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free and cheap e-books
I recently found a website that offers links to free and cheap e-books on Amazon.com. I don't remember how I found it. I must have been poking around the web wondering how to get my reading expenses down. I believe I may have mentioned once or twice that since I got a Kindle, I have been forking over money to Amazon by the bucketful. That has got to stop, or at least the buckets have to be a little less full. I started trying cheap books from Amazon's 99 cent section, but that's really hit and miss. Mostly miss.

Anyhow, try out this website if you are interested in getting free ebooks: http://www.e-literati.de/

I believe the website is German, but it could be Dutch. I get those two languages mixed up sometimes when I see them in written form. I'm sure awieatti will set me straight as to which language it is, though! Anyway, it has English language books too, and links to Amazon.com. The books are usually free for 24 hours, then the price goes up. I've been trying new authors this way. I've learned to be picky and vet the books thoroughly as possible before I download them to my Kindle. I read the first few pages and I check the reviews. I'm especially interested in the three-star or less reviews because that's where you'll get honesty. I want to know ahead of time if the book has formatting or punctuation/spelling issues, or if it loses momentum or has a big, nasty, surprise, brutal rape scene hiding in the middle of the book, like what happened to me recently with a book I thoroughly regret reading, not to mention paying for. (I will review that book when I can face it again, but right now I'm too mad at the author to allow it back into my head)

One more thing: They usually show two books for each day, one in German and one in English. You have to click on the book in order to unlock the list of the other books. I didn't realize that when I was new to the site and if I wasn't interested in the first English-language book I saw on a given day and therefore didn't click on it, I missed all the others and didn't find them until the next day, by which time they had gone up in price. So even if you don't like the looks of the first book, click on it anyway, and a lot more will be revealed.

I've found a few jewels on e-literati, and I hope you will, too.

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What a great page! And in German! (yes, it's German :D )
Thank you for sharing the link with us. I will definitely get many e-books there, especially the free ones! ;)

I own only one e-book. It was really funny, exciting, interesting and well-written in the beginning, but it got worse and worse towards the end. I bet half of the book consists of needless sex scenes and the plot just dies somehow. You know me, I don't mind sex scenes at all (hell no! :D ) but this was way too much even for me. I just skipped them towards the end. >.<
I've never read a book before that had such an awesome beginning and such a cheesy, crappy happy ending.

I've read so many books like that, mostly from Torquere Press. I can't stand endless, boring repetitive sex scenes that STEAL valuable time away from the plot. I don't need to pay for 150 pages of badly written porn. It's available free all over the Internet. I'm willing to pay for a good story, though.

Which book was it that disappointed you? Now I'm curious! You can PM me if you don't want to say it here.

http://www.e-literati.de/ doesn't have many M/M books but sometimes one comes up. I got one for free the other day called Lenny For Your Thoughts by Anyta Sunday.I haven't read it yet, though. Too many books, not enough time!

Thanks for clearing up the language. I suspected it was German, but I've been wrong before.

Exactly my opinion. And then there are the free internet stories that are well-written, have a good plot AND good sex scenes. Internet is a wonderful thing :D

Oh I can tell you here, and warn all the other readers and lurkers as well ;D It's "Feral" by Alexa Land. If you are curious and have a bit of freetime (bad joke), you might like to read the reading sample on amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Feral-ebook/dp/B00C0ZVKHK/ref=cm_cr_pr_pb_t

It's actually the best part of the story xD It's not that the author can't write (as the ratings show), the problem is more that I think she is a little too much in love with her characters and wanted nothing more than for them to be happy. So as soon as they got together, she made them love each other eternally, quickly resolved all their problems and struggles (or simply forgot about them), let them fuck each other for the rest of the book, and in the end they even married. Yes, I'm serious.

But the book was pretty cheap, so I'm not very angry at myself for buying it. xD

Oh, and I love how it says on the second page already "This book contains sexually explicit material and is only suitable for mature readers", and I read the story on the e-book-reader of my FATHER because I don't have an own one. I hope he never, ever gets the idea to read the first pages of "Feral"! He wouldn't be very happy if he knew what his beloved little daughter likes to read xD (But then again, once he even skimmed through the first volume of FAKE when I got my amazon package with all seven volumes, so he should already know what I like. I'm not sure if he saw any kissing scenes, though, but he seemed to like the story x'D )

Anyways, what was the title of the e-book with the nasty rape scene? Just that I have a warning and better don't buy that book :D

Gentlemen's Game by Lichen Craig. I was SO upset by that graphically brutal and horrific rape and beating scene. I really had no idea it was coming. No one warned anyone in the reviews, and the author certainly didn't see fit to warn anyone in her blurb. It could have been partially forgivable if she had handled the aftermath well, but she didn't. When I eventually calm down about this, I'm going to write a very detailed review.

I'll check out Feral but I certainly won't buy it! Thanks for the warning. Is it still on your dad's e-reader? Is it possible to delete it?

Oh dear, that sounds nasty. But I'm looking forward to your review.

Yeah, hehe, it's still on my dad's e-reader. I'm not sure if it's possible to delete it, but even if it is, I think I'd only arouse more suspicion if I did that xD

Argh, lately I don't manage to reply, I always make a new comment! Sorry! xD

Well, you know, if he ever finds it and is traumatized first by the graphic sex content of Feral and second by the fact that his daughter downloaded it and read it, you can always claim that you were appalled by all the sex and that you hadn't known it was THAT kind of book, but it was educational in a sense because now you know what you don't like in your reading material. Which is true!

That's a good idea, and it's not even a lie! xD
But I still hope it will never come to that situation :D

Me, too. Perhaps it won't if there are lots and lots of books on his e-reader. I have so many now, thanks to e-literati, that I sometimes wonder when I'm going to have time to read them all. One day my Kindle will inform me it's full and can't take any more.

I read the Amazon excerpt of Feral and kind of liked it, but there wasn't any sex because the two main characters hadn't met yet. I'm really glad I had your warning, because I otherwise might have ordered it and then ended up disappointed when the plot faded into the background to make way for the sex.

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