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Posting update

Hello FAKE fans,

I just wanted to let you know that chapter two of Fighting Stance is done, but I'm in Starbucks right now where the Internet is iffy and I'm getting sick of fighting with it. I've decided not to post right now anyway, because I would like to give the story a couple of hours to settle and then I'm going to look at it again and hopefully catch all the typos etc. that I'm not able to see right now. So I'm going home to throw some laundry on and maybe go do a quick workout at the gym. I'll post the chapter this evening at about 6:30 pacific time. That is approximately three hours from now.

In other news, my husband bought avocados, so I already made guacamole, and tonight I'm going to bake two avocado cakes--one for us and one for a friend! Oh, the unspeakable yumminess. This time I will do my best to post a picture.

UPDATE: Sorry, people! I'm really struggling with LJ! It's driving me nuts. 6:55 pm.
New mood: Frustrated.

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