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Update on progress of next chapter of Justice, plus a report on my new double frying pan
Hello Readers,

I am happy to report that I'm up to 5500 words on Justice Chapter 31, but it's a little rough still, so I have to spend the next few days cleaning it up and adding stuff before it'll be ready to be beta-read. The plot is trotting along nicely. If I can keep this pace up, I may even be able to finish this story by the end of the year! Wouldn't that be nice? I'd say we're about at the three-quarter point, but there's still a fair bit of stuff that has to happen.

In other news, I recently bought a little hinged double frying pan from Walgreens when I was in the States. It cost about $25. We don't have Walgreens in Canada, although I could probably find a hinged non-stick frying pan somewhere in this country if I ever went out shopping.

I totally love my little double pan! It's perfect for making grilled cheese sandwiches. I'm partial to grilled cheese with green onions and bacon. Yum!

I've also made pancakes, and eggs over easy. I made an omelette, but that didn't work out as well as the other things, probably because the omelette was still wet on top when I flipped it, so liquid egg splatted out from between the two pans. I bet it would be great for cooking hamburger patties, but I haven't tried that yet.

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Oh geez, look at you! I really can't believe how fast you've been clipping along! You do whatever you need to, honey! I can wait another week or two. Nooo problem. : )

The idea that Justice could be finished by the end of the year is mind-boggling!! Wait- does that sound mean? I don't mean for it to. AND and Justice have been a part of my life for so long now, the idea of it ending soon is just unbelievable! You do of course still have Poison left, but finishing Justice will be a major step in the march towards the end of your lovely story!! This may be far into the future, but once you finish Poison too, do you think you will you post any one-shots or short stories?

You came to America? Where did you go? Just across the border into the north?

Your hinged double frying pan sounds amazing! I'm usually a horrible cook, but I'm a wiz at breakfast foods like omelettes and pancakes. I'd love to try one to make pancakes! I've never been able to flip them like professional chefs do.

I really can't believe how fast you've been clipping along!

Me neither! I attribute it to the fact that I'm getting more sleep. I feel like a new person.

The idea that Justice could be finished by the end of the year is mind-boggling!! Wait- does that sound mean?

No, Miki, it doesn't sound mean at all. It really IS mind-boggling to think of this story being finished. After all, my first chapter was posted in July 2009! I've been writing this story for more than four years. I don't want it to go to five.

When Justice is done, I'll probably start posting Against The Wall, which is the story where Ryo met Meredith. That one comes just before Poison. Against the Wall won't be super long because there won't be any crime-solving in it.

I went to Port Angeles and went hiking in the Olympic Mountains. I was there mainly to visit my friend. We both ditched out husbands for the weekend and stayed in her cabin so that we could hike both days and drink wine by the lake. I probably wouldn't have even gone into Walgreens except that my sister had asked me to pick up a particular kind of make-up that we don't have in Canada.

It took me years to learn how to make [ancakes. My first fifty or sixty pancakes were always burned on one side while still liquid on top. The secret is lower heat and not flipping them until you see big holes on the topside. Even so, I still sometimes screw up the flipping part. I'm basically not patient enough to make pancakes very often. It takes three times longer to cook a pancake than it does to eat one. And then you want another. And another! I'm usually eating the one I just cooked while watching the next one in the pan. I never get to sit down for pancakes unless I go to a restaurant.

Yummy! I hope you managed to secretly put a little salt into your food here and there. I usually manage to make every kind of food burn and stick to the pan, whether it's a non-stick pan or not. But it sounds like the pan and you are already on best friends forever terms.

God, you write so fast! Makes me feel bad because I rarely write although I have probably much more freetime than you do. Damn, and I haven't even finished the video I wanted to make for you! Oh dear...
Anyways, the thought of finishing Justice by the end of the year is awesome! Although I don't really want the story to end, I finally want Abernathy behind bars! Grrrgrrgrrr!!

