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Posting schedule and working out
Hello Justice readers!

I'm happy to report that Justice chapter 31 has finally gone off to the betas and I plan to post it next weekend. I've had an absolutely insane week at work and couldn't even write my hundred words per day. The last time I made it to the gym was Monday! That's pretty bad, for me. I usually manage to go four or five times a week.

The very next thing I'm going to do today after making this post is get my workout in. My dad is onboard-- he's my workout buddy. My husband also goes to the gym a lot, but he is NOT a fun workout buddy because he takes it all too seriously. He took a Personal Trainer course, so he thinks he knows best and I should obey him (ha). Well, okay, I admit he probably does know best, but I think I speak for wives everywhere when I say that we don't like being bossed around by our husbands! There's enough of a natural power struggle in the marital relationship anyway. I don't believe husbands and wives can teach each other stuff as effectively as someone from outside the relationship. And some of us just want to be allowed to read our Kindles in peace on the elliptical trainer, anyway!

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Yay yay yaaay for next weekend!! I can't wait! ><

I had a pretty intense (but maybe not as bad as yours) week at work too. It's supposed to calm down significantly starting next week, so all last week I was just holding on until the weekend. And now it's here! We both made it~

I've heard that working out is more effective if you're not focused on something else, like music or TV, but I say if you're doing the work, you should do whatever you like! Don't let him tell you what to do! (Unless it's helpful, of course!)

It's not helpful! He's so bossy. He also believes that people should do really long and hard workouts, whereas I believe that people should do whatever kind of workout will make them keep going to the gym and not start avoiding it because it has turned into too miserable of an experience. If I'm at the gym at the same time as my hubby, I always work out in a different room or on a different floor, so that he can't see me doing something wrong and come over to set me straight.

My dad and I had a good workout today, and my husband has just left to go and do his workout. We're an exercising kind of family, but I suppose that's because we're a food-loving kind of family.

You know, last week there was a full moon in Aquarius, so I'm not surprised that we both had busy and intense work weeks. I always find that people are more stressy and emotional at the time of the full moon. I had no fewer than three weeping clients in my office last week. So glad it's over. I'm planning to take Monday off.


Exactly! If he's the type of person who can just do hardcore workouts and keep it up without any kind of reprieve or reward, that's great for him, but he shouldn't push that kind of workout onto other people. As long as exercise is happening, people should be allowed to choose how they want to workout so that it's enjoyable enough for them to continue going to the gym.

I need to exercise! I have an average body type- not too skinny, but not plump- so I've gotten away with no regular exercise for basically my entire life, but in the past several years I've noticed that I'm slowly getting fatter, and things like climbing a few flights of stairs or running a few blocks are starting to really take it out of me. I know I need to get into the habit of exercising more, but unfortunately for me, my family is a napping and relaxing kind of family, so it's difficult to jump start an exercising habit in this kind of lazy environment. And of course I'm lazy too, so that doesn't help much!

Wow, you know that off the top of your head? You didn't cheat and sneak a peek (rhyming!) at some astrology website now, did you?

You take Monday off! Three weepy clients? Oh my. We had a few upset and slightly teary people, but nobody actually cried! I always feel so upset when the people who come into our office are unhappy.

That's not mere toast-- that is my fabulous grilled cheese icon, which is a reminder of why I need to go to the gym.

I knew about the full moon because I subscribe to Georgia Nichols, our famous Canadian astrologer, so I didn't have to sneak a peek. However, that said, I am nonetheless one of those people who knows a heckuvalot about astrology. I can do charts and read ephemerides and everything! It's fascinating, but time-consuming and tends not to pay, so I never tried to do anything commercial with my skills.

It's Monday now and I slept in until 10 a.m.! That was beyond wonderful. I'm currently sitting in Starbucks checking LJ and working on Justice chapter 32.

I hope no one cries this week.

