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Fighting Stance, Chapter one

Hello readers! Here is the promised chapter. I thought for a while there I was going to be able to get it up this afternoon, but I ran out of time, as often happens on Saturdays. But I'm glad I got it up now because now I will be able to use my free time tomorrow to focus on figuring out what to do about that Bomb Squad scene in Justice chapter 32. And at least I have given my Fake readers something else to tide them over. I'll be posting the next chapter of Fighting Stance in one week's time, so please come back and check.

Fighting Stance

by Brit Columbia

Fandom: FAKE
Pairing: Dee/Ryo
Timeline: September of Dee and Ryo's first year together, set a couple of months after Justice ended.
Rating: This first chapter is more limey and suggestive than lemony. I still don’t think you should risk reading it at work, though.
Summary: Dee and Ryo are in Ryo’s Karate club after hours. Dee has a couple of fantasies… but can he get Ryo to play along?
Disclaimer: Dee and Ryo are Sanami Matoh's characters, not mine. No one paid me to write this fanfic.
Author's notes: There are a few karate terms you need to know before you start reading. A dojo is a training place for martial arts. A gi (hard ‘g’, rhymes with Dee) is the white, belted uniform that karate students and fighters wear. Newbies start with a white belt and they earn their color belts as they progress. When they reach black belt, there are no more color belts left to earn, but they can earn different levels of black belt called dan. A karateka is a practitioner of karate. It can be singular or plural, as the Japanese language doesn’t have plural nouns; however, you can put an ‘s’ on the end in English if you want to. Kata is a set of ten stylized fighting movements, which are performed quickly and with spirit. Each color belt level has its own kata.

In my particular Fakeverse, Ryo has a black belt in karate. When you have a black belt, even if you don't teach classes, you should be addressed by other karateka as 'Sensei'. Ryo is not a regular teacher of karate classes at his club because of his crazy work schedule as a police detective. But he occasionally fills in for one of the other teachers. Okay, that’s all you need to know for now. If more karate terms crop up in future chapters, I’ll explain them too.

By the way, no one has beta-read this chapter, so if you spot any typos or inconsistencies, please don’t hesitate to point them out!

Dedicated to awieatti, . This story is all yours! It wouldn't have been written without your interest and encouragement. You're even responsible for my fabulous karate icon. Many thanks and a big hug!

Fighting Stance: chapter one

Dee glanced around the men’s changing room of the dojo. "Looks like this place is empty."

"What did you expect?" Ryo eyed the row of lockers on the south wall with a little frown on his face. "It's 10:30 on a Saturday night, after all."

"I expected to find some keener here practicing his kana."


"Whatever. Did you find it?"

“Not yet..." Ryo was opening and closing lockers. “Yes!” he exclaimed happily when he opened the third. “Here's my gi. I can't imagine how I could have forgotten it right before laundry night.” He turned around holding his karate gi on a plastic hanger, but Dee's back was to him, his attention elsewhere.

Dee stood at the far end of the room. “Do you guys use weapons like nunchucks? And why do they keep the mats and the pads in here?”

There was something a little too casual in the tone of Dee's voice, and it made Ryo's ears prick up. As Dee was looking at a stack of mats and had already observed that there was no one else in the dojo, it wasn't very difficult for Ryo to figure out the direction his lover's thoughts were going.

“Those are just spares.” Ryo started edging toward the door. “We have racks for the mats and other stuff on the wall of the main practice room.”

Dee turned around and caught his eye. “Maybe you should give me an after-hours tour of this place. Who knows when we’ll get another opportunity?”

“Yeah, especially since you got yourself banned from the premises.”

“Oh, that,” said Dee, putting a hand behind his neck and looking away with his eyebrows raised. “Right. Any idea on when they might lift that ban?”

“Probably only if Roger ever leaves and is no longer a paying student here.” Ryo tried not to let his eyes wander in the direction of the door.

“Well, let’s hope he gets a job transfer to another state.”

“I doubt it,” said Ryo dubiously. “He works for the city and he likes his job.” He looked at his watch pointedly, but Dee didn’t seem to get the hint.

Dee shrugged. “Well, let’s hope he breaks his other ar—I mean, breaks into another sport that he likes more. Anyhow, what about that tour?”

