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report on progress of Justice, plus notification that the first chapter of a short story is coming.
Karate torso
I'm posting to let my readers know that I can't fix the stuck place I'm in on my Justice chapter until I get some free time and solitude. I've been too busy this week with work and family needs and have not had any time to myself. If all I had to do was write 100 words a day, I could do it on my abbreviated lunch breaks. But weighing the value that a scene does or does not bring to the greater purpose of the story is more complicated and requires time and space. I'll probably be able to work on Justice again on Sunday, but I don't know for how long.

However, thanks to awieatti, I have been working on a sexy short story about Dee seducing Ryo in Ryo's karate club after hours. I don't know how many chapters there will be. Probably not many. Maybe four or five? I'm planning to post chapter one of this story this Saturday night or Sunday afternoon. Readers have been starved for some affectionate encounters between Dee and Ryo, and since it's not going to happen in Justice for a while, this little karate story ought to fill a void.

In other news, I get to have pizza tomorrow! It's been weeks. I can't wait.
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Hiya Brit!

Ooh a Karate fic with smexytimes of DeeRyo variety!!! :D What more could we possibly ask for?! Totally looking forward to it!!

And we are all going to be patient about Justice - don't worry about taking your time and figuring things out. When we get to the lemons in Justice, it's going to be glorious!! :D

Love your new baking icon!! Now I really want to go out and gorge on some wonderful desserts myself.


There's at least one glorious lemon coming in Justice, but sadly, not for a while. Thank you for being so patient! I hope you like the Karate story. I plan to post one short chapter a week until it's done.

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