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Trouble with latest Justice chapter
I managed to make some progress with Justice Chapter 32 over the weekend, despite family drama, which was quite upsetting but is thankfully over now, We hope.

Unfortunately, I think I have to scrap a huge scene with the NYPD Bomb Squad that covers about 2000 words. :(

It's taking too long and it doesn't contribute efficiently to the plot. I already have a lot of inefficient horse stuff going on. I think I need to cut the Bomb Squad scene, even though they're being delightfully mean to Ryo, and Dee is speaking up for him.

I'll give you another update on Wednesday. Hopefully by then I'll have sorted this out.

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Oh no! I'm glad your family drama is resolved now, whatever it was.

And double-Oh-no for the lost scene! I love scenes where the mean guys are being mean, scenes like that always get me so wonderfully angry and make me want to strangle them!! Ok that doesn't sound positive, but it is. I guess. xD

But yay for inefficient horse stuff! As long as it's fun, I'm sure nobody will mind ;) (Maybe you could scrap the Bomb Squad Scene but post it on its own as a little extra-post for those who are interested? That's what I did some years ago when I noticed that a whole chapter in my online-story didn't move the plot forward, but it was fun, so I just uploaded it and called it "Extra-chapter" xD)

I love scenes where the mean guys are being mean, scenes like that always get me so wonderfully angry and make me want to strangle them!!
Oh, I totally get that. It's conflict and it arouses primal feelings in us of wanting to defend the beleaguered character, and wanting to see the meanies get punished.

If I end up taking the scene out, I'll use your sensible suggestion and either post it as an extra, or build a one-shot around it.

Woo-hoo, Mission "Save the Scene" accomplished!
And speaking of oneshot...
Oh I guess you already know what I mean :D *nag nag*

I believe my icon is doing a very good job of letting you know that yes, I do know what you mean! In response to your reminder, I just wrote a hundred words. And, in fact, I think I'll be ready to post the first chapter of this story this weekend! I should make an announcement.

Thank you for being excited. *Hugs you*

No, thank YOU for being so hard-working! *Hugs you back*

Well, if it was my choice for inefficient text, and it isn't, I'd run with the bomb squad for two reasons. One, bomb squad means excitement and things about to blow up, and two, I really don't like horses.
Hang in there, I know that you'll figure it out and make it very efficient, no matter what you choose. If not, I'll send in Godzilla here to stir things up!

Does Godzilla have whiskers and a long tail? If so, send him over! I'm going to sit on that bomb squad scene for today and let my subconscious mull it over. It could be that it's just in the wrong chapter.

Well, Godzilla's got quite the tail, and it can do more damage than any bomb squad (or even Ryo for that matter) but sadly no whiskers.
This guy up here has whiskers but the only trouble he stirs up is when he sits on my keyboard and makes my desktop do strange things.

I remember you once saying that Chocolat became the Godzilla of kitties around 'the blonde thing', so I thought you might be referring to him. My regular cat visitor looks just like him, by the way. He has black ears and tail, and a brown and white body. His eyes are blue. I'll send you a picture in the next few days. I just don't yet have any of his face. Each time I try to point the camera at him, he turns around.

Just by your description he sounds like another Snowshoe Siamese.

Yes, he looks a lot like Chocolat in your icon, even to the markings on his face. He has the same long pink nose. He's slim and leggy and a strong jumper. He's a really friendly and trusting cat. He's not cuddly, though. He doesn't like to be held, and doesn't want to sit on laps. He likes rubbing hard against my feet and legs, and he loves it when I reach down to pet him. He comes to visit us two or three times a day.

Who dares be mean to Ryo?!

Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!

Pretty much the whole bomb squad has never forgiven Ryo for blowing up Richard Feldman's house wayyyyy back in FAKE Volume 1. I'm sort of with them on that one. What the HELL was he thinking?

However, no one is going to get away with being mean to Ryo in Dee's presence!

thanks for telling us I can be patent

I know you can! You've been patient for so long, especially with my slowness about getting my chapters up on fanfiction.net. Thanks! I appreciate the fact that you still want to read my stories.

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