Ryo forced a short laugh. “What’s to see? It’s just a normal karate dojo, like any other. Nothing special. Besides you’ve seen it before.”

“Yeah, but only one room. And, hey, maybe this place is nothing special for you. But it’s a new experience for me. After all, I never had an opportunity to take karate.” There was a slight hint of wistfulness in Dee’s voice. “My high school didn’t have a martial arts program, and there was no way Penguin could have afforded to send any of us to private classes.”

Ryo refused to be suckered in by this reminder of Dee’s childhood poverty. His tone light, he remarked, “Well, judging by what you told me about all the fights you got into, you were a walking, talking, one-man martial arts program.”

Dee smiled and his thoughts seemed to turn inward for a moment. “That I was,” he said with a chuckle. “Good thing I was good at it, or I wouldn’t still be this pretty, huh?” He pointed to his undeniably handsome face and waited for Ryo’s reaction.

Ryo rolled his eyes and did his best not to look at his partner. He couldn’t explain to himself how Dee did this to him, but he felt like a fish on a line that was being slowly reeled in.

“Come on Dee, let's get out of here,” he said quickly. “Bikky will be coming back home with three or four of his friends tomorrow, and I promised them a big Sunday breakfast. I need to get a little prep work done.” He started purposefully toward the door.

"Is that the best you can come up with?" Dee backed away from him, grinning. When he stopped, he was blocking the door. "Prep schmep. The only kind of prep that's going to happen tonight is the kind that leads to you saying, 'Give me another finger, Dee. More!'"

Ryo blushed. "I'm quite sure I've never said that."

"Oh you might have. Once or twice in the heat of passion. Sometimes you mumble stuff into the pillow. One of these nights you'll forget yourself and say, 'Fuck me, Dee.'" Dee gave him a knowing smirk.

Ryo rolled his eyes. "Look, are we going to go home, or are we going to hang around here all night talking about things I've only said in your fantasies?"

"Ah," said Dee, advancing on him. "Fantasies. This place made me remember another one of mine. Put that gi on, baby."


"You heard me."

"Not a chance!" Ryo stared at Dee indignantly.

"Just do it, Ryo. You'll be glad you did. Trust me."

"Dee, give me one good reason why I should put my gi on when there’s no class happening and I'm specifically not in the mood for a workout—any kind of workout." Ryo clutched his uniform in front of him protectively and did his best to stare Dee down.

Dee reached out and fondled the hanging ends of the black belt of Ryo's gi before looking at him seductively through his absurdly long lashes. "Because I think you look as hot as hell in this thing, Sensei. And I bet none of your students have ever dared to feel you up when you were wearing it, as much as some of them probably wanted to."

"Let me get this straight. You want to ‘feel me up’ in my gi, even though I sweated like a pig in it yesterday and rolled around on the mats in it?"


“No way. Maybe another time, but not now. And not here.” Ryo looked around nervously, half-expecting one or more of the other members of the club to suddenly appear in the changing room.

Dee let go of the gi belt and moved a little closer to Ryo. “Aw come on, Ryo. Don’t tell me you’ve never… ever …had a fantasy about someone strippin’ you out of this gi…maybe tying your hands together with your black belt, and doing you up against a wall after class?”

Ryo’s breath hitched in his throat and his face flushed a deep pink. He couldn’t look at Dee.

One of Dee’s arms went around Ryo and he moved in to gently bite Ryo’s earlobe. “Aha,” he said softly. His breath felt warm and tingly against Ryo’s ear.

Ryo made an effort to detach himself from Dee’s grip but just at that moment, Dee’s mouth slid down onto the side of Ryo’s neck. The subtle pressure of his teeth caused shivers to race up and down Ryo’s frame. Damn it, his partner knew he couldn’t resist that. He could feel Dee’s other hand grip and lift one of his buttocks, squeezing it rhythmically. The gi on its hanger was still between their bodies, a last line of protection. It was bulky enough that if either man had a hard-on, it couldn’t be clearly discerned. As soon as that thought passed through Ryo’s mind, he could feel a stirring of interest in his groin. He had to admit to himself that Dee’s words about ‘doing him up against a wall’ in his gi had had an effect on him. He was shocked, and okay, he admitted it, ever so slightly titillated at the thought of having sex in the dojo, but scared about the possibility of getting caught. At ten-thirty at night, it was highly unlikely that any of the other club members would be likely to show up here. Only a few people had keys. But what if the janitor came in, or something? He’d never live it down. He was just about to tell Dee to let go of him when Dee stopped nibbling his neck and kissed his mouth.

