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A good read online: Undertow by Naomi Clark
Hey you guys, I just wanted to share with you a story being posted serially that I'm really enjoying. It's over at the journal of naomi_jay , AKA author Naomi Clark, and the story is called Undertow. It stars Ethan Banning, a private investigator  who takes unusual, as in paranormal, cases. He is accompanied by his trusty sidekick Mutt, an adorable but basically uncivilized dog. The strangest thing about Ethan's situation is that he is possessed by a demon he calls the Voice. It is trying to gain control of him, and he must constantly fight its attempts to make him do or say horrible things. Of course he comes across as a person with a mental illness.

Why do I love this story? Quite simply, it makes me laugh out loud! Ethan is hilarious and outrageous. Actually, so is Mutt, but in a different and more non-verbal kind of way. I also find his ongoing problem with the Voice entity and the implications of their relationship to be quite thought-provoking.

Ethan's character is vivid and clearly defined. The guy just jumps off the page. Imagine Dee if he was down and out and had no Ryo, no cop-authority, and limited social skills.

Naomi posts once a week, usually on Mondays. She's currently up to chapter 4. I tell you, I start looking forward to this story on Sundays. Whenever I start thinking "Aw rats, tomorrow is Monday and I have to go back to work", the feeling is mitigated by remembering that I have another chapter of Undertow to look forward to! Go check it out. I guarantee that Ethan and Mutt will make you laugh.

Chapter One starts here: http://naomi-jay.livejournal.com/2013/07/08/

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Ooooh! A recommendation!

I've enjoyed your other recommendations- the Adrien English series and When One Door Opens- so I'll be sure to check it out!

You know, I've been meaning to re-read the Adrien English series. I loved those books. I guess I just have a weakness for witty first-person narration. Also, Jake was one of those flawed but fascinating characters who stole every scene he was in.

WODO was a stand-alone book, but I have it on good authority that one of these days the author will write a sequel. Two guys who have suffer from alcoholism and agoraphobia respectively are always going to have interesting issues.

Yes, do check out Undertow. Naomi will publish it eventually, and when she does I'll certainly buy it, but for now, it's free and it's something to look forward to every week.

Thank you for writing this intriguing rec. I haven't read an original fic in awhile. This sounds like I should check it out.

I hope you will. I'd like to be able to enjoy it on an ongoing basis with other people I know online.

That sounds great! I'll definitely check it out :)
Somehow I like stories about people with some "mental problems" :D

Me too! And the idea of mental illness being caused by a demonic possession (or vice versa) is interesting to explore. I'm rooting for Ethan to win, but I can't predict what's going to happen, so I'm enjoying the slow journey of finding out.

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