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Posting schedule update
For those who are reading Justice, Chapter 30 will go up this weekend. If I can, I'll post it in the afternoon of Saturday August 10th. If family obligations and chores swallow up too much of my Saturday, then I'll post it in the evening, probably late. But I'm shooting for the afternoon. I'm guardedly optimistic.

I'm at 4000 words for Justice chapter 31. http://writtenkitten.net/ is helping me.

Yesterday I had a yummy Japanese feast! I had prawn tempura, chicken karaage, meat gyoza, and takoyaki, all freshly made by a local Japanese food market that I happened to be driving by. I bought some sponge cake for my husband, but I didn't have any of that because I am supposed to be refraining from eating sweets for a month. When I stopped at the Japanese store, I was on my way back from a business meeting, at which I had broken down and eaten a danish out of sheer starvation. I thought I could get through the meeting on one large banana, but I was wrong. However, I got right back onto my no-sugar plan. The cravings are pretty bad, but should settle down in a few days.

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Who-hoooooo!!! Chapter 30!

I'll be checking your page every 5 minutes this Saturday! Well okay, maybe not thaaat often... Maybe I can stand to check it only every 15 minutes! Haha~

(But no, seriously- I'll probably be checking that often! Do I have a life? Clearly not!) ; )

Don't worry, Miki, I don't have a life, either. At least not right now. But we can both hope, eh? (that little 'eh' was a Canadianism that everyone believes Canadians say, but we don't that much)

I hope you'll enjoy the chapter. There will be horses for those who like horses.

Whoo! Can't wait for 30!

Edited at 2013-08-09 03:42 am (UTC)

It's a nice, round number, isn't it? Thanks for being excited!

Aww, that writtenkitten-page is cute! Maybe I'll use that, too :D

My biggest problem during the no-sugar-challenge is that our fridge is stuffed with chocolate (normally, we store it in a different place, but with these temperatures nowadays...), so everytime I take a look into the fridge - and I do that OFTEN! xD - I'm tempted to eat some.

But I'm holding out pretty well so far. We can do it!! :D

Oh no, you poor thing-- a fridge full of chocolate and you can't eat it! I was going to use one of my chocolate icons for this comment, but I thought that might be even more torture. So you get a cowboy instead. Luckily for me I have no chocolate in the house. After my pastry mishap on Wednesday, I got through Thursday without eating anything sweet (except for my stevia)and I'm ready for today, too. Yes, we can do it!

Hey, I just recognized the cat in your icon! That's Steffi, isn't it?

Yup, that's my little Steffi ^_^ She doesn't even look that fat on this picture xD
That reminds me, didn't you want to buy a little cat again?

Oh and about the chocolate - I think I've pretty much gotten used again to eating as little sugar as possible. I practically stopped missing candy. So it's not even torturing me anymore when I look into the fridge :D

Maybe it's because some time ago, I didn't eat any chocolate or other sweets for about, I think, one year. Or was it two years? Anyways, back then I had REALLY bad skin and it got better when I didn't eat certain things, including sugar. That's the only reason why I managed it for such a long time. And it's also the reason why I started this "sugar challenge" again this time, because my skin still isn't exactly nice to me. I even contemplate to do a "vegan month" soon, maybe that will help, too.

Have you ever thought about going vegetarian or vegan? It has great advantages for the body, the climate and animal treatment. I hope one day I'll be strong enough to go completely vegan. But I fear that I would miss the cheese and the eggs too much! :(

By the way, how are you doing concerning sugar? :)

I'm holding off on the cat plans. It was taking up a lot of mental and emotional space in my life and every time I went to the shelter, I would get all sad about Fluffy, whom I still miss terribly. So I've decided not to do anything for now, at least not until I feel a little more ready.

I was doing so well with the no-sugar until late last night (my weak time) when I sneakily ate some chocolate-covered peanuts in the computer room. My husband heard the rustling of the package and called out, "What are you eating?" Of course I couldn't answer because my mouth was full. That was the candy I've been trying to give to my nephews, except I haven't seen them and I don't know when I'll be able to offload it onto them. It's so bad for me to have that stuff in the house. My husband scolded me and I am duly chastised.:( So I got back on the wagon today. It's really hard. I think if I could just get through 7 days, I'd be able to keep going straight through to a month.

I'm still so sorry about Fluffy :(
But I understand why you don't want to take another cat in (yet). There's never a replacement for those we love.

Oh well, how long do we still have to go anyway? Not too long, right? Lately, the time passes by so quickly... Are you already counting days? ;)

My first day was ten days ago, and so far I've cheated twice. That means twenty more days. No more candy in the house and no more business meetings where starvation forces me to eat danishes!

You know what I did yesterday? A client had given me a box of chocolates the day before and I had taken it home to stash it in my secret hiding place for chocolate, but then I realized what was going to happen if it stayed in the house. So I brought it back to work yesterday morning and put the box in the communal kitchen area and invited everyone to help themselves. Instant popularity for me! All the chocolates were gone before lunchtime, too.

But that's progress! The good thing about chocolate is that it's not hard to find someone who will gladly eat it for you ;)

Oh, and that cowboy does look a little like chocolate, too, doesn't he? Yummy :D

He looks like a deeply tanned milk-chocolate man. Yummy with a spoon.

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