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My 7-day Cleanse and a general update
Dee BW hand on forehead
On Thursday I started a 7-Day Cleanse called 'ReCleanse', which is different from the 12-day Wild Rose program I usually do. I wanted to try something different, plus I needed it to be over quicker. Next Friday we're having a beer and pizza party and I sure don't want to be in the middle of a detox! That would be absolute torture, considering that pizza is my favorite food.

So now I am exactly halfway through my program. I can't say I'm feeling fabulous yet, probably because I have to eat stuff like quinoa and brown rice, but I seem to have lost three and half pounds--so far-- as a side effect. One way in which this program differs from the Wild Rose is that it totally kills my appetite. I'm actually allowed to eat normal portions of food, provided it's all healthy stuff like the aforementioned grains, and not processed or fatty. But I can barely eat anything. I'm not at all hungry and if I have even a quarter of my allotted meal, I feel too full to continue.

Wednesday will be my last day. Hopefully I can find my appetite again before dinner time on Friday when all those warm pizza boxes arrive at our house!

For anyone reading Justice, my production has slowed down in the past two weeks due to my being extremely busy at work. There have also been additional family responsibilities, and I've hardly had any time for myself. I am constantly surrounded by people who need me to do things for them. There were a couple of days last week when I couldn't even go to to Starbucks! Horrors! And I usually manage to bend the rules of space and time in order to get my daily fix at Starbucks. It's funny how things all tend to happen at once. However, I am about halfway through Justice Chapter 32, and I'm optimistic that I'll be able to finish it this week. I need to write another two or three thousand words, and if I can just find a way to escape from the people in my life (family, clients, etc.) for even an hour, I know I can make huge progress.

I'll check in again mid-week to let you know how my cleanse ended up. Happy Sunday, everyone!

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Geez! Why did it have such a big effect on your appetite? And actually, what does one do when doing a detox program? Is it just eating healthier?

You do whatever you need to to finish the chapter without killing yourself! I'm still just very happy with the sudden increase chapter postings. I can certainly wait an extra week or two if you need it.

Oh! I recently found this website that helps you make goals and stick to them by making you wager money that you'll do it on time. Well, technically that part is optional, but if you choose to wager money, you can choose where you'll money will be sent if you don't stick to your goal. You can choose to have it sent to charity or a friend, but you can also select to have it sent to a charity you don't want to receive money or someone you don't like! That way you're much more motivated to complete your goal! You seem like a fairly self-motivated person, but if you're interested, check it out! https://www.stickk.com/

Miki, LJ designated your comment as a suspicious comment! I almost didn't click on it, but I'm glad I did. It was probably because of the link. That's a great link, too. I'm familiar with the concept, but Ive never actually put any money up to make sure I achieve my goal. I think it would be worth trying. I need to think whom I would ask to be my referee.

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