end up trying to write a little more than 100 words to make up for the days when I don't have any time at all.

Bang-bang was first-ever icon. I love Ryo's sexy, confident face. He's an excellent shot and he knows it.

Yup, and they also destroyed lots of rooftops and cars. Some people ran outside to save their cars, but quickly returned with bleeding holes in their heads (my head hurts at the imagination alone, ouch!) Thank God it happened at nighttime and not during the day when there were lots of people outside! But yeah, I feel with all the poor animals and plants as well, who had no real choice to protect themselves :( I lay safely in my bed and woke up from the loud thunder. I've never heard such a loud thunder! I usually enjoy thunderstorms, but that night, it was SCARY, it sounded like explosions O.O Sometimes I wonder if all the pessimists in the world are maybe right with their predictions that we're close to the apocalypse...

Oh dear, that sounds pretty serious! I squeeze my thumbs for you, or however you say that in English x'D I'm sure you'll make it in time! :)

And here's a sexy Dee to match your sexy Ryo. lol :D

Thanks, I made made courier deadline in the nick of time. I discovered with 90 minutes to go that I was missing one extremely important document, so I had a moment of panic and prayer, and then I called my client and asked if by any chance he had it. he swore up and down he had given it to me. I couldn't remember because there were so many. I asked him if he could look for it anyway. He phoned back half an hour later and said he couldn't find it. I said "Keep looking! We've still got 60 minutes." Fifteen minutes after that, he called again and said he had found it! Yay! (Thank you, God)He jumped in the car and I made the deadline at the courier office with ten minutes to spare. I feel very relieved. But now I have to start on my next deadline. *Sigh*

Hailstones that dented people's cars and drew blood? How horrible! I've never experienced anything like that, and I hope I never do.

I'll admit I did feel a bit of relief with the sudden temperature drop and drizzle of rain that happened. However I did enjoy the nice weather while it lasted. It was a nice change from the usual British weather, resulted in a lot of cheery people.

Don't miss having to constantly drench my snow-white skin in suncream though!

I'm jealous of your drizzle of rain! So is my garden. That reminds me, I ought to go and water it.

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