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Update on progress of Justice and Fighting Stance

Chapter 32 of Justice is at 4100 words, and needs about 1500 more before it can go to the betas. I think I'll be able to write them in the next few days.

I'm at 1385 words on Chapter 2 of Fighting Stance. It needs about another 800 or so words. I'll be publishing that chapter on Saturday or Sunday.

The latest chapter of Undertow went up today at
I'm so enjoying that story. Check it out if you get a chance.

I have been craving deep fried food recently, which isn't like me at all. Specifically I want prawn tempura. It must be the fact that fall is coming. My genes are saying "Put on some fat to get you through the winter!" and my hips are saying, "No, don't! We've got enough fat right here!"

Too late. I ate some breaded chicken tenders for lunch. But at least I regret it. They weren't as tasty as I was expecting them to be, and I haven't felt good ever since.

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