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Dee Blue waves
Heavy social weekend coming up. I must try to get at least 6 hours of sleep tonight. The weekend will start off gently with a lesson on how to manage my i-photo program in my Mac. I'm going over to Emily's place and we're going to play with her Mac, which has the same OS as mine. I'm feeling a little apprehensive because people usually operate under the assumption that I'm a reasonably intelligent person until they try to (a) explain complex accounting principles, (b) demonstrate to me all ten steps of a Karate kata, or (c) teach me how to use a computer. Whenever that happens, half of my brain cells panic and immediately disappear on an extended coffee break, leaving the other half to cope with an increased workload, and you can probably imagine what happens shortly after that. Be kind, Emily! You have no idea how lame I can be. The blinking. The gaping bewilderment. The stupid questions, asked several times over. You have no idea what you're in for, girl.
Tomorrow, my American cousin and his wife are arriving mid-morning and will be staying until Monday morning. My plan is to throw a roast in the oven, take them out sightseeing, and then take them out drinking later. ( Good bye writing plans. Sigh.) Then on Sunday, after a veritable orgy of shopping, cleaning, and cooking, there will be a multicultural party at my place, which was NOT my idea, but hey, I can roll with these things. Throwing parties is much easier, though more time-consuming, than learning how to use a computer. I hope my husband will summon up enough energy to do the cleaning if I take care of the shopping and cooking. If not, I have a friend whom I'm sure will help me. I don't think I should rope in my cousin for this, because I haven't seen him since we were children. "Hi! Nice to see you after all these years. Do you think you could possibly mop my kitchen floor? Thanks SO much." Yeah, that would go over real well. I would thereafter be known throughout the family as 'That eccentric Canadian cousin.'