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Update on progress of Justice
Hello readers,

I just wanted to let you know that I am now at 1500 words on Justice Chapter 32. I'll probably get up to at least 2000 tomorrow. I couldn't write my hundred words all last week, but I seem to have caught up today. I finished the scene where Dee tells Ryo about Ted. He prudently leaves out the part about the Tweety feathers.

Awieatti, I haven't yet put in any time on the Karate fic today, but I will tomorrow for sure!

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Aaand Brit is busy again! Yay! :D
Haha maybe it's better if Ryo doesn't find out about the Tweety-allegory *hides the ridiculous Tweety-Ryo and Sylvester-Dee pics*

I'm glad the Karate-machine is running again. I hope you have fun finally writing a lemon again, because we will surely enjoy reading it! ;D

They're not ridiculous, they're adorable! Don't hide them because we all want to watch Ryo's face if he discovers them. I say 'if' because Ryo doesn't spend a lot of time online.

BTW, I wrote 309 words on the Karate fic, and still going strong! I think I need a Karate icon.

Haha, his face would be priceless! xD

Karate icon, hmm... let's ask Google...

I really like this pic: http://image.shutterstock.com/display_pic_with_logo/93764/93764,1187945230,2/stock-photo-press-of-a-karate-man-4815979.jpg

If only there wasn't this stupid "Shutterstock"-watermark -.-

I agree. That is a VERY nice picture. Who doesn't like defined abs? But the Shutterstock watermark is really going to get in the way of a successful avatar. I found another pic for an avatar. Unfortunately, it's not very big or clear, but it will do for now.

Hey that's also a nice pic! That didn't even come up in my Google search. Google is weird... ^^

But guess what, I managed to make the watermark (almost) invisible. Go me! :D
So if you're still interested...


I love it! It's way better than mine, and it actually says 'Karate'! Thanks so much!

Don't mention it, I'm always happy to help! :)

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