brit_columbia (brit_columbia) wrote,

Posting schedule and working out

Hello Justice readers!

I'm happy to report that Justice chapter 31 has finally gone off to the betas and I plan to post it next weekend. I've had an absolutely insane week at work and couldn't even write my hundred words per day. The last time I made it to the gym was Monday! That's pretty bad, for me. I usually manage to go four or five times a week.

The very next thing I'm going to do today after making this post is get my workout in. My dad is onboard-- he's my workout buddy. My husband also goes to the gym a lot, but he is NOT a fun workout buddy because he takes it all too seriously. He took a Personal Trainer course, so he thinks he knows best and I should obey him (ha). Well, okay, I admit he probably does know best, but I think I speak for wives everywhere when I say that we don't like being bossed around by our husbands! There's enough of a natural power struggle in the marital relationship anyway. I don't believe husbands and wives can teach each other stuff as effectively as someone from outside the relationship. And some of us just want to be allowed to read our Kindles in peace on the elliptical trainer, anyway!

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