The kiss started tender and sensual, just lips moving on lips, no tongue or teeth. Ryo could feel the rough sensation of his partner’s stubble. Dee always had a heavier five o’clock shadow than Ryo did at the end of the day. If they went out in the evening, Dee usually had to shave a second time. He hadn’t shaved this evening because it was supposed to have been a domestic evening in. The stubble was scratchy. Ryo sometimes complained about it, but secretly, he found it sexy. He wanted to put his hand up and caress Dee’s face, but he didn’t because he knew Dee would take that for an automatic yes to his outrageous plan of having sex in the dojo. Ryo wasn’t opposed to sex, now that he thought about it, but not necessarily in the dojo. Maybe they could just go home?

He felt Dee’s hand come around the back of his head to hold him in place while his partner deepened the kiss. This was the moment where the six or seven little butterflies fluttering about in Ryo’s stomach usually turned into a swarm of several thousand. He tried to pull back, but it was too late.

Ryo’s heart rate sped up under that kiss, and the familiar dizziness swirled around in his head. He clung to Dee as he felt the old combination of weakness in his legs and fire in his loins. At one point, he tried to pull back, but Dee didn’t allow it. Not too long after that, he felt Dee lowering him onto one of the benches in the center of the aisle between two rows of lockers.

One arm flung over his eyes, Ryo lay on his back, gulping for air as Dee swiftly undressed him. Sometimes Dee undressed him slowly and sensually, talking dirty to him while kissing each part of Ryo as it was gradually exposed. On this occasion, however, Dee seemed to be more focused on speed. Ryo appreciated the fact that as Dee removed each piece of clothing, he didn’t just throw it on the dirty floor, where at least a hundred feet would have trodden today for the various Saturday classes. Instead Dee hung each item on a hook inside one of the lockers. Finally when Ryo was down to his boxers, Dee stopped and began kissing his thighs instead.

“Hey Sensei, you guys wear underwear under your uniform pants, right?”

Ryo lifted his head to blink at his partner. “Of course we do!”

“Okay then in that case, keep ‘em on for part two. We want this to be as authentic as possible, don’t we?” Dee pressed his lips to each of Ryo’s hips, pulling the waistband of his boxers down for each kiss before letting it go back up. Then he nuzzled Ryo’s erection through his underwear.

Ryo felt himself getting even harder. He was unsure about what Dee meant by ‘authentic’, but he couldn’t think clearly at the moment. He never could when he had a hard-on and Dee’s mouth was anywhere near it. With breathless anticipation, he waited for the next part. He expected Dee would use his mouth on him… but instead, Ryo started in surprise as he felt the weight of his heavy cotton gi-pants land on his bare thighs. Lifting his head once more, he peered up at Dee questioningly. Surely his partner wasn’t really going to insist on his donning the sweaty, soiled garment—just when things had been going so well?

“Put ‘em on, Ryo.”

“Dee, no! They need to be washed.” To his dismay, his voice sounded kind of thick and husky.

“If they’re all raunchy with your man-sweat, that makes the whole idea even hotter.” Dee took hold of the gi-jacket and opened it to sniff the armpit.

Ryo’s eyes widened in horror. He batted the garment out of Dee’s hands, and it, too, landed across his body.

“Hey now, don’t be like that,” Dee said. “Can I help it if I’m susceptible to your pheromones?”

Ryo tried to sit up, but Dee quickly straddled him and caught his wrists, grinning wickedly. When Ryo opened his mouth to protest, Dee leaned down and kissed him again. Scowling, Ryo tried to turn his head aside, but Dee let go of one wrist to catch his face and pull him back.

“Sensei, you are a gorgeous man,” he murmured against Ryo’s lips, his breath warm and cinnamon-scented. “I want you and I’m gonna have you. Either assert your black-belt authority over me, or submit to me.”

~end of chapter one~

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