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Posting Schedule, Sore Legs, and the Contemplation of Taking a Break from Sugar
Dee Blue waves
I spent the weekend hiking and boy do my legs hurt. I don't usually take them hiking, you see. They had gotten entirely too comfortable in their usual routine of riding a bike no great distance several times a day and doing their thing on the elliptical trainer three or four times a week. It was better than nothing, but it wasn't very challenging. So I got together with a friend who loves hiking, and up a green and scenic mountain we went.

There were majestic vistas. There were waterfalls. There were hardly any bugs. There were guys coming down the trail with their shirts off. My friend pointed out all the free camping there was to be had. If we had been able to hike four hours straight up, we would have come to a beautiful mountain lake. But what goes up must come down, and preferably not on a stretcher, so we stopped at a little before the halfway point and turned around.

All in all, I have had a massive dose of Nature, which I sought out as a result of realizing a few weeks ago that I live in one of the most beautiful parts of the world and I rarely go out into that beauty and enjoy it.

Hiking is not everybody's thing, and I would say it's certainly not mine, but it's good for a person to vary their routine from time to time. I am trying to become less boring. And it must be pointed out that after a person has done a two and a half hour hike, there is absolutely zero guilt about having ravioli in cream sauce come dinnertime!

If anyone is wondering about Justice, Chapter 30 is with the betas and I'm about three thousand words in on Chapter 31. I might be able to publish Chapter 30 by next weekend unless massive re-writes are needed. I'll let you know mid-week.

In other news, I'm tossing around thoughts of quitting sugar for a month. After that last post about shampoo and candy, I doubt any of you are surprised. This morning I woke up thinking, "Yes, I'll start today!" And then I remembered that I had a bag of chocolates with blackberry cream centers that needed to be eaten first. Then I thought I might as well have a mocha with extra whipped cream at Starbucks to wash them down with. Right now I'm trying to rev myself up to start the no-sugar thing tomorrow.

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Haha, my thoughts re: hiking are exactly the same! I live in a flipping gorgeous place that people come from all over the world to hike in, so every once in a while guilt makes me take advantage of that. Plus, I come from a family of hiking nuts, but I'm the designated city slicker, so I wish there was some way to get all the Glories of Nature(TM) and exercise and shirtless dudes without, y'know, actually going hiking. XD

I salute you on the no-sugar challenge! I know I wouldn't be brave enough to try anything like that. Or, rather, I did try it once, and I eventually figured that just cutting out Starbucks was plenty. If you think you can do it, though, more power to you - I'll be rooting for you!

Do your hiking nuts have all the latest equipment? You know, hiking poles, two-hundred-dollar daypacks, space-age water bottles, state-of-the-art hiking boots?
Part of hanging out with hikers is duly admiring their equipment, which I don't find as taxing to the old acting skills as being called upon to admire, say, the newly installed engine parts on a man's car. (Note to men everywhere: 99.9 percent of us really don't care)

Hiking is about #61 on my list of Fun ways to Kill an Afternoon, so it doesn't happen very often unless I spend time with hikers and acquiesce to their suggestions. But after I do it, I'm always pleased with myself for some reason.

Thanks for your support on the no-sugar challenge. I got through Day 1 okay, but this morning I need to face down the insidious evil of a large tray of pastries and the sight of other people eating them! Maybe I can get vicarious pleasure from watching other people eat them. I always do from the Food Network. My favorite part of each program is watching people take bites of the mouthwatering food the show has just spent the past 20 minutes focusing on. But watching that sort of thing on TV is different from avidly staring at munching people in real life. I would get really annoyed if someone stared at me while I was eating! Oh, this meeting is going to be full of don'ts. Don't look at the pastries. Don't think lustful thoughts about the pastries even if you're not looking at them. Don't watch people eating pastries.

You know, hiking poles, two-hundred-dollar daypacks, space-age water bottles, state-of-the-art hiking boots?
...And you've pretty much just described my brother's closet. XD I don't think he has poles, as he bikes everywhere and they might be a little unwieldy, but he's definitely got everything else, right down to a backpack that I'm fairly sure has some sort of spacetime-warping capacities that allows it to carry at least moderate-sized sheep. Or maybe it's just enchanted like Hermione's handbag, in which case I'll be pissed that the wizarding gene skipped me.

Congrats on getting through the first day (and by now, second day) of sugar-free life! The Food Network sounds like a great way to deal with cravings. Haha, yeah, sounds like you might have to find a different IRL alternative, though...

Ooh, an enchanted backpack! I want one too. Or better yet, an enchanted suitcase.

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