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Shampoo and Candy
 Through some oversight on my part, we ended up with no shampoo in the house except for Pantene, which I was forced to use twice this week even though it makes my head itch. I had no choice-- there was nothing else. Pantene is my husband's shampoo. I normally use Dove, but although I thought I had some bottles of Dove shampoo in the storage closet, further inspection revealed them all to be conditioner.

After days of not being able to get to any stores, I finally found myself in a drugstore last night waiting for a prescription, and while I was waiting, I strolled up and down the long and very well-stocked candy aisle fondling assorted packages while muttering to myself like a demented person. My mouth was also watering, but as it did not deteriorate into outright drooling, I don't believe anyone noticed. Anyway, I found it necessary to talk to myself to prevent myself from loading up my basket with a couple of kilos of candy and chocolate. It was dinnertime, my stomach was rumbling, and the candy was a mix of tried-and-true favorites alongside new and exotic confections that were entirely new to me. The temptation was mighty indeed. Let me give you some idea of what I was up against.

Dark chocolate dipped mango pieces. Orange flavored Jelly-Bellies covered in chocolate. Dark Kit-Kat. Aero Bubbles with dark chocolate on the outside and milk chocolate on the inside. Double-dipped chocolate covered peanuts. Gummy Coke Bottles. Sour Gummies in assorted flavors encrusted with sharp, crystalline sugars. Licorice Allsorts. Maltesers. Soft chewy nougat full of different kinds of roasted nuts.

*slurp* The slavering is starting again! Funny how memories can do that.

I reached out and touched them all but didn't buy any because my one sided conversation with myself went something like this. "No! Do NOT buy them. I don't care if they're half-price. You know you'll eat them all yourself by midnight. NO! Put the gummies back! You swore off gummies, remember? After you ate them for breakfast two weekend days in a row? Before coffee and everything? Let go of the Licorice Allsorts right now! We both know you're buying them for yourself, not the nephews. Drop that bag before it's too late. Yes, I know it's the wrong place, but just drop it, quick. If you really, really still want the chocolate covered orange jelly beans in a few days, you can come back and buy them next week.

I am proud to report that I was able to distract my candy-brain with the necessity of going to buy more shampoo, so instead of going back through the candy aisle a second time (always the clincher), I hustled myself off to the shampoo and conditioner section. Unfortunately, nothing was on sale there except Pantene. And I certainly don't love Dove enough to pay full price for it. But then my eye fell upon the kids' shampoo. Only a buck ninety-five and it smells like candy? I was sold! It was hard to choose between the strawberry and the melon, though. They both smelled equally delicious. They both featured different Disney Princess, too. In the end I chose the melon one, mainly because it smelled more like mango to me and my mind was still on those dark chocolate dipped mango pieces that I had not let myself buy.

So I came home with this shampoo and now, every time I crave candy, I go into the bathroom to unsnap the lid of my Disney Princess shampoo and breathe the fruity scent until it passes. Sometimes I wonder if I ever really grew up. What does it mean to grow up? Are there any other so-called adults out there who love sour gummies and use Disney Princess shampoo just because it smells like candy? 

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I don't know if I could have resisted the chocolate mango pieces. I admire your willpower!

Yes, those are the ones I would buy if I went back there. They were on sale, too, which was even worse!

My argument for buying them would be that mangoes are fruit and contain vitamin C, as opposed to Gummy Coke Bottles, which consist of sugar and yummy chemicals.

Disney Princess shampoo as a replacement for candy? You're cute :D
I didn't eat any candy for a whole month and I think I should do it again. You should try, too. It gets easier and easier with time :)

You didn't eat candy for a whole month? Yes, I agree that I should try. Did you eat anything sweet? Like cake or cookies? Or did you quit all sugar whatsoever?

Nope, no cake, no cookies, no soft drinks... Only (dried) fruit and juice. (but I guess that's no help for you xD)
With a strong motivation and / or willpower, it's doable, even though it appears really hard and almost impossible in the beginning xD

I want to do it, but I'm scared I'll crack! I think I need to spend a few days working myself up to it.