Besides, I'm sure you won't completely stop writing once it's finished. There's still Poison, and then there's the karate oneshot... *wink wink*

Yes, my new pan and I are very chummy! The other frying pans are getting jealous.

Don't feel bad about not being able to cook. I couldn't cook all through my twenties. When you can't cook, no one ever expects you to cook. (In fact, they beg you not to) Instead, they cook for you! Or take you out to restaurants! Or-- worst case scenario-- you get to eat potato chips for dinner! See? Lots of benefits.

Also, don't feel bad if you haven't been writing. You've been doing other creative things, like those great Dee/Sylvester and Ryo/Tweety pics. I bet there are lots of great ideas percolating away in your subconscious and they'll come out when the time is right.

After how long I made people wait for chapters last year, I'm certainly not going to complain if you need to take your time about making my video. I know I'll get to see it when it's ready and I can wait.

There's Poison and and also Against The Wall.

Re the Karate story: I just wrote two hundred words on it thanks to this comment! Keep 'em coming, and part one will ready in no time.

I think I need a Karate icon...

Talking about potato chips for dinner - I had tortilla chips for dinner yesterday. And the day before as well. But at least with dip! xD (It was chili chips with chili dip, so that was pretty spicey, lol)

I made a little progress on the video. Maybe I'll be able to finish it during the next week, or next weekend at the latest. :)

Oh that's nice, I just have to push your Karate-button and you start writing! I like that. So here's the code word again: KARATE! :D

You know, it totally works when you press the Karate button. I went and wrote 230 words on the story after I read your comment.

My evil sister brought me a giant bag of cheddar flavored kettle chips, which I promptly turned over to my father with instructions to hide it. If I open it, I'll eat the entire bag and get a salt-headache.

Hehe. KARATE! :D

That was a wise precaution. I'm familiar with salt-headaches *sigh*, sometimes even with fat-stomachaches xD Yup, chips are evil. But it's always worth it. ^^

...I confess I've never thought of expanding upon the usual cheese+bread+heat recipe for grilled cheese sandwiches, but now you've inspired me! Because one with green onions and bacon sounds DELICIOUS. Okay, green onion is pretty much the password to my heart, via my stomach, but now I've gotta try making these.

Oh, and your double frying pan sounds like a handy little device, btw! Pancakes have always given me trouble, because of exactly the splatter factor you mention with the omelette, but this sounds like it should take care of that particular problem pretty easily. :)

(Note to self: find good food icon!)

Grilled cheese with bacon and green onions is so intensely delicious that it's hard not to have two when one sandwich is really enough calories for one meal! When I make one of those sandwiches I have to eat it really slowly in small bites.

I like green onions too. They're milder than regular onions, they don't make me cry and they don't need a lot of cooking. Plus, they add color.

I successfully made an omelet in my special frying pan this morning and this time I didn't flip it too soon. It was perfect. I laid down a layer of sliced mushrooms first, then poured my egg mix on top. I closed the lid and let it cook. When the egg mix was mostly 'set' on top, I flipped the pan. When I opened it again, the mushroom side was up. I added cheese, let it melt and then slid the omelet out of the pan and onto my plate, where I folded it in half. I had meant to add green onions, but I forgot,

I need some more food icons, too. You're welcome to take my grilled cheese icon if you like.

*drooooools* I'll have you know that I made scrambled eggs with hamburger meat and garlic (because I'm secretly kind of terrible at any kind of cooking that isn't baking, so I stick to the simple stuff, not complicated entrées like grilled cheese sandwiches or omelets) specifically because of your description, and I would have added green onions if I'd had any.

Scrambled eggs with hamburger meat and the green onions you didn't add sounds at least as complicated as a grilled cheese sandwich! I bet you could do one easily. But maybe you shouldn't because it will be the beginning of something that will put extra pounds on you over the long term. I'm already eating grilled cheese sandwiches way more often than I should. I might have to put that little pan away in a dark closet somewhere and break its heart.

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