You do need to exercise. We all do. It gives us endorphins that make us happier, plus we get a better quality of life. Can you start by walking? Next time you want to have coffee with a friend, try having a walking date instead. I have a couple of friends I do that with. We used to sit in restaurants or coffee shops, but now we walk, and the time passes quickly because we are enjoying talking.

Oh, I almost forgot. Dancing is exercise, too. I haven't danced for a long time but I used to dance around the kitchen and living room late at night when my husband was at work and I could safely play loud music. But, one caution: If a person is going to dance at home, it's always better if there is no audience of family members all making comments! :P All present have to be in that frame of mind.

W00T! I need to get back to the gym.

Yes! Go to the gym. It's a good habit to get into. And there are guys in tank tops and shorts there, too. Just sayin'.

Well that's good news! Yay for the update! :D
I figured you had a tough week because I didn't see you around here very often anymore. I hope it will calm down at work for you soon. (Although, much work probably means good business, right?)



I'm sorry you had to wait for it for so long! But here it is, and I hope it will cheer up your (hopefully not so stressy) start into the new week: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5Wl2ou00mE

(Oh by the way, do you still remember that I once told you that I had found matching song titles for your stories? I made a song list with them on my LJ a while ago and I'm not sure if you have seen it yet: http://awieatti.livejournal.com/13375.html )

Btw, you remind me, I really have to work out a bit more. Lately, there's always something that keeps me away from my beloved running track...

Hi Awieatti! Yes, I had to stay off LJ and hardly even check my brit.columbia email for a while there. This week might be just as busy, unfortunately. I don't know yet how it will play out. Tomorrow is really booked and Wednesday is starting to move in that direction. But, you're right, being busy means there is money coming in, and that's quite important. How else am I going to afford my Starbucks habit? Not to mention the occasional pair of cute shoes that I don't want to tell my husband about?

I couldn't check my email all yesterday because of reasons that I will detail in my next post, but I looked at your video today and loved it! It was exactly what I wanted. You're so good at finding the perfect songs and then creating a mood and an atmosphere with the images and the lyrics.

Thanks for letting me know about the song list. You probably guessed I had no idea it was there! LJ is supposed to let me know every time you post, but for some reason it doesn't. I have been too lazy to go in and try to figure out why, so I've just been in the habit of checking your journal once a week or so. I can't believe I missed a post that was all about my fics! I'm so sorry-- please forgive me.

I'm going to listen to your song list tonight (while thinking about my fics) while my husband is out of the house.

I so appreciate all the nice things you do for me. You keep me feeling inspired! *Hugs you*

Thanks, I'm glad you liked the video! ^_^ It's always so much more fun to know I make someone happy, than not knowing if anyone will watch it at all.

Yeah LJ is a bit strange sometimes. But it's cool that you check my journal regularly as a consequence! I must admit that makes me feel honored :3

I hope you enjoyed listening to the songs from the lists - and got inspired! Oh, and speaking of inspired: I guess I haven't said "KARATE" in a while, so here you go :D

*Hugs you back*

Bossy people...

Ah, bossy people.

My boyfriend tends to do that a lot.

He's actually a personal trainer, and he likes to tell me how I should work out.

I'm trying to subtly give him a hint, but he doesn't really get it...

I have a tendency to watch musicals on my iPod when I go to the gym.

Um...and totally not try in vain to drag my eyes away from the hawt shirtless guys.

Psh...course not... Me? Naw...

I'm 5'4" and 118 pounds...I think that's good?

Please tell me it's good *bites nails worriedly*.

Even if you have to lie!

My husband took a personal training course, too! it was years ago, but it qualifies him to design horrible tough workouts for people. Also, he was at one time an international-level athlete, so exercising and working out are things he's passionate about.

In what universe could 5' 4" and 118 pounds not be good? You're within the range of medical recommendation for the weight range for your height. In fact, you're down the low end. You can probably eat grilled cheese sandwiches with impunity!

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