brit_columbia (brit_columbia) wrote,

Posting schedule update

For those who are reading Justice, Chapter 30 will go up this weekend. If I can, I'll post it in the afternoon of Saturday August 10th. If family obligations and chores swallow up too much of my Saturday, then I'll post it in the evening, probably late. But I'm shooting for the afternoon. I'm guardedly optimistic.

I'm at 4000 words for Justice chapter 31. is helping me.

Yesterday I had a yummy Japanese feast! I had prawn tempura, chicken karaage, meat gyoza, and takoyaki, all freshly made by a local Japanese food market that I happened to be driving by. I bought some sponge cake for my husband, but I didn't have any of that because I am supposed to be refraining from eating sweets for a month. When I stopped at the Japanese store, I was on my way back from a business meeting, at which I had broken down and eaten a danish out of sheer starvation. I thought I could get through the meeting on one large banana, but I was wrong. However, I got right back onto my no-sugar plan. The cravings are pretty bad, but should settle down in a few days.

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