Come on, you can do it! I believe in you!! :D

(and Oh, what a lovely icon you have there! Looks somewhat familiar to me! ;D I'm glad you enjoy using it.)

Dark chocolate dipped mango pieces. Orange flavored Jelly-Bellies covered in chocolate. [...] Maltesers. Soft chewy nougat full of different kinds of roasted nuts.
Nooooooo, you're making me hungry! I've been obsessed with these dark chocolate-covered pomegranate seeds (but without the hassle of the actual seed/kernel, so more like dark chocolate-covered pieces of pomegranate juice) for the past couple of weeks, but gummy coke bottles and chocolate and orange in any combinations are like CRACK to me, so I can fully appreciate your pain!

Haha, Disney Princess-themed candy-smelling shampoo is a fantastic (and, most likely, cheaper) alternative, though - sadly, I've never come across shampoo this awesome, but kudos on finding some! And, because I am a serious and well-adjusted adult: which Disney Princess did you end up with? Inquiring minds want to know!

gummy coke bottles and chocolate and orange in any combinations are like CRACK to me

ME TOO! My brain practically short-circuits at the very thought. I admit I have been kind of obsessing about those chocolate covered orange jelly-bellies. Whenever I think about it, I marvel that I left the store without buying anything.

My Disney Princess is the one from Aladdin. I can't remember her name, but she's wearing a cute blue outfit.

My Disney Princess is the one from Aladdin.
Jasmine! One of my favorites. Haha, her outfit was always one of my favorites, too - I think I had a Halloween costume of her once. Anyway, thanks for assuaging my completely adult and non-childish curiosity. XD

I was hoping someone would ask me, actually! Jasmine's outfit is nicer than all the other princesses' gowns. I was always fascinated with midriff-baring outfits from India and Persian harems, but I've never worn one. It's a wonder I never took up belly-dancing just so I could wear the outfits. But belly-dancing always looked hard and seemed to require coordination which I didn't have until my Karate years. And by then, I had time for one extra-curricular activity only, and that was my Karate three times a week.

Haha. I never have managed to give up the bad stuff entirely. If it's not chocolate, I tend to go for marshmallows. Fluffy sugar puffs. Lol. I hadn't eaten them for years, and then my niece was potty-training, and her 'reward' for not having accidents was those giant marshmallows. You know, the ones that take a kid several bites to finish off, and makes very much of a goopy mess? I ate one, just to see what was so great about them, and that was it, I was done for. And they're cheap, so I have very little (read 'no') willpower when it comes to not buying the stupid things.

As for the shampoo...I tend to buy shampoo based on scent, actually. I love mango, and strawberry, and several other flowery scents, but the fruity ones are my favorites. I like apple, too, but the scent doesn't stay in my hair, so it's kind of pointless.

Of course, I do the same with soaps, too, since I use shower gel. Bath & Body is like a treasure trove for me, so many scents, and there's always something on sale! And every time I walk in there, there's a bunch of new scents.

Well, points for knowing it was the princess from Aladdin, even if you couldn't remember her name. She's one of my favorites. I like her, and Belle, and Mulan, and Pocahontas. Of the older princesses, of course. Gotta love it when it's the woman doing most of the work. ^__^

Looking forward to a new chapter!

I love fruity bath, shower and cologne products too, which is very strange considering how much I dislike the real thing! My husband has to practically beg me to eat fruit.

It's funny you should mention those giant marshmallows because they have been in a display in the center of the freezer aisle at my local supermarket for weeks, and I gaze lustfully at them every time I walk by. I haven't bought them yet, though, and I guess I won't now that I'm trying to do a month with no sugar. I love anything marshmallowy, especially if chocolate is involved. The Rocky mountain Chocolate factory sells a trio of marshmallows on a stick, dipped in caramel and them triple dipped in thick milk chocolate. It is so amazingly delicious I can't do a description justice. Did I get your mouth watering? Yes? I confess that my own mouth is watering. I have to go eat some protein and hopefully make the sugar cravings go away.

I'm gad you're looking forward to the new chapter! I'm even at the halfway point now on Chapter 31, so I'll hopefully be able to get that up two or three weeks after chapter 30. It's looking like chapter 30 is going to go up this weekend.

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